The Book of Questions: Volume II [Yael; Elya; Aely; El, or the Last Book]

The Book of Questions: Volume II [Yael; Elya; Aely; El, or the Last Book]

by Edmond Jabes

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“Jabès has created a new and mysterious kind of literary work – as dazzling as it is difficult to define.” —Paul Auster, New York Review of Books

The Book of Questions is “first of all a response to the problem of writing after the Holocaust, of speaking the unspeakable. To Theodor Adorno’s assertion that ‘one can no longer write poetry after Auschwitz,’ Mr. Jabès offers the poet’s only possible reply: ‘One must.’ Mr. Jabès recognizes, though, that one can no longer write as before. His answer to this dilemma takes the form of a series of questions about book, word and sentence, speech and silence, God, justice and the law. Instead of one narrative voice, The Book of Questions offers a theater of voices in a labyrinth of forms. It is a work of great moral authority and urgency as well as beauty.” —Michael Palmer, New York Times Book Review

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John Hollander
Rosmarie Waldrop’s superb translation of Jabès now makes broadly available the work of a writer whose concerns are close to those of some of the central American poetry and fiction of our present time. His is a poetry of interpretation, a madly belated midrash on the scripture of silence, a meditative mode in which scholia and commentaries animate the book of life…His questionings are those vast ones which can occur only when answers have already been given once and for all.”

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