Book Yourself Solid C

Book Yourself Solid C

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by Michael Port

According to the Small Business Administration, ninety percent of service businesses will fail within the first five years. They fail not because they don't offer great services and products, but because the owners are extremely uncomfortable with traditional marketing and sales. The result is a frustrated, isolated, and overwhelmed business owner who does not know


According to the Small Business Administration, ninety percent of service businesses will fail within the first five years. They fail not because they don't offer great services and products, but because the owners are extremely uncomfortable with traditional marketing and sales. The result is a frustrated, isolated, and overwhelmed business owner who does not know there is an entirely different, highly successful approach to marketing and sales available—and it's laid out in the pages of Book Yourself Solid.

Book Yourself Solid is based on Michael Port's proven system for getting more clients. And it works. In fact, ninety-three percent of business owners who have used the system have experienced a thirty-four percent increase in their total number of clients and a forty-two percent increase in sales in the first year alone.

Original, wildly inspiring, personal, and provocative, Book Yourself Solid is an easy-to-follow road map for starting and growing your service business based on seven core self-promotion strategies. Through verbal and written exercises, you'll not only learn how to develop a strong marketing plan and brand identity, but you'll also learn why self-promotion is absolutely critical to your success—and how to do it with passion and purpose. Even if you hate the idea of marketing and selling yourself, this practical, inspirational guide will lift you up and give you the confidence you need to comfortably and authentically market yourself and your services, tap into an endless supply of quality referrals, and watch your business grow.

If you're a seasoned professional, you'll find the fresh ideas and tactics you need to keep bringing in new business for years to come. If you're a novice service professional looking for a complete business building system, you'll have the keys to unlock long-lasting business prosperity, security, and abundance for yourself and your family. Once you make a name for yourself using the seven core strategies for self-promotion, you'll be able to run a profitable, meaningful, and absolutely booked-solid business overflowing with as many clients as your heart desires.

Book Yourself Solid is a one-of-a-kind, step-by-step guide to building a successful service business from the ground up. These proven methods have helped thousands of service professionals realize their dreams. And they will do the same for you.

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The author shares his original system for getting more clients by following seven self-promotion strategies. You’ll gain the confidence to authentically market yourself and your services and tap into a bountiful supply of referrals. (Realtor Magazine, July 2006)
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Today's independent business owners must approach sales and marketing in a way that differs from traditional efforts of the past. In Book Yourself Solid, marketing consultant Michael Port presents hundreds of marketing strategies that can attract new clients and build professional relationships. By showing readers how to improve their ability to produce positive emotions in other people, he offers them better ways to communicate, sell, market and promote their products and services. By encouraging entrepreneurs to demonstrate their values and views, he helps them grow their businesses. Copyright © 2006 Soundview Executive Book Summaries

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MICHAEL PORT is the creator of The Think Big Revolution, an online club for service professionals; the Book Yourself Solid line of training products; the Product Factory, the #1 information product-creation course on the Internet; and Traffic School, the ultimate Web traffic and conversion system. He owns a successful consulting firm, through which he has provided lectures, training, and coaching services to more than 20,000 business owners. To think bigger about who you are and what you offer the world, please visit him at

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Book Yourself Solid C 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I like this book because it is an example of what the author teaches; and it gives you the opportunity to apply the information to a free downloadable workbook. It is really helping me to narrow my vision and objective for my tax business.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was a bit disappointed. I hate marketing and prospecting so I thought this would give me some new ideas on how to improve my business. I didn't learn anything I didn't already know. In my opinion, Keith Ferrazzi's book, 'Never Eat Alone' was much better and had more ideas. I guess if I read this book first I might think the opposite as they are similar. This book is probably better for someone who has been in their business for some time and just wants to get busier. I don't think it applies very well to someone that is just starting out.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Michael Port has written a very useful book with proven techniques and strategies for being successful. There are three main aspects to this book: Your Foundation: Here you are taken through a series of clearly defined steps and exercises to `dump your dud clients' - a very useful piece of advice, to identify your target market and the benefits they are looking for, to identify how you want to be known in the market (your personal brand) and to determine how to present yourself so your ideal clients can find you. Building Trust and Credibility: Again a series of clearly defined steps and exercises to create credibility and trust, to understand and implement the `Book Yourself Solid' Sales Cycle, to develop your marketing materials and to sell your products/services and yourself. Seven Core Self-Promotion Strategies: The seven strategies are: Networking, , Direct Outreach, Referral, Web, Speaking and Demonstrating, Writing and Keeping in Touch. You do not have to implement all of the strategies, just those that are aligned with your strengths and interests. I found this section most interesting and useful, as I picked up ideas from all seven strategies, which again are presented in a series of steps and exercises. If I have not made the point already, I will emphasize that the book is a series of clearly defined steps and exercises that should be followed to get the full benefit. This is an important point. From NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), we know that about 40% of the population enjoys and religiously follows procedures, a further 40% is great at developing procedures and has great difficulty following them (for this type of person, it is said that if you give them a guaranteed way to make a $1M, the first thing they will do is change the process!). And 20% have a balance between these two attributes. Hence 60% of the population will follow the steps and exercises in this book and significantly increase their chances for success. The other 40% will pick up some ideas and do it their way. The author makes a point that to be truly successful, you need to let go of your limiting beliefs. However, he does not really tell you how to do this. Therefore, I recommend that if self-esteem or limiting beliefs have held you back in the past that you read this book together with a good introductory NLP book or hire a personal coach.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The owners and employees of client-based businesses often end up doing it all, providing the service or product, managing the office, and handling sales and marketing - often the entrepreneur¿s least favorite chore. Now, you can learn to love it or at least to do it well with less pain. Author Michael Port cites many applicable marketing activities that you probably already know about, but he pulls them together in an organized manner supported by lists of questions and answers. He begins with the foundation of your business, including your motivation and area of specialization. Then he teaches you how to build credibility with clients. Next, he covers marketing and outreach, including tactics for promoting yourself. The book¿s concepts are easy to grasp and implement, including advice for conquering online marketing. You may already be carrying out some of these strategies, but this book can take you to the next level. We recommend it to those who want new clients badly enough to make sales and marketing a regular part of their jobs for a few hours a week. If you are a new entrepreneur, this resource will help you learn the art of rainmaking.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The world's sales troops have been begging for a new system of business development and closing to be written ever since 'Selling to VITO *Very Important Top Officers)' attempted to update the 1994 classic version (in 1999) was folksy and newer sales research needed to be addressed. Next, we all appreciated 'Strategic Selling''s system of funneling and charting the sales terrain...until everyone was doing it the same robotic way. The 'Getting to VITO', much like the update of 'Selling to VITO' had great concepts and even actionable strategies. BUT TIMES CHANGES, economies evolve, decision makers shift and new ways of organizational buying structures are evolving. Sure, we'll all need to keep good records, pace up the ladder, identify snipers and build relationships, buy the actual purchase approval is shaping differently and still, no sales book of the last two to five years has addressed it. Makes me think these authors are out of the real world loop sometimes - or they don't want to really provide anything of substance beyond 'folksy wisdoms' and sales tracking. Port has done a fine job at meeting the need for a more involved and actionable VITO for the new millenium. But as the Senior VP of Sales, Marketing and Business Development for four Fortune 350+ companies in three different industries... and the impact of the global economy, more and more corporations are centralizing services sales (as opposed to product sales) to a Chief Sourcing Officer or Chief Resource Officer to orchestrate services within the company. This is a small but vital issue overlooked by Port. The new global economy is evolving sales entry and approval in the services industries (everything from IT to Payroll to HR to Consulting). The best book to fill this gap of cutting edge 'sales to management' knowledge is Brown & Wilson's famous book on outsourcing and the new organizational structures because of outsourcing's impact, 'THE BLACK BOOK OF OUTSOURCING: HOW TO MANAGE THE CHANGES, CHALLENGES & OPPORTUNITITIES'. It's written by Brown & Wilson from Wiley Publishers, 2005 and about as current as it comes when read from the perspective of the sales person or manager, trying to understand new economy organization approval structures and how they are forming. There's nothing like making a sale then finding out that corporate governance has contractual or strategic reasons for not allowing your agreement to be executed from the top. These two books together will make the business development and sale executive looking to sell large item and services into the global or local corporation can find no better companion set of books. Supplement 'BOOK YOURSELF SOLID' with 'THE BLACK BOOK OF OUTSOURCING' and you'll give yourself the edge over your fellow 'stragetic sellers' still caught in the 1990's! Good Selling!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Is it working for you? Are you happy with your results? The choice is yours, keep struggling, go get a real job, or you can change the way you are doing business! If you are a solo-professional, a service professional, a business owner, or someone who is really tired of fighting-the-fight and tired of having just enough clients to pay the bills. This book will help you feel like you are no longer alone. You will get real answers and real solutions that you can start using immediately. The 'Book Yourself Solid' process will introduce you to a new way of thinking about your business, your clients, and the message that you are sharing with the world. If you are ready to stop selling and to start doing what you do so naturally then this book is the book for you. More clients, more money, more time, and a life you love! It is a great book, a practical book, a book you will refer to constantly. Michael's book is a snap shot of his amazing 'Book Yourself Solid.' It would cost you thousands of dollars to learn what is in this book! A must have for anyone who is serious about their business!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book not only describes a systematic approach to marketing your business, but it has concrete action steps all along the way to be sure you translate what you learn into actions that create real results. I also like the encouraging, supportive tone that weaves throughout, creating motivation and confidence that if I'm willing to take the recommended actions, I CAN really create big results in my business. One of my favorite books this year - get it!