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4.9 33
by Melissa Haag

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I hate. I thought I hated before the letter, before the werewolves, but now I understand that was nothing more than a chip on my shoulder. The urbat took what was mine. And, they will pay.

Isabelle leads a very normal life...for an emotional syphon. If not for Ethan and his bar, she would have lost her sanity long ago. But everything changes with the crash of her


I hate. I thought I hated before the letter, before the werewolves, but now I understand that was nothing more than a chip on my shoulder. The urbat took what was mine. And, they will pay.

Isabelle leads a very normal life...for an emotional syphon. If not for Ethan and his bar, she would have lost her sanity long ago. But everything changes with the crash of her fighting cage and a man who transforms into a wolf. There's something about Carlos-when he's not growling at her-that makes her do things she wouldn't normally do, like sigh and daydream.

Attraction aside, she is faced the very real evidence that werewolves and urbat exist, and the urbat are after her. And the only way she can keep Ethan safe is to join with the werewolves and Carlos. It's a race against time to stop a war, fight for love, and find the last Judgement.

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(Dis)content 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 33 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this series so much i got lost in each one to the point i didn't hear my husband talking to me. I have all 5 over and over and over in anticipation of book 6. Please release book 6 ASAP!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love this series. Can't wait for the next book..... hopefully soon
KGrenier1987 More than 1 year ago
Although this is the 5th book in the series IT IS AMAZING!!! I don't believe in spoilers so you're going to have to read it on your own. It's worth it trust me! Do not read this book first, start with Hope(less), this isn't a series you can just jump in at a random book, they all link together so start at the beginning. It has a cliffhanger ending that will hopefully be wrapped up in the final book (can't wait). It is engaging and beautifully written, yet again Melissa Haag knocks it out of the park and keeps you wanting more!!
Cordolito More than 1 year ago
(Dis)content was one wild ride! Melissa Haag has written another "suck you in" "can't put it down" book. I was truly amazed by this book and had such a different mix of emotions while reading it. Melissa genuinely has a knack for pulling you into the world that she has created and eliciting an array of feelings from you about her characters. She had me feeling hopeless about any kind of resolution within this story, and I absolutely could not see how anything was going to work out. Yet I was loving reading it! Isabelle is a heroine that you love to hate, but my heart went out to her. I can't even begin to describe what she has had to go through her entire life; I understood her pain and why she acted the way she did. I adore Carlos. He was so very long-suffering, loyal, patient, and loving. He was the only man that was possible for Isabelle because of her gift. There are so many feels in this book; humor, heartbreak, sweet moments, frustration and nervousness, snarkiness, and ugly cries to name a few. I loved the interaction between the characters that we have already come to know and love. Thank you for giving us more of them! I believe Melissa Haag took quite a risk with this story, but it was a risk worth taking. Fantastic writing; I loved it!! Waiting for the next one will be hard!!
jwhitus524 More than 1 year ago
I have waited what seems like forever to find another series that kept me this captivated! The entire series has gotten better with each book. (Dis)Content focuses on Isabelle, Carlos and her journey as part of the "Six". Isabelle was pure, raw emotion. I loved how she fought so hard for those she cared about. She was like a tootsie pop. Layers & layers of hard shell with a gooey center. I never I thought we'd get to see so much from Carlos. I loved how he accepted her the way she was. He learned to just fight for her, but to fight beside her. He might be my favorite new wolf. The beautiful thins he said to her had me falling right along with her. I hate that I'll have to wait for the next book. I know it will be EPIC! This series is so unlike any I've read. If you're in a reading slump here is your solution!! Recommended for 14 & up. I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.
Becky0730 More than 1 year ago
Melissa Haag does it again! I was part of a small group that received and ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) with the promise of giving an honest review. The Judgement of the Six series is about 6 different girls (Judgements) each with their own special "gift". Each book is about one specific Judgement, her gift and how she deals with it. (Dis)content is book 5 in the series...and many of us cannot wait for the last book! If you have not yet heard of this series, the first book is called Hope(less) - and its free on Nook! (Dis)content will have you laughing, crying, giggling and even yelling. The writing is just that good! Isabelle learns in a unique way that warewolves exist and has a hard time deciding if they can be trusted - especially when one of them turns wolf in the middle of a bar during a cage fight! With her best friend gone and the reality of everything, Isabelle learns what she needs to do and Blake is number one on her list.
AmberShepherd More than 1 year ago
rom: (Dis)content (Judgement of the Six) (Volume 5) (Paperback) I was lucky enough to get my hands on an ARC of this book.....maybe I should say unlucky? ......bc I have no idea how I am go in to survive the added wait time for the final book! Let me start by saying this book breaks the JO6 series mold. This book is darker and more intense. Even the love is more raw and animalistic. I cried so many times reading this book from both heartache and laughter. The twists and turns will give you ALL THE FEELS. I loved that the whole gang is together in this book. It was so fun to see them all interact, and see them through a newcomers eyes was fun as well. This book blew me away from the beginning to the end. The writing was fabulous, and I can't wait to see what the conclusion holds.
joilgc More than 1 year ago
With every step further into the tales of the Judgement of the Six, you want to read and know more. This series revolves around werewolves, their mates, secret powers and an uncertain future balance between three species. The books are tailored to the main character focus so they will each 'speak' to you differently to help you understand and enjoy the characters, their stories and the storyline development. This book will have periods of laughing, crying, sighing and a myriad of other emotions thrown in. I highly recommend the series, and you can get started for free with Hope(less), and enjoy the ride as the rest of the fans have. It will be I regrettable enjoy ability! This is an honest review, one of my very few, given in exchange for an ARC of (Dis)content. However, the story and characters are so well written that I will still be supporting one of my favorite writers, Melissa Haag, by still keeping the purchase of my preordered copy, even with receiving the ARC. Thank you Ms. Haag for your wonderful stories and to everyone else... Don't deprive yourself of the pleasure of reading this series!
jean5JW More than 1 year ago
I was given an advanced reader copy in exchanged for an honest review. WOW!!! Melissa Haag has done it again; another amazing, on my toes, adventure in the Judgement of the Six series. In book five, (Dis)Content we meet another one of the six sisters, Isabelle who has the ability of taking emotions away from others and brings those emotion into herself. I really enjoyed reading about another strong female character, one that is realistic about how they overcome adversity in their lives. Carlos has been a minor character in the other books but as Isabelle’s potential mate I enjoyed getting to know him a little. I can’t wait to get inside his head and get to know him better; he is definitely “swoon” worthy. It was wonderful to continue seeing the others from the previous books work together to finish the judgement in this life cycle. So much happens in this book; there is action, love, adventure, heartache, death, exposure, and another amazing love story. Don’t miss this incredible addition to the Judgement of the Six series, by Melissa Haag, (Dis)Content is worth every minute of your time.
Anonymous 9 months ago
Very interesting and captivating read . Worth every penny . Waiting on the sixth book .
Anonymous 12 months ago
225 pages. You need to read at least book 3 of the series (I recommend reading all of them)to keep up with the plot of this book. It really is not a stand alone book. I didn't think this was as good as the other books. The ending was a bit disappointing. The couple gets together but the story is incomplete. I am sure that last book will tie up all the loose ends.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it!!!
only1cookie More than 1 year ago
Awesome werewolves series (Judgement of the Six). A unique take on werewolves I think to understand this, you would need to start at the first book [Hope(less)], but once you do, you'll be hooked. Only 5 books of the ladies from the 6 have been published so far, last of the ladies' book is not out yet from this series yet. (I believe final lady's book estimated for early 2017) Don't miss out on this series. Also don't miss the companion sets from the men's point of view. ("Clay's Hope" is out, coming soon is "Emmett's Treasure") I think Isabelle is my second favorite (Bethi is first favorite) of the 5 ladies so far.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Had to review all your books because this series is so amazing 5 stars more if i could!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love the whole series! Can't wait for the last book!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Every time I read one of these books they get better and better. I can't wait for the 6th one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Melissa Hagg's style and her ability to draw the reader into the world of her characters is Awesome!! I am thoroughly hooked and waiting impatiently for anything else she can put out ASAP. ;)
StacieLynn More than 1 year ago
I'm in love with this Series! They keep getting better and better! The storyline is awesome as well as how all the "mated" pairs come together. Seriously I loved how each one of them met! I also like how you get to continue seeing the other couples throughout the book. Aside from all that I NEED NEED NEED to be inside Carlos head! What a wild ride! Love you Melissa! Bring on some more awesomeness!
tabuhughes More than 1 year ago
a must read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Can't wait for the next book!
WhenJamieSmiles More than 1 year ago
I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. However...I also purchased the preordered copy as well because I absolutely love the the Judgement Series. Prior to reading Discontent, I thought Gaby and Clay were my favorite couple, with Clay being in my top five for book boyfriend list. That is no longer the case. I ADORE Carlos and the fact that he is a Hispanic werewolf makes him even yummier to me. Thank you for the Latin flavor Melissa. I loved how he would shake trying to keep control, how he wanted to chase Isabella and trick her into biting him, and that he was able to keep a lid on his emotions even though we all knew how deeply he felt for her. The fact that there was another male in Isabella's life had to be difficult for Carlos, but he respected the boundaries and allowed her to fall for him instead of forcing the issue. Melissa had me laughing out loud - hard - and then sobbing several chapters later - extremely hard. This book was a mix of emotions and one heck of a roller coaster ride. Bethi was back at it with her sarcasm and insight. My favorite scene had to be when Ethan woke up with Carlos in the same bed asking if he had been recently spooned! I laughed for a good 10 minutes. If you follow Melissa's work Discontent is a must read! But I honestly feel like you should start with Gabby and Clay's story. Fall in love with them and then you won't be able to stop there.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
catmetcalf More than 1 year ago
(Dis)Content exemplifies the extraordinary storytelling that I have come to expect from author Melissa Haag. Each of her Judgement characters are so different, yet Haag can understand them all, and bring them to life. Isabelle’s character isn’t always easy to like. I love the way that Haag develops Isabelle throughout the story, adding layers of her past and present, creating a complex and detailed character. I can honestly say that there is a part of this book that makes me “ugly cry.” I think that, no matter how many times I read this part, I will still “ugly cry.” I can also say that the tears are worth it because they are born of an episode that (I believe) will help the 6 in the end. This is the type of emotional rollercoaster I love to ride, masterfully built with twists, turns and vertical drops. This is a 5 star book. I was given an Arc of (Dis)Content for an honest review.