Signs of Intelligence: Understanding Intelligent Design / Edition 1

Signs of Intelligence: Understanding Intelligent Design / Edition 1

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by William Dembski

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ISBN-10: 1587430045

ISBN-13: 2901587430045

Pub. Date: 03/01/2001

Publisher: Baker Publishing Group

Fourteen brief and accessible essays by key players in the intelligent design movement.


Fourteen brief and accessible essays by key players in the intelligent design movement.

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Table of Contents

Introduction: What Intelligent Design Is Not -- William A. Dembski

1 The Intelligent Design Movement: Challenging the Modernist Monopoly on
Science -- Phillip E. Johnson

2 Design and the Discriminating Public: Gaining a Hearing from Ordinary
People -- Nancy Pearcey

3 Proud Obstacles and a Reasonable Hope: The Apologetic Value of
Intelligent Design -- Jay Wesley Richards

4 The Regeneration of Science and Culture: The Cultural Implications of
Scientific Materialism Versus Intelligent Design -- John G. West Jr.

5 The World as Text: Science, Letters, and the Recovery of Meaning --
Patrick Henry Reardon

6 Getting God a Pass: Science, Theology, and the Consideration of Intelligent Design -- John Mark Reynolds

7 Darwin's Breakdown: Irreducible Complexity and Design at the Foundation of Life -- Michael J. Behe

8 Word Games: DNA, Design, and Intelligence -- Stephen C. Meyer

9 Making Sense of Biology: The Evidence for Development by Design --Jonathan Wells

10 Unfit for Survival: The Fatal Flaws of Natural Selection -- Paul A. Nelson

11 The Cambrian Explosion: The Fossil Record and Intelligent Design--Robert F. DeHaan and John L. Wiester

12 The "Just So" Universe: The Fine-Tuning of Constants and Conditions in the Cosmos -- Walter L. Bradley

13 Signs of Intelligence: A Primer on the Discernment of Intelligent Design
-- William A. Dembski

14 Is Intelligent Design Science? The Scientific Status and Future of
Design-Theoretic Explanations -- Bruce L. Gordon

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Guest More than 1 year ago
The first half of the book explains what exactly the intelligent design movement is and (just as important) what it is not. It also discusses the implications of the materialistic philosophy that consumes modern science. The second half of the book gives some great examples of what is wrong with neo-darwinism. Theres also a great chapter about the 'just so' universe that couldn't have been created by just pure chance. Highly recomended for everyone (theists, atheists, darwinists, scientists, truth-seekers... EVERYONE!)