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Theatre / Edition 9

Theatre / Edition 9

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by Robert Cohen

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ISBN-10: 0073382183

ISBN-13: 2900073382189

Pub. Date: 06/16/2010

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education

This lively introduction to theatre offers equal measures of appreciation of theatrical arts, history of performance, and descriptions of the collaborative theatrical crafts. The author's enthusiasm for and knowledge of the current theatre, highlighted by contemporary production shots from around the world, put the students in the front row. The text includes


This lively introduction to theatre offers equal measures of appreciation of theatrical arts, history of performance, and descriptions of the collaborative theatrical crafts. The author's enthusiasm for and knowledge of the current theatre, highlighted by contemporary production shots from around the world, put the students in the front row. The text includes extensive excerpts from seven plays: Prometheus Bound, Oedipus Tyrannos, The York Cycle, Romeo and Juliet, The Bourgeois Gentleman, The Three Sisters, and Happy Days.

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McGraw-Hill Higher Education
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Older Edition

Table of Contents

Part 1The Theatre: Its Elements7
Chapter 1What Is the Theatre?9
The Theatre Building10
The Company, or Troupe, of Players12
The Occupation of Theatre13
Chapter 2What Is a Play?29
Classifying Plays30
The Components of a Play40
The Order of a Play45
Part 2The Past55
Chapter 3The Greeks59
The Greek Theatre59
Origins and Evolution61
The Birth of the Dithyramb62
The Classic Period65
The Theatron68
The Spectacle70
The Greek Plays73
The Three Greek Tragedians75
Prometheus Bound75
Oedipus Tyrannos83
The Roman Theatre91
Chapter 4The Middle Ages95
The Quem Queritis: From Trope to Drama97
Out of the Church99
The Corpus Christi Plays at York101
The York Cycle106
The Creation and the Fall of Lucifer106
Man's Disobedience and Fall111
Chapter 5The Shakespearean Era115
The Renaissance115
The Theatres118
The Players124
The Plays127
The Plays of Shakespeare131
Romeo and Juliet131
Italy: The Commedia Dell'Arte148
Chapter 6The Theatre of Asia151
Theatre in Asia152
The Drama of India154
Sanskrit Dance-Theatre155
Chinese Opera: Xiqu157
Xiqu's Origins157
Staging of Xiqu158
The Drama of Japan163
Chapter 7The Royal Theatre177
A Theatre for Courts and Kings178
The Audiences181
The Dramaturgy181
Staging Practices182
The French Theatre183
The Royal Court and the Tennis Court183
The Public Theatre Audience184
The Bourgeois Gentleman188
England: The Restoration Theatre202
The Way of the World204
Part 3The Present207
Chapter 8The Modern Theatre: Realism211
A Laboratory214
Pioneers of Realism216
Anton Chekhov221
The Three Sisters222
American Realism235
Chapter 9The Modern Theatre: Antirealism237
The Symbolist Beginnings237
The Era of "Isms"240
The Era of Stylization241
Early Isms and Stylizations: A Sampling of Six Plays243
The French Avant-Garde: Ubu Roi243
Intellectual Comedy: Man and Superman245
Expressionism: The Hairy Ape247
Theatricalism: Six Characters in Search of an Author250
Theatre of Cruelty: Jet of Blood251
Philosophical Melodrama: No Exit253
Postwar Absurdity and Alienation255
Theatre of the Absurd255
Samuel Beckett256
Happy Days260
Theatre of Alienation269
Bertolt Brecht269
Future Directions in Antirealistic Theatre272
Chapter 10The Musical Theatre275
The Development of the Broadway Musical: America's Contribution277
The First Phase of the Golden Age: Musical Comedy278
The Second Phase of the Golden Age: Musical Drama279
The Modern Musical281
Stephen Sondheim281
The Modern Musical: 1960s to 2000 and Beyond284
Chapter 11Theatre Today: What, Who, and Where?291
What's Happening?291
The Modern and the Postmodern292
The Crisis of Today's Theatre293
A Theatre of Revival293
A Theatre of Postmodern Experiment295
An Open Theatre299
Who's Doing It?310
Pina Bausch and Martha Clarke: Dance-Theatre311
Eric Bogosian, Spaulding Gray, John Leguizamo, Sherry Glaser, and Anna Deveare Smith: The One-Person Show312
Ariane Mnouchkine: Theatre de Soleil314
Julie Taymor: Making the Avant-Garde Commercial316
Robert Wilson and Performance Art318
Peter Brook: Intercultural Theatre321
Where Is It Happening?324
Off-Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway326
The Nonprofit Professional Theatre327
Shakespeare Festivals336
Summer and Dinner Theatres338
Amateur Theatre: Academic and Community338
Theatre Abroad340
Conclusions on the Current Theatre?352
Part 4The Practitioners353
Chapter 12The Actor355
What Is Acting?356
The Two Notions of Acting356
Becoming an Actor365
The Actor's Instrument365
The Actor's Approach371
The Actor's Routine373
The Audition373
The Rehearsal373
The Performance376
The Actor in Life379
Chapter 13The Playwright381
We Are All Playwrights382
The Playwright's Career383
Literary and Nonliterary Aspects of Playwriting384
Playwriting as Event Writing385
The Qualities of a Fine Play386
Credibility and Intrigue386
Speakability, Stageability, and Flow390
Gravity and Pertinence393
Compression, Economy, and Intensity394
The Playwright's Process396
The Playwright's Rewards398
Contemporary American Playwrights399
August Wilson399
Arthur Miller400
Neil Simon400
Edward Albee402
Lanford Wilson402
John Guare403
Terrence McNally404
Sam Shepard404
David Mamet405
Wendy Wasserstein405
Paula Vogel406
Beth Henley408
George C. Wolfe408
Tony Kushner408
David Henry Hwang410
Chapter 14Designers and Technicians411
Theatre Architecture412
Staging Formats413
Other Architectural Considerations416
Scenic Materials423
The Scene Designer at Work427
Photo Essay: Broadway Designer Tony Walton428
Modern Lighting Design432
The Lighting Designer at Work434
The Functions of Costume436
The Costume Designer at Work439
Photo Essay: Broadway Designer Patricia Zipprodt442
Sound Design448
Special Effects449
New Computer Technologies in Theatre Design449
Technical Production451
Chapter 15The Director455
The Arrival of the Director: A Historical Overview457
Phase 1The Teacher-Directors457
Phase 2The Realistic Directors457
Phase 3The Stylizing Directors458
The Contemporary Director460
Directorial Functions460
Producer and Director460
Directorial Vision461
Preparatory Phase461
Photo Essay: Making Theatre--A Play Is Put Together466
Implementation Phase485
The Training of a Director493
Chapter 16The Critic495
Critical Perspectives496
A Play's Relation to Society496
A Play's Relation to the Individual497
A Play's Relation to Art497
A Play's Relation to Theatre499
A Play as Entertainment500
Critical Focus501
Professional Criticism501
Student Criticism506
We Are the Critics506
AppendixWriting on Theatre1
Selected Bibliography1

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