Emotion, Evolution and Rationality / Edition 1

Emotion, Evolution and Rationality / Edition 1

by Dylan Evans

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ISBN-10: 0198528981

ISBN-13: 2900198528981

Pub. Date: 06/17/2004

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

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Oxford University Press, USA
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New Edition

Table of Contents

Part I - Neuroscientific Foundations
1. William James and the modern neurobiology of emotion, Antonio Damasio
2. Homologizing human emotions, Andrew Lawrence & Andrew Calder
Part II - Emotion, Belief and Appraisal
3. Emotional behaviour and the scope of belief-desire explanation, Finn Spicer
4. Emotion, psychosemantics and embodied appraisals, Jesse Prinz
5. Towards a 'Machiavellian' theory of emotional appraisal, Paul Griffiths
6. Unpicking reasonable emotions, Brian Parkinson
Part III - Evolution and the Rationality of Emotion
7. Evolution, culture and the irrationality of the emotions, Chandra Sripada & Stephen Stich
8. The role of emotions in ecological and practical rationality, Gianmatteo Mameli
9. The search hypothesis of emotion, Dylan Evans
10. Adaptive illusions: optimism, control and human rationality, Daniel Nettle
11. Emotion versus reason as a genetic conflict, Christopher Badcock
Part IV - Philosophical Perspectives
12. Conscience and conflict: Darwin, Freud and the origins of human aggression, Jim Hopkins
13. Emotion, reason and virtue, Peter Goldie

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