Gender Through the Prism of Difference / Edition 4

Gender Through the Prism of Difference / Edition 4

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by Maxine Baca Zinn, Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo, Michael A. Messner

ISBN-10: 0199743029

ISBN-13: 9780199743025

Pub. Date: 07/19/2010

Publisher: Oxford University Press

"The approach of Gender Through the Prism of Difference is great and distinguishes [it] from all other books on the market. I like that it's not about women, but about gender; that it examines gender by focusing on how a range of social inequalities and identities impact gender; and that it has a balance of readings that focus on the U.S., those that focus on

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"The approach of Gender Through the Prism of Difference is great and distinguishes [it] from all other books on the market. I like that it's not about women, but about gender; that it examines gender by focusing on how a range of social inequalities and identities impact gender; and that it has a balance of readings that focus on the U.S., those that focus on transnational issues [such as migration] and those that focus on non-U.S. contexts. It's very appropriate for the upper-level undergraduate course that I use it for students each semester have commented about how much they like the book."---Janice McCabe, Florida State University" "This book is very thorough and engaging. In my course, I try to emphasize both an intersectional approach to gender and issues of masculinity....Both of these aspects are emphasized in this text. Additionally, I try to find readings that I think are engaging while also demonstrating how sociologists research gender. This text offers many readings that are based on actual research and cover interesting topics."---Elena Windsong, University of New Mexico" "Gender Through the Prism of Difference adopts a global, transnational perspective on how race, class, and sexual diversity are central to the study of sex and gender. In contrast with other books in this area---which tend to focus on U.S. or European viewpoints---this wide-ranging anthology features many articles based on research done elsewhere throughout the world." "Now in its fourth edition, the book opens with a revised and updated Introduction that sets the stage for understanding gender as a socially constructed experience. Featuring twenty-three new readings, this edition covers such timely subjects as the Iraq war, Hurricane Katrina, the 2008 U.S. Presidential election, female Palestinian suicide bombers, transgendered people, intersex issues, fatherhood and masculinity, sex and immigrant communities, ageism and feminism, Sex and the City, and much more. It also addresses a number of other compelling topics, including the effects of globalization on notions of masculinity, the difficulties faced by Muslim women living in post-9/11 America, and perceptions of "blackness" worldwide." Guiding students through the complex realities of today's gender relationships, Gender Through the Prism of Difference, Fourth Edition, is ideal for undergraduate or graduate courses in the sociology of gender; women's studies; gender roles; the sociology of women; women in society; race, class, and gender; feminist theory; and social inequality.

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Table of Contents


Introduction: Sex and Gender Through the Prism of Difference 1

I Perspectives on Sex, Gender, and Difference 11

1 The Five Sexes, Revisited Anne Fausto-Sterling Fausto-Sterling, Anne 13

2 Theorizing Difference from Multiracial Feminism Bonnie Thornton Dill Dill, Bonnie Thornton 19

3 Ageism and Feminism: From "Et Cetera to Center Neil King King, Neil 26

4 Masculinities and Globalization Raewyn Connell Connell, Raewyn 38

5 Global Woman Arlie Russell Hochschild Hochschild, Arlie Russell 51

6 Antiglobalization Pedagogies and Feminism Chandra Talpade Mohanty Mohanty, Chandra Talpade 58

II Bodies 65

Control and Resistance

7 It's a Big Fat Revolution Nomy Lamm Lamm, Nomy 67

8 What It Means to Be Gendered Me: Life on the Boundaries of a Dichotomous Gender System Betsy Lucal Lucal, Betsy 72

9 Doing Time, Doing Masculinity: Sports in Prison Don Sabo Sabo, Don 82

10 The Well-Coiffed Man: Class, Race, and Heterosexual Masculinity in the Hair Salon Kristen Barber Barber, Kristen 87

11 Yearning for Lightness: Transnational Circuits in the Marketing and Consumption of Skin Lighteners Evelyn Nakano Glenn Glenn, Evelyn Nakano 100


12 Deploying Race, Gender, Class, and Sexuality in the Iraq War Lindsey Feitz Feitz, Lindsey 114

13 Katrina, Black Women, and the Deadly Discourse on Black Poverty in America Barbara Ransby Ransby, Barbara 125

14 Brides of Palestine/Angels of Death: Media, Gender, and Performance in the Case of Palestinian Female Suicide Bombers Dorit Naaman Naaman, Dorit 131

III Sexualities 145

Sexual Relations, Intimacy, Power

15 Getting Off and Getting Intimate: How Normative Institutional Arrangements Structure Black and White Fraternity Men's Approaches Toward Women Jason A. Rosow Rosow, Jason A. 147

16 Because She Looks Like a Child Kevin Bales Bales, Kevin 163

17 The Sex Tourist, the Expatriate, His Ex-Wife, and her "Other": The Politics of Loss, Difference, and Desire Julia O'Connell Davidson Davidson, Julia O'Connell 173

Sexuality and Identity

18 The Globalization of Sexual Identities Dennis Altman Altman, Dennis 186

19 Becoming 100% Straight Michael A. Messner Messner, Michael A. 197

20 "Americans Have a Different Attitude": Family, Sexuality, and Gender in Filipina American Lives Yen Le Espiritu Yen, Le Espiritu 203

21 Sex and the Immigrant Communities: Risky Opportunities, Opportune Risks Gloria Gonzalez-Lopez Gonzalez-Lopez, Gloria 212

IV Identities 233

22 White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack Peggy McIntosh McIntosh, Peggy 235

23 Age, Race, Class, and Sex: Women Redefining Difference Audre Lorde Lorde, Audre 239

24 To Veil or Not to Veil?: A Case Study of Identity Negotiation Among Muslim Women in Austin, Texas John P. Bartkowski Bartkowski, John P. 245

25 Latino Masculinities in the Post-9/11 Era Edward Flores Flores, Edward 259

V Families 269

Motherhood, Fatherhood

26 The Meaning of Motherhood in Black Culture and Black Mother-Daughter Relationships Patricia Hill Collins Collins, Patricia Hill 271

27 Revision and Resistance: The Politics of Native Women's Motherwork Lisa J. Udel Udel, Lisa J. 282

28 "I'm Here, but I'm There": The Meanings of Latina Transnational Motherhood Ernestine Avila Avila, Ernestine 294

29 Caring Fathers: The Ideology of Gender Equality and Masculine Positions Roger Klinth Klinth, Roger 309

Work and Families

30 Getting to Equal: Progress, Pitfalls, and Policy Solutions on the Road to Gender Parity in the Workplace Pamela Stone Stone, Pamela 324

31 Separating the Men from the Moms: The Making of Adult Gender Segregation in Youth Sports Suzel Bozada-Deas Bozada-Deas, Suzel 330

32 Moving Up with Kin and Community: Upward Social Mobility for Black and White Women Lynn Weber Weber, Lynn 344

33 What Do Low-Income Single Mothers Say about Marriage? Kathryn Edin Edin, Kathryn 353

VI Constructing Gender in the Workplace 371

34 Racializing the Glass Escalator: Reconsidering Men's Experiences with Women's Work Adia Harvey Wingfield Wingfield, Adia Harvey 373

35 Just One of the Guys?: How Transmen Make Gender Visible at Work Kristen Schilt Schilt, Kristen 386

36 Boundary Lines: Labeling Sexual Harassment in Restaurants Christine L. Williams Williams, Christine L. 403

37 Keeping Women Down and Out: The Strip Club Boom and the Reinforcement of Male Dominance Sheila Jeffreys Jeffreys, Sheila 418

VII Education and Schools 433

38 Naughty by Nature Ann Arnett Ferguson Ferguson, Ann Arnett 435

39 R. L'Heureux Lewis, and Jennifer Mueller, The Culture of Black Femininity and School Success Carla O'Connor O'Connor, Carla 443

40 Girls, Race, and Identity: Border Work Between Classes Julie Bettie Bettie, Julie 455

41 "Dude, You're a Fag": Adolescent Masculinity and the Fag Discourse C. J. Pascoe Pascoe, C. J. 464

VIII Popular Culture 477

42 Klaus Barbie, and Other Dolls I'd Like to See Susan Jane Gilman Gilman, Susan Jane 479

43 Choose One Emily Rutherford Rutherford, Emily 483

44 Rereading Sex and the City: Exposing the Hegemonic Feminist Narrative Rebecca Brasfield Brasfield, Rebecca 486

IX Change and Politics 493

45 Gay and Greek: The Identity Paradox of Gay Fraternities Mindy Stombler Stombler, Mindy 495

46 We're All Intersex Thomas Rogers Rogers, Thomas 505

47 The Rio Declaration of Gender Independence 508

48 "We're All Sisters:" Bridging and Legitimacy in the Women's Antiprison Movement Jodie Michelle Lawston Lawston, Jodie Michelle 511

49 A Women's History Report Card on Hillary Rodham Clinton's Presidential Primary Campaign, 2008 Kathryn Kish Sklar Sklar, Kathryn Kish 527

50 Confessions of a Recovering Misogynist Kevin Powell Powell, Kevin 532

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