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Major Problems in American History Since 1945 / Edition 3

Major Problems in American History Since 1945 / Edition 3

by Robert Griffith

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ISBN-10: 0618550062

ISBN-13: 2900618550066

Pub. Date: 10/20/2006

Publisher: Cengage Learning

Designed to encourage critical thinking about history, the Major Problems in American History series introduces students to both primary sources and analytical essays on important topics in U.S. history. This reader serves as the primary anthology for the introductory survey course, covering the subject's entire chronological span. Comprehensive topical coverage


Designed to encourage critical thinking about history, the Major Problems in American History series introduces students to both primary sources and analytical essays on important topics in U.S. history. This reader serves as the primary anthology for the introductory survey course, covering the subject's entire chronological span. Comprehensive topical coverage includes the Cold War, the cultural and political movements of the 60s, the return of conservatism, life in the new information age, and race and ethnicity.In the Third Edition, greater emphasis is placed on social and cultural history, and a new chapter focuses on 9/11, the war on terror, and the war in Iraq. Key pedagogical elements of the Major Problems format have been retained: 14-15 chapters per volume, chapter introductions, headnotes, and suggested readings.

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Cengage Learning
Publication date:
Major Problems in American History Series
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Table of Contents

Preface     xiii
The Origins of Postwar America     1
The Origins of the Postwar International System     3
The Legacies of World War II     16
The Puzzle of Postwar Politics     24
Further Reading     34
The Origins of the Cold War     36
President Harry S Truman Discusses the Atom Bomb at Potsdam, July 194     38
George F. Kennan's "Long Telegram," 1946     39
Secretary of Commerce Henry A. Wallace Urges a Conciliatory Approach, July 1946     42
Soviet Ambassador Nikolai Novikov Reports on the U.S. Drive for World Supremacy, September 1946     43
The Truman Doctrine, March 1947     46
Senator Joseph McCarthy Charges the Democrats Are "Soft on Communism," 1950     49
The President's Advisers Urge Military Expansion (NSC-68), April 1950     51
President Harry S Truman and the Origins of the Cold War     55
Two Cold War Empires     63
Further Reading     79
The Consumer's Republic: The 1950s and the Emergence of a New Economy of Mass Consumption     81
U.S. Business Celebrates the "Miracle of America," 1948     82
A Report on the Baby Boom, 1954     84
Newsweek Decries the Problem of DangerousTeens, 1955     85
Life Magazine Identifies the New Teen-age Market, 1959     88
U.S. News and World Report Assesses the Perils of Mass Culture and the Evils of Television, 1955     90
Vance Packard Warns Against the "Hidden Persuaders," 1957     94
Visions of Classlessness     97
Making the American Girl     109
Further Reading     124
John F. Kennedy, the Cuban Revolution, and the Cold War     125
Fidel Castro Denounces U.S. Policy Toward Cuba, 1960     127
President John F. Kennedy Calls for an Alliance for Progress, 1961     130
A Board of Inquiry Reports on the Bay of Pigs, 1961     131
A Senate Committee Investigates U.S. Plots to Assassinate Castro, 1960-1965 (1975)     134
President Kennedy and His Advisers Debate Options in the Missile Crisis, October 16, 1962     136
Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev Appeals to President Kennedy, October 26, 1962     144
Soviet Ambassador Anatoly I. Dobrynin Reports on His Meeting with Robert Kennedy, October 28, 1962     147
Spinning Out of Control: Kennedy's War Against Cuba and the Missile Crisis     148
Aftermath     159
Further Reading     171
The African American Struggle for Equality      173
The New York Times Reports a Murder in Georgia, 1946     175
African American Parents Petition the Clarendon, S.C., School Board, 1949     176
A South African Novelist Examines the Plight of "The Negro in the North," 1954     178
Franklin McCain Remembers the First Sit-in, 1960     180
Martin Luther King Jr., "I Have a Dream," 1963     182
Stokely Carmichael Explains "Black Power," 1967     185
A Senate Committee Reports on the FBI's Campaign Against Martin Luther King, 1963-1968 (1976)     187
Police and Fire Department Logs Record an Urban Riot, 1967     189
The View from the Trenches     193
The Continuing Racial Crisis     203
Further Reading     209
The Great Society and the Politics of Liberal Reform     212
President Lyndon B. Johnson Declares War on Poverty, 1964     214
Congress Strikes Down Segregation in Public Accommodations: The Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title II (1964)     216
Ronald Reagan Warns of the Dangers of the Welfare State, 1964     217
Two White House Aides Report the Achievements of the Great Society, 1966     218
A Conservative Strategist Hails an "Emerging Republican Majority," 1969     220
Earth Day, 1970     224
The Rise of "Rights Consciousness"     226
Suburban Politics and the Limits of the Great Society     233
Further Reading     242
The New Radicalism: Politics and Culture in the 1960s     244
Students for a Democratic Society Issue the Port Huron Statement, 1962     245
Jerry Rubin Declares Himself a "Child of Amerika," 1970     250
Radicals Proclaim: "You Don't Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows," 1969     251
The FBI's Secret Campaign Against the New Left, 1968-1971 (1976)     252
Raymond Mungo Searches for a New Age at Total Loss Farm, 1970     255
A Polister Reports on "The Big Chill," 1974     258
The Contradictory Legacy of the Sixties     260
The Sixties and the Origins of "Postmodern" America     270
Further Reading     278
From the Feminine Mystique to "Second Wave" Feminism     280
Betty Friedan on "The Problem That Has No Name," 1963     281
Now Statement of Purpose, 1966     284
Redstockings Manifesto, 1970     286
Welfare Is a Women's Issue, 1972     288
A Redbook Magazine Reader Discovers Consciousness-Raising, 1973     290
The Supreme Court Rules on Abortion: Roe v. Wade, 1973     292
Equal Rights Amendment, 1972     295
Phyllis Schlafly Proclaims the Power of the Positive Woman, 1977     295
Women's Liberation and Sixties Radicalism     298
Women at Work     310
Further Reading     322
Vietnam and the Crisis of American Empire     324
The Vietnamese Declare Their Independence, 1945     325
President Dwight D. Eisenhower Explains the Domino Theory, 1954     327
Final Declaration of the Geneva Conference on Indochina, 1954     328
A South Vietnamese Peasant Explains Why He Joined the Vietcong, 1961 (1986)     330
The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, 1964     331
President Lyndon Johnson's Advisers Debate Expanding the War, 1965     332
A "Tunnel Rat" Testifies About the My Lai Massacre, 1969     334
The Paris Accords, 1973     336
The Wages of War     338
Competing Memories     342
Further Reading     347
Ronald Reagan and the Transformation of America     350
President Jimmy Carter and the Crisis of the American Spirit, 1979     353
Presidential Candidate Ronald Reagan Calls for New Economic Policies, 1980     355
A New Right Activist Explains Conservative Success, 1980      356
President Ronald Reagan Proclaims America's "Spiritual Reawakening," 1983     360
A Congressional Committee Reports on "Irangate," 1987     361
An Environmentalist Attacks the Administration's Record, 1988     366
Surgeon General C. Everett Koop Recalls the Administration's Response to the AIDS Crisis, 1981-1988 (2001)     369
The Republicans Take Control     372
A Disputed Legacy     382
Further Reading     392
The Promises and Perils of a New Economy     394
"New Democrats" Hail the New Economy, 1998     395
A Federal Reserve Report Extols "Mass Customization," 1998     397
Money Magazine Asks of Wal-Mart, "How Big Can It Get?" 1999     403
A Critic Assails the Influence of Wal-Mart, 1999     405
A Columnist Decries "Outsourcing" in the New Global Economy, 2004     408
Americans for Democratic Action Reports Growing Poverty and Inequality, 2004     409
A Research Firm "Segments" the American Market, 2000     411
Working at Wal-Mart     413
The Fragmenting of America     423
Further Reading     434
E Pluribus Unum: Race and Ethnicity in a Changing World     435
Coming to America, 1900-2002      437
Proposition 187: Californians Seek to Close the Door to Undocumented Immigrants, 1994     438
Two Reporters Describe Los Angeles's Racial Tensions, 1995     439
Social Scientists Report on the "New Americans," 1997     442
An African American Novelist Decries "Race Talk," 1993     446
Richard Rodriguez Ponders What It Means to Be "Brown," 2002     448
Americans Express Support for Both Unity and Diversity, 2003     450
Race, Immigration and Nativism     452
Race, Nation, and the Global Economy     459
Further Reading     468
Politics and Political Culture in "Postmodern" America     471
Presidential Candidate Bill Clinton Promises a "New Covenant," 1992     473
"Gays in the Military" Prompts Mobilization of Conservatives, 1993     475
The Republican "Contract with America," 1994     478
President Bill Clinton Ends "Welfare as We Know It," 1996     480
Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr's Indictment of President Bill Clinton, 1998     482
Who Voted for Whom in 2000: A Chart     484
A Columnist Reports on How the Nation's Agenda Is Set, 2000     485
Bill Clinton and the Postmodern Presidency     488
The Imperial Presidency Redivivus      501
Further Reading     507
New World Order     509
Presidential George H. W. Bush Announces a New World Order, 1990     511
One World: An American Diplomat Hails the Opportunities of a New Era, 1995     512
Osama Bin Laden Declares Jihad Against America, 1998     514
The New York Times Reports Last Words from the World Trade Center, 2001     516
President George W. Bush Announces a New National Security Strategy, 2002     519
Senator Robert C. Byrd Charges "The Emperor Has No Clothes," 2003     522
An Army Officer Ponders How America Is Losing Hearts and Minds in Iraq, 2004     524
Setting Right a Dangerous World     527
In the Wake of September 11     534
Further Reading     542

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