Behavioral Endocrinology / Edition 2

Behavioral Endocrinology / Edition 2

by Jill B. Becker

The second edition of a popular introduction to the field of behavioral endocrinology.See more details below


The second edition of a popular introduction to the field of behavioral endocrinology.

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MIT Press
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Bradford Books Series
Edition description:
Second Edition
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8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 1.50(d)

Table of Contents

Pt. IIntroduction
1Introduction to Behavioral Endocrinology3
2Molecular Approaches to Behavioral Neuroendocrinology39
3Sexual Differentiation of the Brain and Behavior75
Pt. IIHormones and Reproductive Behaviors
4Neuroendocrinology of Sexual Behavior in the Female117
5Neuroendocrinology of Sexual Behavior in the Male153
6Hormonal Influences on Human Sexual Behavior205
7Diversity and Evolution of Hormone-Behavior Relations in Reproductive Behavior223
8Hormonal Influences on Courtship Behaviors289
9Hormones and Parental Behavior331
Pt. IIIHormones and Regulatory Functions
10Neuroendocrine and Behavioral Influences on the Immune System373
11Endocrinology of the Stress-Response409
12Hormones and Biological Rhythms451
Pt. IVHormonal Influences on Sensorimotor Function and Cognition
13Hormonal Influences on Sensorimotor Function497
14Hormones and Cognition in Nonhuman Animals527
15Sex Differences in Human Brain and Cognition: The Influence of Sex Steroids in Early and Adult Life579
Pt. VReciprocal Regulation of Hormones and Behavior
16Hormonal Regulation of Ingestive Behaviors631
17Invertebrate Systems for the Study of Hormone Brain-Behavior Relationships651
18Environmental Factors Influencing Hormone Secretion687

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