Frame Work: Culture, Storytelling, and College Writing / Edition 1

Frame Work: Culture, Storytelling, and College Writing / Edition 1

by Gary Colombo, Bonnie Lisle, Sandra Mano

ISBN-10: 0312103344

ISBN-13: 9780312103347

Pub. Date: 01/28/1997

Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin's

The first writing text to combine a process-oriented, revision-centered approach with the current thinking on the impact culture has on writing. Designed specifically for students who have struggled under traditional methods, it enlists the power of stories to enable beginning college writers to move successfully into the academic world.  See more details below


The first writing text to combine a process-oriented, revision-centered approach with the current thinking on the impact culture has on writing. Designed specifically for students who have struggled under traditional methods, it enlists the power of stories to enable beginning college writers to move successfully into the academic world.

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Bedford/St. Martin's
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First Edition
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Table of Contents

Preface for Instructors
Introduction for Students
1. Discovering Stories
Writing as Storytelling
Optional Activities: Exploring Stories
Stories, Meaning, and Memory
Beverly Donofrio, Trouble
Active Reading: Keeping a Reading Journal
Journal Options: Responding to "Trouble"
Cultural Stories: Story Frames and Scripts
Leslie Marmon Silko, Language and Literature from a Pueblo Indian Perspective
Journal Option: Cultural Roots
Active Reading: Taking Notes
Optional Activities: Collaborative Note-taking
2. Shaping Stories
Family Stories and Identity
David Mura, Family Stories
Phyllis Barber, Stories
Journal Options: People and Places from Your Past
The Writing Process
Journal Options: Exploring Your Writing Process
Essay Options: Family Stories
Approaches to Prewriting
Talking Draft
Junk Draft
Journal Options: Analyzing Your Prewriting Process
3. Academically Speaking: Writing for Teachers
Telling Tales in School
Audre Lorde, From Zami: A New Spelling of My Name
Optional Activity: Teacher Stories
Writing to Authority
Reginald Lockett, How I Started Writing Poetry
Essay Options: School Stories
Risky Business
Taking Risks
Evaluating Risks
Optional Activity: The Read Around
Establishing Expectations: Writing for Readers or Super-Readers?
Introductions and Expectations
[Student Writing by Kevin Mong, Cesar Rodriguez, and Gabriella NuÒez]
Specific Details: Moving beyond Code Phrases
Optional Activities: Discovering Details
4. Revision Workshop: Engaging the Reader
Revision: Why Bother?
Revision Case Study: Making Details Work
[Student Writing by D'Andra Galarza, Las Mananitas ]
Developing and Focusing a Draft
Optional Activity: Sample Revision for Discussion
[Student Writing by Yolanda Davis]
Responding to Another Writer's Draft
Revising Your Draft: Focus and Details
Developing Details
Journal Option: Evaluating Your Writing Process
5. Cultural Collisions
Prisoners of Memory
Clyde Kluckhohn, Designs for Living
Journal Options: Sampling Your Cultural Scripts
Cultures as Interpretive Communities
Amy Tan, Dinner
Journal Options: Your Culture Clash Story
Cultural Blindness and Stereotypes
Philip Gambone, The Language We Use Up Here
Journal Options: Examining Stereotypes
6. Listening for Difference
Getting to Know You
Cross-Cultural Storytelling and Condensed Stories
Optional Activities: Identifying Condensed Stories
Journal Option: Retelling Stories across Cultures
Active Listening
Mick Fedullo, Mrs. Cassadore
Journal Option: What Makes a Good Listener?
Essay Options: Interviewing Others
Successful Interviewing
Choosing a Person to Interview
Focusing on a Purpose
Preparing the Questions
Arranging the Interview
Preparing to Tape
Conducting the Interview
Prewriting the Profile
Conversational Etiquette
Optional Activities: Exploring Conversational Etiquettes
7. Academically Speaking: Investigating College Culture(s)
What's the Story Here?
Optional Activities: Observing College Culture
Academic Inquiry: Getting Beyond Formulas
Robert Holland, Discovering the Forms of Academic Discourse
Optional Activity: Types of Thinking in College Assignments
Cultural Values and "Good" Writing
Fan Shen, The Classroom and the Wider Culture: Identity as a Key to Learning English Composition
Direct and Indirect Style
Optional Activity: Trying a New Style
Beyond the Five-Paragraph Essay
The Classroom and the Wider Culture (five-paragraph version)
Experimenting with Form: Parody
Optional Activity: Five-Paragraph Parody
Essay Options: Academic Profile
Preparing for the Academic Profile
[Student Writing by Andrew Thanh Tran]
8. Revision Workshop: Writing for Others
Writing across Difference
Optional Activity: The Reader as "Other"
The Need to Know: Defining and Explaining
How Can I Explain It? Some Strategies
Optional Activity: Working with Definitions
Revision Case Study: Clarifying for Readers
[Student writing by Christie Sanchez]
Revising Your Draft: Expanding and Connecting
Reader-Friendly Paragraphs: Shaping and Focusing
Why Paragraph?
Paragraphs and Paragraph Clusters
[student writing by Rodney Guerrero]
Optional Activity: Playing with Paragraphs [Student Writing by Erica Montiel]
Paragraph Focus and the Myth of the Topic Sentence
Optional Activities: Paragraph Shape and Focus
Revision Case Study: Paragraph Focus
[student writing by Jasmine Yoon]
Revising Your Draft: Paragraphing for Clarity and Readability
Journal Option: Evaluating Your Writing Process
9. Speech Communities
One English or Many?
Mother Tongues
American "Englishes"
Optional Activities: Exploring the "Englishes" We Speak
What Are Speech Communities
Paul Roberts, Speech Communities
Journal Options: Exploring Your Speech Communities
10. Negotiating Multiplicity
The Dream of a Common Language
Rosario Morales, I Recognize You
[Student Writing by Ramón Galvan, I Recognize Myself ]
Journal Options: Fitting In or Speaking Out?
Internalized Speech Communities: The Plural Self
Gloria Anzaldua, How to Tame a Wild Tongue
Journal Options: Responding to "How to Tame a Wild Tongue"
Essay Option: Comparing Your Speech Communities
11. Academically Speaking: Audience, Language and Power
Talking in Class: School Voice
[Student Writing by A. S., I Come from Everywhere ]
!Journal Option: Exploring Academic Voice
Capturing Voice in Writing
Sentence Shape and Rhythm
Optional Activities: Experimenting with Voice
Virtual Realities
Optional Activities: Identifying Virtual Readers and Writers
Voice and Audience
June Jordan, Nobody Mean More to Me Than You and the Future Life of Willie Jordan
Journal Options: Exploring Voice and Audience
Essay Option: Addressing Different Audiences
12. Revision Workshop: Shaping Structure, Shaping Voice
What's the Alternative?
Structuring Comparisons
Kosuke Will Tanaka, Taking the Journey through Speech [student writing]
Alternating Comparison Structure
Amy Yang, My Speech Communities [student writing]
Block Comparison Structure
Revising Your Draft: Outlining as a Revision Tool
Revision Case Study: Adapting Voice to Audience
Mohamed Awad, To Build or Not to Build? [student writing]
Kristy Rios, Offensive Song Lyrics Hurt [student writing]
Optional Activities: Evaluating Voice
Revising Your Draft: Voice
First Things: Motivating Readers
[Student Writing by Lisette Parra]
Optional Activity: Introduction at Work
Last Things: Crafting Conclusions
[Student Writing by Manuel Ruiz]
Optional Activities: Alternate Endings
Revising Your Draft: Beginnings and Endings
Journal Option: Evaluating Your Writing Process
13. Framing: Interpretation and Explanation Patterns
Just So Stories
Roger C. Schank, Story Skeletons and Story-Fitting
Journal Options: Exploring Explanation Patterns
Matters of Perspective
Judith Ortiz Cofer, The Last Word
Journal Option: Exploring How Perspective Shapes Stories
Inside Explanation Patterns: If the Story Fits . . .
M. G. Lord, The Last Word
Journal Option: Evaluating Fit
Critical Reading: Analyzing Analysis
Reading Pictures
Alfred Eisenstaedt, The Kiss (photograph)
Donna Britt, A Kiss May Not Still Be a Kiss
Optional Activity: Interpreting Images
14. Reframing: Talking Back to Official Stories
Twice-Told Tales
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Herbert Kohl, The Story of Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott Revisited
Journal Option: Revising Rosa Parks
Case Study: Stories of Discovery
Daniel J. Boorstin, The Discoverers
Howard Zinn, Columbus, the Indians, and Human Progress
Michael Dorris, Discoveries
Journal Option: Perspectives on Columbus
Essay Options: Analyzing Historical Stories
Survival of the "Fittingest"
Emily Martin, The Egg and the Sperm: How Science Has Constructed a Romance Based on Stereotypical Male-Female Roles
Journal Options: Thinking Critically about Science
15. Academically Speaking: Reading and Writing Academic Analysis
Entering the Conversation
Paula Gunn Allen, Kochinnenako in Academe: Three Approaches to Interpreting a Keres Indian Tale
Optional Activities: Exploring the Multiple Voices of Academic Analysis
Thinking in Theory
Elliot Aronson, The Causes of Prejudice
Fitting Evidence to Theory Connecting with Theory
Hilary M. Lips, Images of Power and Powerlessness
Essay Options: Entering the Conversation of Ideas
Cohesion: Story Hunger
Optional Activity: Mapping Transitions
16. Revision Workshop: Writing for an Academic Audience
Establishing Authority in Academic Culture
Evaluating Sources
Optional Activity: Evaluating Authority
Case Study: When Sources conflict
Shant Kazazian, The Armenian Genocide: Two Dynamically Different Accounts
Weighing Conflicting Evidence
Optional Activities: Reviewing Evidence and Sources
Revising Your Draft: Sources
Developing and Supporting an Analysis
Building on Established Knowledge
[Student Writing by John Tuan Ho]
Challenging Prior Work
[Student Writing by Connie Chang]
Acknowledging Complexity
[Student Writing by Vy Le]
Optional Activity: Absolute and Qualified Language
Revising Your Draft: Developing and Qualifying
Can You Own an Idea? Plagiarism and Academic Culture
Quoting Sources Skillfully
Revising Your Draft: Quoting Text for Support
Journal Option: Evaluating the Writing Process
Index of Authors and Titles

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