English around the World: Sociolinguistic Perspectives / Edition 1

English around the World: Sociolinguistic Perspectives / Edition 1

by Jenny Cheshire

ISBN-10: 0521395658

ISBN-13: 2900521395655

Pub. Date: 04/28/1991

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

The social development of English as a world language emerges from a comprehensive account of our current knowledge of it as well as the gaps in understanding which future research can remedy.  See more details below


The social development of English as a world language emerges from a comprehensive account of our current knowledge of it as well as the gaps in understanding which future research can remedy.

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Cambridge University Press
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New Edition

Table of Contents

List of figures; List of contributors; Acknowledgements; Introduction; Sociolinguistics and English around the World Jenny Cheshire; 1. The UK and the USA Jenny Cheshire; 2. Ireland John Harris; 3. Urban and rural varieties of Hiberno-English Markku Filppula; 4. Sociolinguistic variation and methodology: after as a Dublin variable Jeffrey L. Kallen; 5. The interpretation of social constraints on variation in Belfast English James Milroy; 6. Canada J. K. Chambers; 7. Phonological variation and recent language change in St John's English Sandra Clarke; 8. Sociophonetic variation in Vancouver John H. Esling; 9. Social differentiation in Ottowa English Howard B. Woods; 10. New Zealand Allan Bell, and Janet Holmes; 11. Social constraints on the phonology of New Zealand English Donn Bayard; 12. Maori English: a New Zealand myth? Richard A. Benton; 13. Sporting formulae in New Zealand English: two models of male solidarity Koenraad Kuiper; 14. Australia Gregory Guy; 15. /ae/ and /a:/ in Australian English David Bradley; 16. Variation in subject-verb agreement in inner Sydney English Edina Eisikovits; 17. Australian Creole English: the effect of cultural knowledge on language and memory Margaret T. S. Steffensen; 18. South Asia Thiru Kandiah; 19. Final consonant cluster simplification in a variety of Indian English Farhat Khan; 20. Patterns of language use in a bilingual setting in India Anju Sahgal; 21. Speech acts in an indigenised variety: sociocultural values and language variation Kamal K. Sridhar; 22. Southeast Asia and Hongkong Mary W. J. Tay; 23. Stylistic shifts in the English of the Philippine print media Andrew B. Gonzalez; 24. Variation in Malaysian English: the pragmatics of languages in contact Peter H. Lowenberg; 25. Social and linguistic constraints on variation in the use of two grammatical variables in Singapore English John Platt; 26. East Africa (Tanzania and Kenya) Mohammed M. H. Abdulaziz; 27. The politics of the English language in Kenya and Tanzania Musimbi R. A. Kanyoro; 28. National and subnational features in Kenyan English Josef J. Schmied; 29. Southern Africa Maurice M. Chishimba; 30. Sources and consequences of miscommunication in Afrikaans English - South African English encounters J. Keith Chick; 31. Syntactic variation in South African Indian English: the relative clause Rajend Mesthrie; 32. The social significance of language use and language choice in a Zambian urban setting: an empirical study of three neighbourhoods in Lusaka Alice K. Siachitema; 33. West Africa Eyamba G. Bokamba; 34. The pronoun system in Nigerian Pidgin: a preliminary study Nicholas Faraclas; 35. The sociolinguistics of prepositional usage in Nigerian English Munzali Jibril; 36. Social and linguistic constraints on plural marking in Liberian English John Victor Singlar; 37. The Caribbean Donald Winford; 38. Standardisation in a Creole continuum situation: the Guyana case Hubert Devonish; 39. Gender roles and linguistic variation in the Belizean Creole community Genevieve Escure; 40. Sociolinguistic variation in Cane Walk: a quantitative case study John R. Rickford; 41. The Pacific Suzanne Romaine; 42. Watching girls pass by in Tok Pisin Peter Muhihausler; 43. Sociolinguistic variation and language attitudes in Hawaii Peter Muhihausler; 44. Variation in Fiji English Jeff Siegel.

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