Business and Society: Ethics and Stakeholder Management / Edition 7

Business and Society: Ethics and Stakeholder Management / Edition 7

by Archie B. Carroll

ISBN-10: 0324569394

ISBN-13: 2900324569390

Pub. Date: 03/20/2008

Publisher: Cengage Learning

Introduce your students to important and diverse stakeholder management and ethical frameworks for considering and protecting critical stakeholder interests with the latest edition of BUSINESS AND SOCIETY. Students learn how responsible business decision makers balance and protect the interests of various stakeholders, including investors, employees, the community…  See more details below


Introduce your students to important and diverse stakeholder management and ethical frameworks for considering and protecting critical stakeholder interests with the latest edition of BUSINESS AND SOCIETY. Students learn how responsible business decision makers balance and protect the interests of various stakeholders, including investors, employees, the community, and the environment. Proven content within the book emphasizes the social, legal, political, and ethical responsibilities of a business to all external and internal groups that have a stake, or interest, in that business. Strong coverage of ethics and the stakeholder model is balanced with new discussion on corporate governance and other current, relevant issues shaping business today. A variety of quality business cases, Ethics in Practice cases, and other real-world applications provide abundant opportunities to apply stakeholder and ethical systems to specific business problems. Practical applications prepare future managers for business situations that will test their values and ethics in the workplace. Students learn to focus their reasoning and enhance the precision with which they consider and make ethical decisions. A strengthened, comprehensive package accompanying this edition provides a refined Test Bank now correlated to AACSB standards and a wealth of resources to help provide the solid understanding of both individual organizational and society topics that your students need for business success.

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Table of Contents

About the Authorsxv
Part 1Business, Society, and Stakeholders1
Chapter 1The Business and Society Relationship3
Business and Society5
Society as the Macroenvironment6
Our Pluralistic Society7
Our Special-Interest Society9
Business Criticism and Corporate Response10
Focus of the Book21
Structure of the Book24
Chapter 2Corporate Citizenship: Social Responsibility, Responsiveness, and Performance29
The Corporate Social Responsibility Concept30
Arguments Against and For Corporate Social Responsibility42
Corporate Social Responsiveness45
Corporate Social Performance47
Nonacademic Research on Corporate Social Performance52
Corporate Citizenship54
Social Performance and Financial Performance56
Socially Conscious or Ethical Investing59
Chapter 3The Stakeholder Approach to Business, Society, and Ethics67
Origins of the Stakeholder Concept69
Who Are Business's Stakeholders?70
Strategic, Multifiduciary, and Synthesis Views76
Three Values of the Stakeholder Model76
Key Questions in Stakeholder Management77
Effective Stakeholder Management86
Stakeholder Management Capability87
The Stakeholder Corporation88
Stakeholder Power: Four Gates of Engagement88
Principles of Stakeholder Management89
Part 2Strategic Management for Corporate Stakeholder Performance93
Chapter 4Strategic Management and Corporate Public Affairs95
The Concept of Corporate Public Policy96
Four Key Strategy Levels98
The Strategic Management Process104
Corporate Public Affairs116
Public Affairs as a Part of Strategic Management117
Evolution of the Corporate Public Affairs Function117
Modern Perspectives of Corporate Public Affairs119
Public Affairs Strategy123
Incorporate Public Affairs Thinking into Managers' Jobs126
Chapter 5Issues Management and Crisis Management133
Issues Management135
Crisis Management147
Part 3Business Ethics and Management161
Chapter 6Business Ethics Fundamentals163
The Public's Opinion of Business Ethics167
Business Ethics: What Does It Really Mean?169
Ethics, Economics, and Law: A Venn Model175
Four Important Ethics Questions176
Three Models of Management Ethics179
Making Moral Management Actionable189
Developing Moral Judgment190
Elements of Moral Judgment196
Chapter 7Personal and Organizational Ethics203
Levels at Which Ethical Issues May Be Addressed204
Personal and Managerial Ethics206
Managing Organizational Ethics219
From Moral Decisions to Moral Organizations236
Chapter 8Business Ethics and Technology241
Technology and the Technological Environment243
Characteristics of Technology243
Ethics and Technology245
Information Technology247
Chapter 9Ethical Issues in the Global Arena269
The New, New World of International Business270
MNCs and the Global Environment274
Ethical Issues in the Global Business Environment278
Improving Global Business Ethics291
Part 4External Stakeholder Issues305
Chapter 10Business, Government, and Regulation307
A Brief History of Government's Role309
The Roles of Government and Business310
Interaction of Business, Government, and the Public312
Government's Nonregulatory Influence on Business314
Government's Regulatory Influences on Business319
Chapter 11Business's Influence on Government and Public Policy335
Corporate Political Participation336
Coalition Building343
Political Action Committees344
Chapter 12Consumer Stakeholders: Information Issues and Responses355
The Paradox of the Customer Revolution356
The Consumer Movement357
Product Information Issues360
The Federal Trade Commission374
Self-Regulation in Advertising377
Chapter 13Consumer Stakeholders: Product and Service Issues383
Two Central Issues: Quality and Safety384
Consumer Product Safety Commission392
Food and Drug Administration395
Business's Response to Consumer Stakeholders397
Chapter 14The Natural Environment as Stakeholder407
A Brief Introduction to the Natural Environment408
The Impact of Business upon the Natural Environment409
Natural Environment Issues410
Responsibility for Environmental Issues418
The Role of Governments in Environmental Issues421
Other Environmental Stakeholders426
Business Environmentalism429
The Future of Business: Greening and/or Growing?436
Chapter 15Business and Community Stakeholders441
Community Involvement442
Corporate Philanthropy or Business Giving451
Business and Plant Closings464
Part 5Internal Stakeholder Issues477
Chapter 16Employee Stakeholders and Workplace Issues479
The New Social Contract480
The Employee Rights Movement483
The Right Not to Be Fired Without Cause486
The Right to Due Process and Fair Treatment489
Freedom of Speech in the Workplace493
Chapter 17Employee Stakeholders: Privacy, Safety, and Health507
Right to Privacy in the Workplace508
Workplace Safety518
The Right to Health in the Workplace524
Chapter 18Employment Discrimination and Affirmative Action535
The Civil Rights Movement and Minority Progress536
Federal Laws Prohibiting Discrimination539
Expanded Meanings of Discrimination546
Issues in Employment Discrimination547
Affirmative Action in the Workplace557
Chapter 19Owner Stakeholders and Corporate Governance567
Legitimacy and Corporate Governance568
Improving Corporate Governance578
Case 1The Main Street Merchant of Doom593
Case 2AThe Body Shop International PLC (1991)600
Case 2BThe Body Shop International PLC (1993)603
Case 3AThe Body Shop International PLC (1995)604
Case 3BThe Body Shop International PLC (1998-2001)609
Case 4Facing a Fire612
Case 5Social Reform or Self-Interest?613
Case 6The Case of the Killer Phrases (A)614
Case 7To Hire or Not to Hire617
Case 8The Low Bidder617
Case 9Phantom Expenses618
Case 10Family Business619
Case 11Just Between Friends? P2P Vs. IP620
Case 12This Little Piggy: Should the Xeno-Pig Make It to Market?621
Case 13Toxic Tacos? The Case of Genetically Modified Foods623
Case 14Something's Rotten in Hondo625
Case 15Multitype Corporation: Doing Business in the Caribbean626
Case 16Nike Inc.628
Case 17AndroFit635
Case 18Telephone Deregulation: The Pricing Controversy637
Case 19The CALA Report: Lobbying Ethics638
Case 20DTC: The Pill-Pushing Debate639
Case 21Pizza Redlining--Employee Safety or Discrimination?640
Case 22Firestone and Ford: The Tire Tread Separation Tragedy643
Case 23Societal Impacts of Marketing649
Case 24The Coffee Spill Heard 'Round the World650
Case 25The Hudson River Cleanup and GE653
Case 26Safety? What Safety?657
Case 27Little Enough or Too Much?658
Case 28Employment-at-Will?659
Case 29The Case of the Fired Waitress660
Case 30A Moral Dilemma: Head Versus Heart661
Case 31Personal Opinion and the Federal Government662
Case 32Early Retirement: Reward for Whom?665
Case 33Propmore Corporation666
Case 34Greenway Environmental Technologies671
Case 35Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores673
Case 36The Betaseron Decision (A)675
Case 37The Case of Assistant Manager Doug677
Case 38The Case of Judy678
Case 39A Bitter Pill678
Online Resources and Tools681
Name Index687
Subject Index691

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