Perspectives on Contemporary Issues : Reading Across the Disciplines

Perspectives on Contemporary Issues : Reading Across the Disciplines

by Katherine Anne Ackley

Katherine Ackley assumes that students respond most deeply to readings on topics relevant to their own lives. The selections included in the fifth edition of PERSPECTIVES ON CONTEMPORARY ISSUES will prompt good discussions, and the sections on reading and writing critically will lead to writing that you truly care about.
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Katherine Ackley assumes that students respond most deeply to readings on topics relevant to their own lives. The selections included in the fifth edition of PERSPECTIVES ON CONTEMPORARY ISSUES will prompt good discussions, and the sections on reading and writing critically will lead to writing that you truly care about.

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Table of Contents

1.READING CRITICALLY. Reading Critically in Preparation for Writing Critically. Illustration: Reading Critically. What's in a Name? More than You Think, Joe Saltzman. Discussion of "What's in a Name? More than You Think." The War and the Words, Charles Krauthammer. Rhetorical Analysis of Visuals. Rhetorical Analysis of Websites.
2.THE WRITING PROCESS. Prewriting. Writing the First Draft. Revising and Editing Your Paper. Proofreading. Student Essay. Why 'Nappy' is Offensive, Zine Magubane.
3.WRITING A SUMMARY. Writing a Summary. Illustration: Making Marginal Notes and Summarizing. Enter Right, Exit Left, Joshua Foer. We Need a Higher Quality Outrage, Deborah Tannen.
4.WRITING A CRITIQUE. The Connection between Reading Critically and Writing a Critique. Writing a Critique. The Hollow Curriculum, Robert N. Sollod. Illustration: Critique. Trash Talk Makes Imus Possible, Earl Ofari Hutchinson.
5.WRITING AN ARGUMENT. Narrowing Your Focus and Discovering Your Position. Structuring an Argument. Strategies for Arguing Effectively. Sample Student Papers. HPV Vaccine Texas Tyranny, Mike Adams. The HPV Debate Needs an Injection of Reality, Arthur Allen.
6.SYNTHESIZING MATERIAL AND DOCUMENTING SOURCES USING MLA STYLE. Writing a Synthesis. Illustration: Synthesis. In-text Citations Using MLA Style. Paraphrasing. Quoting. Integrating Source Material into Your Paper. Using Ellipsis Points, Brackets, Single Quotation Marks and "Qtd. in." Documenting Sources in a Collection of Essays. Illustration: Synthesis with In-text Citations Using MLA Style.
7.WRITING A RESEARCH PAPER. Defining Your Purpose.Discovering a Topic. Forming a Preliminary Thesis and a Working Bibliography. Using the Library. Using Electronic Sources. Using Other Sources. Creating a Preliminary Bibliography. Evaluating Print Sources. Evaluating Internet Sources. Taking Notes. Avoiding Plagiarism. Handling Source Material. Documenting Sources. Citing Sources in the Text. Creating a Works Cited Page Using MLA Style. Assembling the Parts of a Research Paper. Student Research Paper Using MLA Style. Writing a Research Paper Using APA Style. Parenthetical Citations Using APA Style. Sample Pages from Student Research Paper Using APA Style. APA Style References List.
8.VIDEO GAMES AND MUSIC. Art Form for the Digital Age, Henry Jenkins. Do Video Games Kill?, Karen Sternheimer. Hip-Hop's Betrayal of Black Women, Jennifer McClure. In Defense of Hip-Hop, Cathleen Rountree.
9.MEDIA STUDIES. Aggression: The Impact of Media Violence, Sissela Bok. The End of Admiration: The Media and the Loss of Heroes, Peter H. Gibbon. The Wrong Lesson: Teaching College Reporters to be Meek, David Wallis. Advertising's Influence on Media Content, Jean Kilbourn.
10.FILM AND TELEVISION. Stop Blaming Kids and TV, Mike Males. Getting Real with Reality TV, Cynthia M. Frisby. Creating Reel Change, Donovan Jacobs. Cinderella: Saturday Afternoon at the Movies, Louise Bernikow.
11.THE ARTS. Solitude and the Fortresses of Youth, Michael Chabon. Comix Poetics, Andrew D. Arnold. Dance, Dance Revolution, Barbara Ehrenreich. The National Endowment for Football, Daniel E. Gawthrop.
12.EDUCATION. The Measure of Learning, Alex Kingsbury. Censorship: A Personal View, Judy Blume. One Nation, Enriched by Biblical Wisdom, David Brooks. No Time to Read?, David McCullough.
13.POVERTY AND HOMELESSNESS. Our Tired, Our Poor, Our Kids, Anna Quindlen. Fifth Avenue Uptown, James Baldwin. Still Hungry, Still Homeless, America Magazine Editorial. The Singer Solution to World Poverty, Peter Singer.
14.CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR. How People Turn Monstrous, Mark Buchanan. Revisiting the Stanford Prison Experiment: a
Lesson in the Power of Situation, Philip G. Zimbardo. Deadly Compromise, Joshua Green. Deadly Stakes: The Debate over Capital Punishment, John O'Sullivan.
15.GENDER AND SEX ROLES. Reexamining the Plight of Young Males, Megan Rosenfeld. The Myth about Boys, David Von Drehle. Sacred Rite or Civil Right?, Howard Moody. Deconstructing Gender, Sex, and Sexuality as Applied to Identity, Whitney Mitchell.
16.RACE AND ETHNICITY IN AMERICA. One Nation Indivisible: Is It History?, William Both. Ironies of Illegal Immigration, Llewellyn D. Howell. Race in America:"We Would Like to Believe We are Over the Problem", Maryann Cusimano Love. Colorblind, Alex Kotlowitz.
17.TERRORISM AND WAR. A Pure, High Note of Anguish, Barbara Kingsolver. Three Key Principles in the War against Terrorism, Benjamin Netanyahu. The Long, Cost-Free War, Ted Koppel. Terror Then and Now, Cathy Young.
18.AMERICA ABROAD IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. American Idealism and Realpolitik, Paul Johnson. Fortress America, Timothy Garton Ash. Efforts to Deal with America's Image Abroad: Are They Working?, Lisa Curtis. Now Showing: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Americans, Martha Bayles.
19.DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY AND THE INTERNET. I Need My Space!, Cindy Long. "Omg My Mom Joined Facebook!!", Michelle SlatallaThoughts on the Digital Future of Movies, the Threat of Piracy, the Hope of Redemption, Jack Valenti. Chips: High Tech Aids or Tracking Tools? Todd Lewan.
20.BIOETHICS. All for the Good, James D. Watson. Dolly's False Legacy, Ian Wilmut. Patenting Life, Michael Crichton. Bioethics and the Stem Cell Research Debate, Robyn S. Shapiro.
21.PUBLIC HEALTH. Smallpox Shots: Make Them Mandatory, Charles Krauthammer. Restructuring the U.S. Health Care System, Arnold S. Relman. Global Public Goods and Health, Richard D. Smith. What the Rest of Africa Could Learn about AIDS, Jessica Reaves.
22.ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES. Humboldt's Legacy and the Restoration of Science, Aaron Sachs. A Declaration of Sustainability, Paul Hawken. The Galileo of Global Warming, American Spectator Commentary. Global Warning: Get Up! Stand Up!, Bill McKibben.
23.MARKETING AND THE AMERICAN CONSUMER. In Praise of Consumerism, James B. Twitchell. You Are What You Buy, Richard Wolkomir and Joyce Wolkomir. Every Nook and Cranny: The Dangerous Spread of Commercialized Culture, Gary Ruskin and Juliet Schor. Shopping and Other Spiritual Adventures in America Today, Phyllis Rose.
24.THE WORKPLACE. You've Been Mommified, Ellen Goodman. The Full-Time Blues, Judith Warner. Rewriting the Old Rules, Terry Golway. Serving in Florida, Barbara Ehrenreich.
25.THE ECONOMIC IMPACT OF OUTSOURCING. The Real Cost of Offshoring,, Michael Mandel. The Outsourcing Bogeyman, Daniel W. Drezner. 30 Little Turtles, Thomas Friedman. The Wal-Mart You Don't Know, Charles Fishman.
26.THE GLOBAL MARKETPLACE. Development without Borders, Kofi Annan. Mixing '60s Activism and Anti-Globalization, Robert Borosage. Dispelling the Myths about the Global Economy, Murray Weidenbaum. Why Globalization is Good, Robyn Meredith and Suzanne Hoppough.

Appendix 1: Glossary of Terms.

Appendix 2: Formatting Guidelines for Course Papers. Credits.

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