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Christian Paths to Health and Wellness / Edition 1

Christian Paths to Health and Wellness / Edition 1

by Peter Walters

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ISBN-10: 0736062270

ISBN-13: 2900736062274

Pub. Date: 11/05/2007

Publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers

Most Christian college instructors have taught health and wellness from books that are not God-centered, simply because they have had no choice. Thanks to the development of Christian Paths to Health and Wellness, instructors can empower students to take responsibility and initiative for their own health, fitness, and wellness as part of their daily lives-while


Most Christian college instructors have taught health and wellness from books that are not God-centered, simply because they have had no choice. Thanks to the development of Christian Paths to Health and Wellness, instructors can empower students to take responsibility and initiative for their own health, fitness, and wellness as part of their daily lives-while offering that instruction in a Christian context.

Driven by 1 Corinthians 3:16 ("Don't you know that you yourselves are God's temple and that God's Spirit lives in you?"), this practical text is based on sound, cutting-edge scientific research and Christian principles. As such, it provides an exciting new approach to teaching health and wellness to help meet part of the Christian college mission. Students will glean these benefits from the text:

• A solid foundation in health and wellness theory and research

• Multiple Christian perspectives that create a balanced approach to health and wellness across a broad spectrum of Christian beliefs

• Study aids, including vocabulary lists, glossary definitions, chapter-opening objectives, and chapter-ending questions, which foster learning and application of the material

In addition, Christian Paths to Health and Wellness comes with many instructional aids that are free to course adopters, including Web support with sample course syllabi, a presentation package, and a test package. These aids will help instructors streamline their preparation time while teaching and managing their courses.

Written by six contributing experts and edited by two highly respected Christian college instructors, this book stems from the contributors'own experiences in meeting the challenges of teaching in today's Christian colleges. It includes point/counterpoint discussions examining issues students face today, and it provides hope, practical tools and methods for change, and a comprehensiveness that enables students to make gradual and significant permanent change through the wisdom of education and the power of the Holy Spirit.

The book focuses on four major themes: how we are made, how we are made to move, how we are to be nourished, and how we are to behave in restful ways. In part I, students are introduced to biblical reasons to value their wellness and examine God's purpose and their own life's mission. They explore body image, eating disorders, and weight management in part II. In part III, students learn about the basics of fitness, including cardiorespiratory, muscular, and flexibility assessment and training. Part IV focuses on nutritional and emotional health and wellness and also looks at wellness as it relates to sleep habits and personal relationships. Part V encourages students to develop a comprehensive strategy to maintain personal wellness in a relationship with God.

Through Christian Paths to Health and Wellness, students will learn about and practice making choices that have positive effects on their lifelong fitness and wellness. Students will become aware of physical wellness issues and develop a passion for proactive and permanent lifestyle changes. And they will do it all with a God-centered approach.

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Human Kinetics Publishers
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New Edition

Table of Contents

Part I. Understanding Your Wellness and Mission

Chapter 1. Introduction to Valuing Your Wellness
John Byl
Next Steps

Chapter 2. God's Purpose and Your Life's Mission
John Byl and Dianne E. Moroz
God's Mission
Making God's Purposes Your Purposes
Pressures That Shape Life's Mission
Your Mission Statement
Goals for the Journey
Next Steps

Part II. Accepting and Caring for Your Body

Chapter 3. Examining Body Image and Eating Disorders in Women and Men
Heather Strong and John Byl
Introduction to Dieting, Weight Preoccupation, and Body Image
What Are Eating Disorders?
How Prevalent Are Eating Disorders?
What Causes Eating Disorders?
What God Wants for People
Recovery From an Eating Disorder
Next Steps

Chapter 4. Weight Control
John Byl
Step 1: Set a Weight-Loss Goal
Step 2: Assess Your Personal Lifestyle
Step 3: Design a Specific Plan
Step 4: Predict Obstacles
Step 5: Plan Intervention Strategies
Step 6: Assess Compliance With the Plan
Step 7: Assess Progress of Your Overall Goal
Next Steps

Part III. Moving Your Body

Chapter 5. Cardiorespiratory Assessment and Training
Peter Walters
Setting the Bar: Primary and Secondary Goals
Benefiting From Cardiorespiratory Exercise
Understanding the Three Energy Systems
Evaluating Cardiorespiratory Endurance
Determining Cardiorespiratory Goals
Outlining an Aerobic Exercise Prescription
Sample Cardiorespiratory Fitness Programs
Next Steps

Chapter 6. Muscular Strength Assessment and Training
Peter Walters
Setting the Bar
Benefits ofStrength Training
Assessing Muscular Strength
Strength: Encouragement and Possibilities
Basic Muscle Anatomy
Types of Strength Training
A Three-Phase Strength-Training Program
Safety in Strength Training
Next Steps

Chapter 7. Flexibility Assessment and Training
Bob Weathers
What Is Flexibility?
Factors That Affect Flexibility
The Importance of Flexibility
How Much Flexibility Is Enough?
Assessing Your Flexibility
Improving and Maintaining Your Flexibility
Next Steps

Part IV. Understanding Your Behaviors

Chapter 8. Nutritional Health and Wellness
Peter Walters
The Digestive System
Six Major Nutrient Groups
Principles and Strategies for Healthy Eating
Vegetarian Alternative
Canadian Food Guide
Next Steps

Chapter 9. Emotional Health and Wellness
Peter Walters, Bud Williams, and Doug Needham
Stress and the Mind-Body Connection
Pros and Cons of Stress
When Stress Turns Ugly
Happiness and Life Satisfaction
Next Steps

Chapter 10. Sleep Habits and Wellness
Peter Walters
Chronic Sleep Deprivation
Sleep Thieves
Are You Sleep Deprived?
The Effects of Sleep Deprivation
The Architecture of Sleep
How Much Sleep Do You Need?
How to Sleep Like a Log
Next Steps

Chapter 11. Personal Relationships and Wellness
Peter Walters
Value of Relationships
Caution: Danger Ahead
Spiritual Gifts
Healthy Relationships and Healthy Bodies
Next Steps

Part V. Conclusion

Chapter 12. Offering Your Life as a Living Sacrifice
John Byl
Tools for Achieving Wellness
Seven Steps to Wellness
Next Steps

Appendix A: Guide for Family and Friends of a Person With Food and Weight Problems
Appendix B: Questionnaires on Eating Behaviors
Appendix C: Guidelines on Body Mass Index
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