Biomedical Ethics: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Moral Issues in Medicine and Biology

Biomedical Ethics: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Moral Issues in Medicine and Biology

by David Steinberg

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ISBN-10: 1584656433

ISBN-13: 9781584656432

Pub. Date: 08/31/2007

Publisher: Dartmouth College Press

Today’s complex set of moral issues involving medical research, health care, and the biological sciences can best be understood through the diverse perspectives of healthcare-providers, scientists, and others who have a vital stake in the field. Culled from the pages of the groundbreaking journal, Lahey Clinic Medical Ethics, this book offers students,


Today’s complex set of moral issues involving medical research, health care, and the biological sciences can best be understood through the diverse perspectives of healthcare-providers, scientists, and others who have a vital stake in the field. Culled from the pages of the groundbreaking journal, Lahey Clinic Medical Ethics, this book offers students, healthcare professionals, and the general public insights into key ethical concepts and their practical applications through the writings of physicians, philosophers, theologians, nurses, humanists, anthropologists, psychologists, historians, policy experts, lawyers, and others.

The collection includes introductory articles by the editor, Dr. David Steinberg, that put into context the contributions by such noted experts as Jerome Kagan, Laurie Zoloth, Stuart Youngner, Daniel Callahan, Albert Jonson, George Annas, Dan Brock, Bernard Gert, Daniel Dennett, Peter Singer, Alexander Morgan Capron, and Robert Veatch. The volume includes discussions of bioethical challenges in the clinical arena; ethical challenges associated with advances in biotechnology, genetics, and reproductive medicine; legal perspectives; physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia; health policy and distributive justice; the experience of illness, and many more critical issues. Commentary on such issues from a broad range of perspectives—including debates among proponents of clashing viewpoints—adds to the book’s richness, texture, and depth.

Biomedical Ethics is an essential volume for professional schools of medicine, law, nursing, medical technology, social work, and healthcare administration, and it is an excellent supplemental text for ethics courses in philosophy, religion, sociology, and public policy.

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Introduction: The Nature of Biomedical Ethics - David Steinberg, MD
Bioethics: Then and Now - Allan M. Brandt, PhD
Bioethics: Then and Now - Albert R. Jonsen, PhD
The Nature of Morality - Jerome Kagan, PhD
The Nature of Morality: The Category of Bad Acts - Richard A. Shweder, PhD
The Biological Basis of Morality - David Sloan Wilson, PhD
The Amoral Roots of Morality - David Haig, PhD
Religion and the Public Discourse of Bioethics - Laurie Zoloth, PhD
Religion and Bioethics - Daniel Callahan, PhD
Feminist Approaches to Bioethics -Rosemarie Tong, PhD
Feminist Approaches to Bioethics - Gilbert Meilaender, PhD
Bioethics in Culturally Diverse Societies - Leigh Turner, PhD
Bioethics in Culturally Diverse Societies - Bernard Gert, PhD

Introduction: The Power of Language - David Steinberg, MD
The Total Artificial Heart: Is Paying for It Immoral and Stopping It Murder - Robert M. Veatch, PhD
The Total Artificial Heart and the Morality of Killing - David Steinberg, MD
Is This Incest? - Arthur P. Wolf, PhD
Embryo Adoption - Sarah-Vaughan Brakman, PhD
The Politics of Embryo Transfer - Mary Anderlik Majumder, JD, PhD
Defending Challenges to the Concept of “Brain Death” - James L. Bernat, MD
The Concept of Brain Death - Michael A. Devita, MD and Robert M. Arnold, MD
An Ethical Framework for Fetal Research - Frank A. Chervenak, MD and Laurence B. McCullough, PhD
Ethics and Fetal Research - Sidney Callahan, PhD
Transgenderism - Norman Spack, MD
Beyond the Medical Model of Gender Dysphoria to Morphological Self-determination - James J. Hughes, PhD

Introduction: Novel Technologies - David Steinberg, MD
Cloning Human Beings - Dan W. Brock, PhD
Commentary on Human Cloning -Ruth Macklin, PhD
Cloning Human Beings - Daniel Callahan, PhD
Ethical Issues of Egg Donation - Sharon Steinberg, RN, MS, CS
Consent and Uncertainty in Egg Donation - John A. Robertson, BA, JD
A Lesbian Couple Who Both Want a Biologic Link to Their Offspring - Cynthia B. Cohen, PhD, JD
Social and Ethical Challenges of Prenatal Diagnosis - Diane Beeson, PhD
Prenatal Diagnosis -Peter Singer, MA, BPHIL
Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis: Beginning a Long Conversation - Erik Parens, PhD and Thomas H. Murray, PhD
Heating Up the Conversation? - Paul Lauritzen, PhD
Genetic Enhancement: A Conceptual and Ethical Challenge for Gene Therapy
Regulation - Eric T. Juengst, PhD
Genetic Enhancement - Glenn McGee, PhD
Genetically Modified Organisms - Daniel Magnus, PhD
Reason and Repugnance - Daniel Callahan, PhD
Human Gene Banks - Garrath Williams, PhD
Are Human Gene Banks Worth It? - Jon F. Merz, MBA, JD, MD
Implantable Brain Chips: Ethical and Policy Issues - Ellen M. McGee, PhD and Gerald Q. Maguire, Jr., PhD
Implantable Brain Chips—Will They Change Who We Are? - Daniel C. Dennett, PhD
The Fight over How to Allocate Livers - Robert M. Veatch, PhD
Equity in Liver Allocation - Dan W. Brock, PhD

Introduction: In the Clinical Arena - David Steinberg, MD
The Value of an Ethics Consultation - David Ozar, PhD
Who Does the Ethics Consultation Serve? - Robert D. Orr, MD, CM
Should I Lie to the Insurance Company? - James E. Sabin, MD
Conflicting Advance Directives - David Goldblatt, MD
What Information Should Be Disclosed to Patients? - David Steinberg, MD
The Characteristics of Information and Avoiding Surprises - Heather J. Gert, PhD
The Man Who Wouldn’t Be Shocked - John A. Balint, MD, FRCP
The Case of the Unresponsive Hermit - Dan W. Brock, PhD
Live Organ Donation: Determining the Mental Age of Consent - Stuart J. Youngner, MD
A Time for Reflection - Joseph J. Fins, MD
Let My Wife Bleed to Death - Paul S. Appelbaum, MD
A Teenager’s Refusal of Assent for Treatment - Nuala P. Kenny, MD
Can an HIV-positive Woman Be Forced to Take Medicine to Protect Her Fetus? - Mandy Garber, MD, Susan C. Hunt, MD, and Robert M. Arnold, MD
Ethics for Astronauts - Walter M. Robinson, MD, MPH
Bioethics in Space - Paul Root Wolpe, PhD
When the School Bus Driver Is a Drinker - Stuart J. Youngner, MD
Should a Clinical Trial Coordinator Blow the Whistle? -Howard Brody, MD, PhD
Do Physicians Overtreat the Seriously Ill? - James L. Bernat, MD
Reply: Do Physicians Overtreat the Seriously Ill? - George J. Annas, JD, MPH
Is Terminal Sedation Really Euthanasia? - Robert M. Taylor, MD
My Mother Was a Fighter - Gary S Fischer, MD and Robert M. Arnold, MD
Rational Suicide and the Terminally Ill - Susan D. Block, MD
Rational but Wrong - Hebert Hendin, MD
Euthanasia for Existential Reasons - G. K. Kimsma, MD, MPH
How Much Suffering Is Enough? - Timothy Quill, MD
Managing Cross-cultural Conflicts in the Doctor-Patient Relationship - Robert A. Pearlman, MD, MPH
Should This 96-year-old Woman Be Allowed to Die? - Xiuyun Yin, PhD, Benfu Li, MD, and Yali Cong, PhD
I Can’t Watch This Baby Die Inside Me - Frank A. Chervenak, MD and Laurence B. McCullough, PhD
Family Demand for Futile Treatment - Lawrence J. Schneiderman, MD
Does Anyone Actually Invoke their Hospital Futility Policy? - Jeffrey Burns, MD, MPH
Posthumous Sperm Retrieval - Alexander Morgan Capron
Must Multiorgan Donors Be Brain Dead? - Robert D. Orr, MD, CM
Should a PVS Patient Be a Live Organ Donor? - Lainie Friedman Ross, MD, PhD

Introduction: Ethics and the Law - David Steinberg, MD
Keeping Genetic Secrets - Leonard H. Glantz, JD
Rights and Responsibilities of Gamete Donors - Jane Greenlaw, JD
Pregnant Women and Their Fetuses: Legal and Ethical Issues - Jane Greenlaw, JD
The Human Chimera Patent Initiative - Stuart A. Newman, PhD
The Wendland Case: On Families and Fantasies - Lawrence J. Nelson, PhD, JD
The Texas “Futility” Procedure: No Such Thing as a Fairy-tale Ending - Anne L. Flamm, JD
Legal Pitfalls of Cybermedicine - Nicolas Terry, LLM
Contracting for Healthcare Quality - Frances H. Miller, JD
Who Should Capture the Value of Donated Tissue? - Robert A. Katz, JD
The Controversy over Recovered Memories - Thomas Gutheil, MD
Behavioral Genetics: Can We Prevent Crimes Before They Are Committed? - Maxwell J. Mehlman, JD
Traumatic Brain Injury and Criminal Responsibility - William J. Winslade, PhD, JD
Maternal Infanticide and the Insanity Defense - Margaret Spinelli, MD
Informed Consent for Stem Cell Research Using Frozen Embryos - Dena S. Davis, JD, PhD
Financial Interests and Research Protections: Can They Coexist? - Rebecca Dresser, JD
Governmental Bioethics Commissions: The Nature of the Beast - Alexander Morgan Capron, LLB

Wrongful Death: A Memoir - Sandra M. Gilbert and David Steinberg, MD
The Doctor Stories - Richard Selzer and Catherine Belling, MA
“End of the Line: Depression and Burnout in Ward No. 6” - Jack Coulehan, MD, MPH
“Million Dollar Boo-boo” - David Goldblatt, MD
The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down - Anne Fadiman and David Steinberg, MD
How We Die - by Sherwin B. Nuland and Andrew G. Villaneuva, MD
The Sweet Hereafter - Russell Banks and Delese Wear, PhD
The Diagnosis - Alan Lightman and James L. Bernat, MD
An Unquiet Mind - Kay Redfield Jamison and David Steinberg, MD
Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness - William Styron and David Wykes, PhD
Conquering Schizophrenia: A Father, His Son and a Medical Breakthrough - Peter Wyden and David Steinberg, MD
Wit: A Play - Margaret Edson and Lois LaCivita Nixon, PhD, MPH
Travels with the Wolf: A Story of Chronic Illness - Melissa Anne Goldstein and Jack Coulehan, MD, MPH
Death of the Good Doctor: Lessons from the Heart of the AIDS Epidemic - Kate Scannell, MD and Felice Aull, PhD, MA
His Brother’s Keeper: A Story from the Edge of Medicine - Jonathan Weiner and Richard M. Ratzan, MD
The Tyranny of the Normal: An Anthology - edited by Carol Donley, Sheryl Buckley. and David Steinberg, MD
Dirty Pretty Things: A Narrative Frame for Black Market Organ Sale - Steven Knight, directed by Stephen Fears and Lois LaCivita Nixon, PhD, MLITT, MPH

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