Dana Guide to Brain Health / Edition 1

Dana Guide to Brain Health / Edition 1

by Floyd E. Bloom

ISBN-10: 0743203976

ISBN-13: 2900743203974

Pub. Date: 01/06/2003

Publisher: Free Press

Today, we know beyond any doubt that the brain plays a crucial role in our everyday health, and, indeed, makes us who we are. But the Internet, television, and newspapers abound in contradictory information about it, and, as a result, the insights we wish for and the medical choices we need to make are rarely as clear as they need to be -- especially when a family…  See more details below


Today, we know beyond any doubt that the brain plays a crucial role in our everyday health, and, indeed, makes us who we are. But the Internet, television, and newspapers abound in contradictory information about it, and, as a result, the insights we wish for and the medical choices we need to make are rarely as clear as they need to be -- especially when a family member's well-being is at stake. For decades The Dana Foundation, a philanthropic organization founded in 1950 dedicated to science, health, and education, has focused its medical initiatives on brain research. The culmination of that relentless commitment is now all here in this complete health guide to the brain. The editors -- Floyd E. Bloom, M. D. ; M. Flint Beal, M. D. ; and David J. Kupfer, M. D. -- are three of the world's leading medical experts in neuroscience, neurology, and psychiatry. Together with more than one hundred of America's most distinguished scientists and medical professionals, they have created an essential, easy-to-understand, and practical reference guide to the brain and how it works.

The Dana Guide to Brain Health is a resource that today's health consumer can trust, or what Foundation chairman William Safire calls "a kind of basic 'bible' of the brain."

The first truly accessible all-in-one source of its kind, this illustrated home reference features the latest facts and medical discoveries, combined with clear, up-to-date information on seventy-two psychiatric and neurological disorders, their diagnoses, and their treatments.

Filled with informative diagrams, tables, sidebars, graphs, charts, photographs, and drawings, along with a section listing every major consumer advocacy/information organization, related to brain disorders, The Dana Guide to Brain Health sets a new standard. In its pages readers will discover:

The crucial steps for taking care of our brains
The intimate connection between brain health and body health
How the brain develops from the prenatal period and childhood through adolescence and adulthood
How the brain regulates breathing and blood flow
How we learn, remember, and imagine

The Dana Guide to Brain Health is simply the most authoritative, comprehensive, and clearly written guide to the bodily organ that is the key to our everyday health. No home should be without it.

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New Edition

Table of Contents

Using Our Heads: A Forewordxiii
Introduction: Welcome to Your Brainxvii
How to Read This Bookxxi
Your Brain: A Primerxxxii
Part IUnderstanding Your Brain
1.How to Think About the Brain3
2.How We Know: Learning the Secrets of the Brain14
3.Basic Brain Care: Protecting Your Mental Capital31
4.The Brain-Body Loop41
Part IIYour Brain Through Life
5.Prenatal Development61
6.Brain Development in Childhood83
7.The Adolescent Brain102
8.The Brain in Adult Life and Normal Aging116
Part IIIThe Healthy Brain
9.The Body Manager135
B1The Major Senses: Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell, and Touch136
B2Body Regulation142
B3Basic Drives: Eating, Sleeping, and Sex150
B4Movement, Balance, and Coordination158
B5Pain Perception165
10.Emotions and Social Function179
B8Inhibition and Control185
B10Attention and Motivation196
11.Learning, Thinking, and Remembering200
B11Decision Making and Planning201
B13Learning and Memory217
B14Speech, Language, and Reading226
B15Visualization and Navigation232
B16Creativity, Talents, and Skills236
Part IVConditions of the Brain and Nervous System
12.Conditions That Appear in Childhood247
C2Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder254
C3Mental Retardation259
C4Cerebral Palsy265
C6Metabolic Diseases278
C9Spina Bifida293
C10Tumors of Childhood298
13.Disorders of the Senses and Body Function306
C11Sleep Disorders307
C13Epilepsy and Seizures319
C14Dizziness and Vertigo327
C15Seeing Problems332
C16Hearing Problems341
C17Smelling and Tasting Problems347
C18Autonomic Disorders352
C19Chronic Fatigue Syndrome357
14.Emotional and Control Disorders362
C21Anxiety and Panic371
C22Social Phobia (Social Anxiety Disorder)376
C23Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder379
C24Bipolar Disorder385
C26Borderline Personality Disorder394
C27Eating Disorders399
C28Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder405
C29Substance Abuse and Addiction409
C31Violence and Aggression426
C32Suicidal Feelings429
15.Infectious and Autoimmune Disorders434
C33Multiple Sclerosis435
C34Shingles/Herpes Zoster444
C35Neurological Complications of AIDS448
C36Lyme Disease453
C38Viral Encephalitis462
C39Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease468
C40Systemic Lupus Erythematosus471
16.Disorders of Movement and Muscles476
C41Parkinson's Disease477
C42Parkinsonism Plus484
C44Dystonia, Spasms, and Cramps494
C45Tourette's Syndrome and Tics497
C47Huntington's Disease505
C48Peripheral Neuropathy511
C49Guillain-Barre Syndrome516
C50Bell's Palsy520
C52Myasthenia Gravis530
C53Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis535
C56Back Pain and Disk Disease553
C57Chronic Pain559
C58Trigeminal Neuralgia565
18.Nervous System Injuries569
C59Ischemic Stroke570
C60Hemorrhagic Stroke576
C61Brain Trauma, Concussion, and Coma581
C62Spinal Cord Injury591
C63Paraneoplastic Syndromes600
C64Brain Tumors604
C65Nutritional Disorders610
C66Chemicals and the Nervous System617
19.Disorders of Thinking and Remembering624
C67Alzheimer's Disease625
C70Trouble with Speech and Language643
Appendix ADrugs Used to Treat the Brain and Nervous System661
Appendix BSuggested Reading669
Appendix CResource Groups673
The Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives687
The European Dana Alliance for the Brain695
About the Editors701

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