Facilitated Stretching - 3rd Edition / Edition 3
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Facilitated Stretching - 3rd Edition / Edition 3

by Robert McAtee, Jeff Charland

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ISBN-10: 0736062483

ISBN-13: 9780736062480

Pub. Date: 02/21/2007

Publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers

The third edition of Facilitated Stretching is now revised, reorganized, and packaged with a DVD—surpassing its popular predecessor as the best source for the latest PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretching techniques.

Facilitated Stretching, Third Edition, provides a useful overview of PNF


The third edition of Facilitated Stretching is now revised, reorganized, and packaged with a DVD—surpassing its popular predecessor as the best source for the latest PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretching techniques.

Facilitated Stretching, Third Edition, provides a useful overview of PNF stretching—a safe and easy-to-use method that involves stretching the muscle, contracting it isometrically against resistance, then stretching it again to a new range of motion. These steps apply whether you are isolating one muscle at a time or using the spiral-diagonal patterns of PNF to stretch groups of muscles simultaneously. The third edition contains all the great features of the previous edition, plus the following:
-A companion DVD that demonstrates live stretching techniques from the book for a clearer understanding

-New stretching routines for a variety of popular activities including running, golf, swimming, cycling, and throwing and racket sports

-General stretches and stretches for older participants

-Stretching activities with added strength work using stability balls and elastic bands

-Stretching and strengthening tips for dealing with—and even preventing—common soft-tissue injuries
The new edition has also been reorganized using a regional approach to presenting muscle group functions around specific joints. You will learn how to stretch each major muscle in the body, both individually and in groups. In addition, you will discover how to appropriately use group pattern stretches to improve flexibility and coordination and individual muscle stretches to relax tight muscles and break up adhesions within or between muscles. Instruction is provided for using the techniques on your own or with a partner.

More than 350 photographs showing the progression of stretches enrich the book while the new 60-minute DVD demonstrates the stretches and strengthening exercises in even more detail. Icons are featured throughout the text, indicating which exercises are demonstrated on the DVD. A unique binding also allows you to lay the book flat while performing the exercises without losing your place. The DVD serves as a great visual tool for improving your technique and getting the most out of your routines.

An ideal reference for fitness professionals, Facilitated Stretching, Third Edition, provides techniques to help athletes, patients, and clients improve flexibility, strength, and coordination while also treating and preventing injuries. Students in massage therapy, athletic training, and other professional training programs will discover how to use facilitated stretching in conjunction with massage and other manual therapy techniques. A test package is also available for instructors and is conveniently offered through a product-specific Web site: www.HumanKinetics.com/FacilitatedStretching.

With Facilitated Stretching, Third Edition, you have a cutting-edge tool packed with the latest PNF stretching techniques to help you assess current muscle function, improve range of motion, increase strength, reduce overuse injuries, and enhance performance.

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Human Kinetics Publishers
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Edition description:
Book and DVD
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8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.45(d)
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18 Years

Table of Contents


Part I. The Prerequisites
Chapter 1.
Understanding the Basics of Stretching
Types of Muscle Contractions
Reflexes Relevant to Stretching
Types of Stretching
Guidelines for Stretching

Chapter 2. Focusing on Facilitated Stretching
Overview of PNF
From PNF Stretching to Facilitated Stretching
Guidelines for Performing Facilitated Stretches
Detailed Sequence for Facilitated Stretching
Safety Considerations for Facilitated Stretching
Effect of Fatigue on Stretcher and Partner

Chapter 3. Using the Spiral-Diagonal Patterns of PNF
Practicing the Patterns as Free Movement
Stretching With the Patterns
Strengthening With the Patterns

Part II. The Stretches
Chapter 4.
Stretches for the Lower Extremity
Hip Extensors: Hamstrings and Gluteus Maximus
Hip Rotators: Piriformis
Hip Abductors
Hip Adductors
Hip Flexors: Quadriceps Group
Hip Flexors: Psoas and Iliacus
Plantar Flexors: Gastrocnemius and Soleus
Toe Flexors: Flexor Hallucis Longus, Flexor Digitorum Longus
Dorsiflexors: Anterior Tibialis
Toe Extensors: Extensor Hallucis Longus, Extensor Digitorum Longus
Evertors--Peroneal (Fibularis) Group; Invertors--Tibialis Anterior and Posterior
Spiral-Diagonal Patterns for the Lower Extremity

Chapter 5. Stretches for the Upper Extremity
Shoulder Stabilizers
Pectoralis Major, Biceps, Triceps
Muscles of the Wrist and Hand
Spiral-Diagonal Patterns for the Upper Extremity

Chapter 6. Stretches for the Neck and Torso
Muscles of the Neck
Muscles of the Torso

Part III. Beyond the Basics
Chapter 7.
Combining Techniques to Release Fibrotic Tissue
Modifying Fibrotic Tissue to Reduce Pain and Restore Range of Motion
Blending Soft Tissue Work and Facilitated Stretching
Releasing Fibrotic Tissue: Six Examples

Chapter 8. Stretching Routines for Specific Activities
Throwing and Racket Sports
Everyday Sequence
Rusty Hinges

Chapter 9. Routines for Common Soft Tissue Injuries
Caring for Acute and Chronic Injuries
Focusing on Upper Body Conditions
Focusing on Lower Body Conditions

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