Organizational Change Theories: A Synthesis / Edition 1
  • Organizational Change Theories: A Synthesis / Edition 1
  • Organizational Change Theories: A Synthesis / Edition 1

Organizational Change Theories: A Synthesis / Edition 1

by Christiane Demers



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Table of Contents

The Field of organizational Change: An Historical Account
Focus of the book
Organization of the book
Part I Adaptation or Selection?
Do Organizations Really Change?
Chapter 1 - Adaptation and Growth Perspective
Rational Adaptation Approaches
Organic Adaptation Approach
Life Cycle Approach
Chapter 2 - Selection and Imitation Perspective
Population Ecology
The "New" Institutionalism
A Look for the Outside
Part II - Transformation or Evolution?
Is Transformation Always Revolutionary?
Chapter 3 - the Configuration Approach
Momentum and Revolution: The Punctuated Equilibrium Model
Design Archetypes: From Punctuated Equilibrium to Theories of Stability and Change
Chapter 4 - The Cognitive Approach
Organizational Change as Reframing
Reframing as a Change of Knowledge Stucture
Reframing as a Social Interaction Process
Chapter 5 - The Cultural Approach
Culture and Change: Functionalist and Interpretive Perspectives
Cultural Change Processes
Differentiation Studies
Fragmentation Studies
Chapter 6 - The Political Approach
Power and Change: From Resistance to Renewal
A Look From Above
Part III - Natural Evolution or Social Dynamics?
How do Organizations Renew Themselves?
Chapter 7 - The Natural Evolution Perspective
The Behavioural Learning Approach
The Evolutionary Approach
The Complexity Approach
Chapter 8 - The Social Dynamics Perspective
The Radical and Postmodern Approaches
Discourse About Change
Discourse Changing Over Time
Change as Practical and Social Performance
Looking to Change From the Inside
Looking for an Elusive Object
Culmination or Dissolution?

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