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Planting Churches That Reproduce

Planting Churches That Reproduce

by Joel T Comiskey

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Comiskey's thesis is that reproduction or church multiplication is critical to all effective church planting. Thus, church planting must be simple enough to keep the process going.

The first section lays out the Biblical basis for church planting. The book moves from the Biblical basis to the contemporary scene, showing why church planting is absolutely essential


Comiskey's thesis is that reproduction or church multiplication is critical to all effective church planting. Thus, church planting must be simple enough to keep the process going.

The first section lays out the Biblical basis for church planting. The book moves from the Biblical basis to the contemporary scene, showing why church planting is absolutely essential to keep up with the population growth. Comiskey also highlights the characteristics which make a modern day church planter successful. Comiskey draws from practical experiences to help those who are in the battle or are considering church planting.

The second section goes into detail about church planting strategies, namely the cell church strategy and house church planting. The reader is not just given information about different church planting approaches but is also shown how to use them.

Comiskey's book is a must-read book for those interested in establishing Christ-honoring, multiplying churches.

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From the Publisher
There is an old saying, Better late than never, but best never late. Where has this book been? How different might the church be today if Comiskey's invaluable resource had been available even ten years ago? Don't discover Comiskey ten years from now and exclaim, Where have I been! The book we've needed and been waiting for is here now. Tag, you're it. LEONARD SWEET Drew University, George Fox Evangelical Seminary, sermons.com

Here is a thoroughly practical, encouraging and thoughtful contribution to the small but growing body of literature on multiplication movements. This is an important book not only because it involves a return to a more genuinely biblical ecclesiology, but also because it envisions the much more dynamic form of church that will advance the cause of Jesus in the 21st Century.

ALAN HIRSCH Author of The Forgotten Ways and The Shaping of Things to Come, Co-founder of shapevine.com

Joel Comiskey brings both his experience and the experience of others together in a clear, easy to understand fashion that will be helpful to any simple church planter today. As I read, I kept thinking of chapters I wanted to recommend to the various church planters I coach. Based on timeless principles of church planting, Comiskey lays a firm foundation for multiplying churches which I believe is on the heart of God. His practical application of these principles keeps the reader focused on the path toward church planting success.

JEANNETTE BULLER Church planter and coach

Joel Comiskey does a great job in his book of explaining what a simple church is and how to plant them. He provides solid theology, numerous examples and strategic steps for planting simple churches. We will use it with our planters as a resource. I've read a lot of books on simple, cell, house churches defending them or promoting them - I don't think I've read anything as clear and as concise as this or as practical to get them started as this.

BOB ROBERTS Pastor NorthWood, author Transformation, Glocalization, The Multiplying Church

Joel Comiskey's lifelong passion for multiplying churches does not allow him to get stuck in the past. I love this excellent book because it is a book for the future. Joel's blueprint will help many find their proper position for enriching their life and for extending the kingdom of God.

PETER WAGNER Presiding Apostle, International Coalition of Apostles

Joel Comiskey is a veteran church planter. His new book Planting Churches that Reproduce is biblical, practical and inspirational. If indeed church planters are going to get serious about evangelistic reproducing movements that start new testament churches then we must take a long and creative look at Simple churches or some variation of the house church movement. The typical suburban church planting model will not get the job done alone.

DR. TOM JONES Author, Stadia East Regional Director, professor, and veteran church planter

Over the last ten years Joel's writings and research have deeply influenced who we are as a people. His genuine love for Jesus and his heart to capture what God is doing and saying is bearing great fruit for the body of Christ. His latest book, Planting Churches that Reproduce, is at the heart of what God is speaking to the body of Christ worldwide, whether in the United States or around the world.

JIMMY SEIBERT Senior pastor of Antioch Community Church

Once again, Joel Comiskey has felt the pulse of the body of Christ and has given a prescription for its well being. This book is a combination of spiritual insights coupled with personal experience in the field of planting Biblical communities. I recommend this for the group that God forms to form a new Christ centered missional congregation.

RALPH NEIGHBOUR Author, professor, and church planter

Joel Comiskeys books have always been a blessing to me personally they have brought special insight into issues that people in cell churches are interested in. Joel, you have out done yourself again! You have written a book that will be used to bring the house church and cell church people together. Well done! All those who are interested in the new move of God for these final days must read this book!

BEN WONG Advisory pastor of Shepherd Community Grace Church, founder of CCMN

Planting Churches that Reproduce is a good solid manual for planters who want to get back to the basics and discover what church is really all about. Comiskey helps Christian leaders make the paradigm shift from buildings and events to people and evangelism—and then provides clear strategies for moving forward. He underscores that what makes a church effective is not about size so much as it is about how well it can reproduce.

BOB LOGAN Author, professor, and church planter

Planting Churches that Reproduce is an important piece in the body of work God has produced through Joel Comiskey. This book builds upon Joel's extensive research, personal experiences and previous books. It takes us back to simplicity: the simple church and the simple steps for planting that simple church. But Joel also shows us how God forms the basic simple church into larger sizes and shapes that are appropriate for the 21st Century world.

BILL BECKHAM Church planter and author of numerous books

Joel Comiskey's latest book, Planting Churches that Reproduce, is an easy-to-read, inspiring, educational, and practical nuts-and-bolts tool to help church planters and church plants of any style get to where God is asking them to go. There is a twist that is worth the price of the book. Comiskey examines the growing global phenomenon of simple church networks which challenges conventional assumptions and complicated models of what it means to be an effective Great Commission church. Simple, strategic, and scriptural are the watchwords for the church in this hour.

RAD ZDERO, PhD ,Author of The Global House Church Movement, Editor of Nexus: The World House Church Movement Reader

In the late twentieth century there was only one or two books on church planting. So I wrote my book-Planting Growing Churches, because America desperately needed more churches that would reach unchurched Baby Boomers.

However, eight years into the twenty-first century, we have a number of books that will guide us not only in starting churches to reach the Boomers but for the Next Generation. Joel Comiskey's Planting Churches that Reproduce is one of these books. If you're a church planter or part of a church plant that is passionate about reaching the Next Generation-the future of the North American church, then this book is a must read!

AUBREY MALPHURS Lead Vision Navigator with the Malphurs Group, Senior Professor at Dallas Seminary

In Planting Churches that Reproduce Joel paints pictures of multiplying churches from real life examples. He uses research, reflection on biblical principles and field tested strategies to show how struggle and space are critical to developing healthy multiplying churches. Joel applies simple biblical principles to a variety of models from cell churches to house church networks to stand alone house churches. As he describes real life examples of each model he offers wise critique and a clear practical focus on prayer and building relational webs. Could church really be as simple as Christ followers gathering in a home supporting a lifestyle of loving God and others? This is a book every church leader should read to more effectively align with Christ's work of building His church.

DR. ROY KING Professor of Leadership of Columbia International University

Planting Churches That Reproduce is yet another great resource from Joel Comiskey. He again shows his passion and high commitment to Kingdom growth through the multiplication of disciples, leaders, groups, and churches. In this useful tool, full of practical application and case studies, Joel draws from the years of actual experience now under the belt of the cell-church movement, to demystify and simplify the church planting process. This clearly written and inspiring manual is a breath of fresh hope for the weary saints of God hungry for the harvest. A recommended must read for all cell-celebration leaders and leaders-in-development.

SUSAN M. SKOMMESA Lead Pastor, Verdugo Community Free Methodist Church, District Superintendent for FMC in Urban LA

I highly recommend Joel's new book Planting Churches that Reproduce! This insightful book is not just about theory. It is filled with field tested examples of healthy new churches being planted, and provides practical spiritual insights and principles for us to learn and emulate. Planting simple churches that network together is vital to fulfilling our Lord's Great Commission. This book will serve as a practical manual to help us on this journey.

LARRY KREIDER International Director, Dove Chrisitan Fellowship Intl.

Joel Comiskey is one of those rare church thinkers who understands how cell groups form the basis for an organic, simple and growing church. In this book he describes a clear step-by-step process for birthing evangelistic churches that are built upon cell groups. I have often said that two of the most common missing ingredients in churches are the lack of expansive prayer and the lack of expansive cell groups. Every church leader who wants to recapture the organic, simple and life-changing nature of the church will discover in this book a roadmap for church change: into something more simple, connected and healthy.

BOB WHITESEL recipient of the McGavran Award for Outstanding Leadership in Church Growth and the author of five books

Meet the Author

Joel Comiskey (Ph.D. Fuller Seminary) is an internationally recognized church consultant and speaker. He has served as a missionary with the C&MA in Quito, Ecuador, founded a church in Southern CA, and now coaches pastors and travels extensively. Joel's books have sold 401,000 copies worldwide. His titles include: Home Cell Group Explosion (Touch Publications, 1998), How to Lead a Great Cell Group Meeting (Touch Publications, 2001), and An Appointment with the King (Chosen Books, 2002). Joel teaches as an adjunct professor at several theological seminaries. Joel and his wife, Celyce, have three daughters and live in Moreno Valley, California.

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