Beginning SQL Server 2005 Programming / Edition 1

Beginning SQL Server 2005 Programming / Edition 1

by Robert Vieira

ISBN-10: 0764584332

ISBN-13: 2900764584335

Pub. Date: 02/27/2006

Publisher: Wiley

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Publication date:
Programmer to Programmer Series
Edition description:
New Edition

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Table of Contents

Ch. 1RDBMS basics : what makes up a SQL Server database?1
Ch. 2Tools of the trade19
Ch. 3The foundation statements of T-SQL41
Ch. 4JOINs79
Ch. 5Creating and altering tables111
Ch. 6Constraints151
Ch. 7Adding more to our queries185
Ch. 8Being normal : normalization and other basic design issues207
Ch. 9SQL Server storage and index structures255
Ch. 10Views289
Ch. 11Writing scripts and batches315
Ch. 12Stored procedures341
Ch. 13User defined functions409
Ch. 14Transactions and locks425
Ch. 15Triggers447
Ch. 16A brief XML primer469
Ch. 17Reporting for duty, sir! : a look at reporting services517
Ch. 18Getting integrated with integration services539
Ch. 19Playing administrator555

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