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Creo Parametric

Creo Parametric

by Louis Gary Lamit

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ISBN-10: 111157684X

ISBN-13: 2901111576843

Pub. Date: 01/01/2012

Publisher: CL Engineering

CREO™ PARAMETRIC, designed in direct consultation with PTC, acts as a user friendly guide to the Creo Parametric program, formerly known as Pro/ENGINEER. The text walks the reader through the software, helping them to gain a better understanding of Creo Parametric, its assets, and uses. Step by step instructions are provided for utilizing the new


CREO™ PARAMETRIC, designed in direct consultation with PTC, acts as a user friendly guide to the Creo Parametric program, formerly known as Pro/ENGINEER. The text walks the reader through the software, helping them to gain a better understanding of Creo Parametric, its assets, and uses. Step by step instructions are provided for utilizing the new capabilities and attributes of the redesigned software.

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CL Engineering
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New Edition

Table of Contents

1. INTRODUCTION Parametric Design. Fundamentals. Part Design. Establishing Features. Datum Features. Parent Child Relationships. Capturing Design Intent. Assemblies. Drawings. Using the Text. Text Organizations. Creo Quick Reference Cards. LESSON I. CREO™ PARAMETRIC OVERVIEW. Creating the Pin Part. Creating the Plate Part. Creating the Assembly. Creating Drawings. LESSON II. CREO™ PARAMETRIC. Creo's Interface. Catalog Parts. File Functions. Help. View and Display Functions. View Tools. Using Mouse Buttons to Manipulate the Model. System Display Settings. Information Tools. The Model Tree. Working on the Model. About the Dashboard. Productivity Enhancements. Customizing the User Interface (UI). Mapkeys. LESSON III. DIRECT MODELING. Modeling. Extrude Tool. Round Tool. Shell Tool. Draft Tool. Chamfer Tool. Hole Tool. Extrude Tool (Cut). Mirror Sketch. Revolve Tool. Cross Sections. Revolve Tool (Cut). Blend Tool. Enhanced Realism. Sweep Tool. LESSON IV. EXTRUSIONS. The Design Process. Material Files. Sketch Tool. Environment. Sketching. Dimensioning. Constraint Rules. Modifying Dimensions. Mirror Tool. LESSON V. DATUMS, LAYERS, AND SECTIONS. Navigator. Layer Tree. Colors. Appearance Manager. Datum Plane Tool. Layers. Geometric Tolerances. Suppressing and Resuming Features using Layers. View Manager. Cross Sections. Relations. Info. Feature List. LESSON VI. REVOLVED FEATURES. Chamfers. Threads. Standard Holes. Navigation Window. Folder Browser. Manipulating Folders. Working Directory. Options. Revolve Tool. Sketcher Preferences. Modify Dimensions. Set Datums. Model Tree. Feature Information. Sketcher Palette. Holes. Annotations. Note Properties. Dimension Properties. Materials. Model Information. Cosmetic Threads. Using the Model Player. Printing and Plotting. LESSON VII. FEATURE OPERATIONS. Ribs. Relations. Parameter Symbols. Operators and Functions. Arithmetic Operators. Assignment Operators. Mathematical Functions. Failures. Resolve Feature. Failed Features. Family Tables. Copy. Paste Special. Rib Tool. Measuring Geometry. Flexing the Model. Standard Holes. Relations. Family Tables. Creo/MANUFACTURING. LESSON VIII. ASSEMBLIES. Assembly Constraints. Placing Components. Bottom-up Design. Pro/Library. Catalog Parts. Layer Tree. Add a Component to the Assembly. Regenerating Models. Copy and Paste Components. Bill of Materials. Assembly Sections. Top-Down Design. Creating Components in the Assembly Mode. Reference Viewer. Pattern. Analysis. Interference. Bill of Materials. Edit Definition. LESSON IX. EXPLODED ASSEMBLIES AND VIEW MANAGER. Exploded Assemblies. Creating Exploded Views. Component Display. Types of Representations. URLs and Model Notes. Views: Perspective, Saved, and Exploded. Saved Views. Default Exploded Views. View Manager. Explode View. View Style. Model Tree. LESSON X. INTRODUCTION TO DRAWINGS. Formats, Title Blocks, and Views. Specifying the Format Size. System Formats. Drawing User Interface. Drawing Tree. Drawing Templates. Template View. Views. Sheet Setup. Insert General View. Default Orientation. Annotate Tab. Model Annotations. View Movement. Move Views. Delete Views. Model Annotations. Default Template. Cleanup Dimensions. Section Views. Drawing View Properties. Template. Template View. Make Note. LESSON XII. PART DRAWINGS. Sheet Setup. Drawing Options. Drawing Options File. Drawing Views. Projection Views Auxiliary Views. Gtol Datums. Section Views. Annotate Tab. Axes. Cleanup Dimensions. Reference Dimensions. Layout Tab. Detail Views. Scale. View Properties. Text Style. Drawing Options. Section Options. Font. Geometric Tolerances. Pictorial Drawing Views. System Formats. Title Block Notes. LESSON XII. ASSEMBLY DRAWINGS. Format Options. Format Notes. Tables. Table Tab. Repeat Region. Note Properties. Text Style. Report Symbols. Adding Parts List (BOM) Data. Parameters. PTC Material Name. Assembly Drawings. Assembly Format. Drawing Options. Assembly Views. Assembly Sections. Erase Datums. Annotate. Crosshatching. Bill of Materials. Replace Component. BOM Balloons. Drawing Scale. Balloons. Exploded Assembly Drawings. Combined State. Exploded Views. DOWNLOADABLE LESSONS: LESSON 13. PATTERNS. Fill Pattern. Axial Pattern. Copy and Paste Special. Group. Insert Mode. Scale Model. Sheetmetal. Component Pattern. 3D Model Space. Pro/Library. LESSON 14. BLENDS. Blend Sections. Blend Options. Parallel Blends. Blend Tool. Sketch Options. Polar Grid. Axial Pattern. Shell Tool. Analysis Measure. Section. Enhanced Realism. Scenes. Drawing and Model Annotation. LESSON 15. SWEEPS. Sweep Forms. Sweep Options. Sweep Tool. Trajectory. Sweep Section. Polar Grid. Enhanced Realism. Rendering Scene. Spot Lights. Drawings and Model Annotations. LESSON 16. HELICAL SWEEPS AND ANNOTATIONS. Helical Sweeps. Annotations. Helical Compression Spring. Helical Sweep Tool. Notes/Annotations. URL Links. Springs. Annotation Features. Digital Product Definition Data Practices ASME Y14.41. Driving Dimensions. Annotation Orientation. Geometric Tolerance. Annotation Feature. Surface Finish. Active Annotation Orientation. LESSON 17. SHELL, REORDER; AND INSERT MODE. Creating Shells. Reordering Features. Inserting Features. Draft Tool. Pattern. Pattern Table. Reorder. Insert Mode. Mode. Model Setup. Scenes. Color Editor. Lights. Spot Light. Distance Light. Sky Light. 3D PDF. Adobe Reader for PDF U3D. Perspective View on PDF. Drawing Views. Model Annotations. Drawing Tree. ECO. LESSON 18. DRAFTS, SUPPRESS, AND TEXT EXTRUSIONS. Drafts. Suppressing and Resuming Features. Text Extrusions. Draft Tool. Shell Tool (non-default thickness). Group. Mirror. Surface Round. Section. Suppress. Extrude Tool (Text). Resume. ModelCHECK Geometry Check. Render Setup. Spotlight. Scenes. Color Editor. Moving Lights. Focus. Distance Light. Rendering Rooms. Drawing Views.

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