Bodies of Technology: Women's Involvement with Reproductive Medicine

Bodies of Technology: Women's Involvement with Reproductive Medicine

by Ann Rudinow Saetnan

ISBN-10: 0814250505

ISBN-13: 2900814250500

Pub. Date: 11/28/2000

Publisher: Ohio State University Press

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Ohio State University Press
Publication date:
Women and Health Series
Edition description:
New Edition

Table of Contents

Series Editors' Foreword
1Women's Involvement with Reproductive Medicine: Introducing Shared Concepts1
Pt. 1Conceptions and Counterperceptions: User Involvement in the Development of Contraceptive Technologies31
2Maverick Reproductive Scientists and the Production of Contraceptives, 1915-2000+37
3Do Users Matter?90
4Imagined Men: Representations of Masculinities in Discourses on Male Contraceptive Technology123
5Parenting the Pill: Early Testing of the Contraceptive Pill146
Pt. 2Users, Values, and Markets: Shaping Users through the Cultural and Legal Appropriation of in Vitro Fertilization177
6Enculturation through Script Selection: Political Discourse and Practice of In Vitro Fertilization in The Netherlands183
7The Lack and the "Need" of Regulation for Assisted Fertilization: The Italian Case207
8Riddled with Secrecy and Unethical Practices: Assisted Reproduction in India239
9Regulating Reproduction254
10Gender-Based Management of New Reproductive Technologies: A Comparison between In Vitro Fertilization and Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection278
Pt. 3Clinical Encounters: Users and the Cultural Appropriation of Fetal Diagnostics305
11Screening through the Media: The Public Presentation of Science and Technology in the Ultrasound Diagnostics Controversies309
12Thirteen Women's Narratives of Pregnancy, Ultrasound, and Self331
13Magic and a Little Bit of Science: Technoscience, Ethnoscience, and the Social Construction of the Fetus355
14Para Sacarse la Espina (To Get Rid of the Doubt): Mexican Immigrant Women's Amniocentesis Decisions368
15Cross-Cultural Cyborgs: Greek and Canadian Women's Discourses on Fetal Ultrasound384
16Situating Fetoscopy within Medical Literature and Lived Experience: An Opening for Social Analysis410
Author Index449
Subject Index456

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