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GO! with Microsoft Office 2010 Volume 2

GO! with Microsoft Office 2010 Volume 2

by Shelley Gaskin

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ISBN-10: 0135090903

ISBN-13: 9780135090909

Pub. Date: 09/17/2010

Publisher: Prentice Hall

For introductory computer courses on Microsoft Office 2010 or courses in computer concepts with a lab component for Microsoft Office 2010 Applications.

Teach the course YOU want in LESS TIME!

The primary goal of the GO! Series, aside from teaching computer applications, is ease of implementation. This approach is based on clearly defined


For introductory computer courses on Microsoft Office 2010 or courses in computer concepts with a lab component for Microsoft Office 2010 Applications.

Teach the course YOU want in LESS TIME!

The primary goal of the GO! Series, aside from teaching computer applications, is ease of implementation. This approach is based on clearly defined projects for students and a one-of-a-kind supplements package for instructors.

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Table of Contents

Common Features Chapter 1 Using the Common Features of Office 2010

Objective 1 Use Windows Explorer to Locate Files and Folders
Activity 1.01 Using Windows Explorer to Locate Files and Folders

Objective 2 Locate and Start a Microsoft Office 2010 Program
Activity 1.02 Locating and Starting a Microsoft Office 2010 Program

Objective 3 Enter and Edit Text in an Office 2010 Program
Activity 1.03 Entering and Editing Text in an Office 2010 Program

Objective 4 Perform Commands from a Dialog Box
Activity 1.04 Performing Commands from a Dialog Box

Objective 5 Create a Folder,Save a File,and Close a Program
Activity 1.05 Creating a Folder, Saving a File, and Closing a Program

Objective 6 Add Document Properties and Print a File
Activity 1.06 Adding Document Properties and Printing a File

Word Chapter 4 Using Styles and Creating Multilevel Lists and Charts

Case: Lehua Hawaiian Adventures

PROJECT 4A — Customer Handout

Objective 1: Apply and Modify Quick Styles

Activity 4.01 Applying Quick Styles

Activity 4.02 Modifying Quick Styles

Activity 4.03 Changing the Theme

Objective 2: Create New Styles

Activity 4.04 Creating New Styles

Objective 3: Manage Styles

Activity 4.05 Modifying a Style in the Styles Window

Activity 4.06 Clearing Formats

Activity 4.07 Removing a Quick Style

Objective 4: Create a Multilevel List

Activity 4.08 Creating a Multilevel List

Activity 4.09 Modifying a Multilevel List Style

Activity 4.10 Applying the Current List Style

PROJECT 4B — Planning Memo with a Chart

Objective 5: Change the Style Set and Paragraph Spacing of a Document

Activity 4.11 Formatting a Memo

Activity 4.12 Changing the Style Set

Activity 4.13 Changing Paragraph Spacing of a Document

Objective 6: Insert a Chart and Enter Data into a Chart

Activity 4.14 Selecting a Chart Type

Activity 4.15 Entering Chart Data

Activity 4.16 Editing Data

Objective 7: Change a Chart Type

Activity 4.17 Changing the Chart Type

Objective 8: Format a Chart

Activity 4.18 Adding Chart Elements

Activity 4.19 Changing the Chart Style and Formatting Chart Elements

Activity 4.20 Resizing and Positioning a Chart

Word Chapter 5 Creating Web Pages and Using Advanced Proofing Options

Case: Texas Spectrum Wireless

PROJECT 5A — Web Page

Objective 1: Create a Web Page from a Word Document

Activity 5.01 Saving a Document as a Web Page

Activity 5.02 Applying Background Color

Activity 5.03 Inserting a Drop Cap in Text

Activity 5.04 Sorting Paragraphs

Activity 5.05 Inserting a Horizontal Line

Objective 2: Insert and Modify Hyperlinks in a Web Page

Activity 5.06 Inserting a Hyperlink

Activity 5.07 Inserting a Hyperlink That Opens an E-mail Message Form

Activity 5.08 Creating a Web Page for an Internal Link

Activity 5.09 Testing Web Pages in a Browser

Activity 5.10 Editing and Removing Hyperlinks

Objective 3: Create a Blog Post

Activity 5.11 Creating a Blog Post

Activity 5.12 Inserting Hyperlinks in a Blog Post


Objective 4: Locate Word Settings to Personalize Word 2010

Activity 5.13 Examining the Word Options Dialog Box

Activity 5.14 Zooming from the View Tab

Objective 5: Collect and Paste Images and Text

Activity 5.15 Collecting Images and Text from Multiple Documents

Activity 5.16 Pasting Information from the Clipboard Task Pane

Objective 6: Locate Supporting Information

Activity 5.17 Using the Research Task Pane to Locate Information

Activity 5.18 Translating Text from the Research Task Pane

Objective 7: Use Advanced Find and Replace and Proofing Options

Activity 5.19 Using Find and Replace to Change Text Formatting

Activity 5.20 Using Wildcards in Find and Replace

Activity 5.21 Using the Spelling and Grammar Checker

Objective 8: Save in Other Formats

Activity 5.22 Saving a document in RTF Format

Word Chapter 6 Building Documents from Reusable Content and Revising Documents Using Markup Tools

Case: Lakefield Public Library

PROJECT 6A Newsletter with Reusable Content and Custom Theme

Objective 1: Create Building Blocks

Activity 6.01 Creating a Building Block in the Text Box Gallery

Activity 6.02 Viewing Building Blocks in the Building Blocks Organizer

Activity 6.03 Creating a Building Block in the Quick Tables Gallery

Activity 6.04 Creating a Graphic Building Block

Objective 2: Create and Save a Theme Template

Activity 6.05 Customizing a Theme

Activity 6.06 Saving a Theme Template

Objective 3: Create a Document by Using Building Blocks

Activity 6.07 Creating a Document Using Building Blocks

Activity 6.08 Managing Files and Restoring Settings

PROJECT 6B Events Schedule with Tracked Changes

Objective 4: Use Comments in a Document

Activity 6.09 Inserting Comments

Activity 6.10 Editing and Deleting Comments

Objective 5: Track Changes in a Document

Activity 6.11 Managing Tracked Changes

Activity 6.12 Using the Reviewing Pane

Activity 6.13 Viewing Revisions in a Document

Activity 6.14 Turning on Track Changes

Activity 6.15 Accepting or Rejecting Changes in a Document

Objective 6: View Side by Side, Compare, and Combine Documents

Activity 6.16 Using View Side by Side

Activity 6.17 Combining Documents

Excel CHAPTER 4: Use Financial and Lookup Functions, Define Names, and Validate Data

Case: Rubanne Specialties

PROJECT 4A Amortization Schedule

Objective 1 Use Financial Functions

Activity 4.01 Inserting the PMT Financial Function

Objective 2 Use Goal Seek

Activity 4.02 Using Goal Seek to Produce a Desired Result

Activity 4.03 Using Goal Seek to Find an Increased Period

Objective 3 Create a Data Table

Activity 4.04 Designing a Two-Variable Data Table

Activity 4.05 Using a Data Table to Calculate Options

PROJECT 4B Quarterly Cost Report and Lookup Form

Objective 4 Define Names

Activity 4.06 Defining a Name

Activity 4.07 Inserting New Data in a Named Range

Activity 4.08 Changing a Defined Name

Activity 4.09 Creating a Defined Name by Using Row and Column Titles

Objective 5 Use Defined Names in a Formula

Activity 4.10 Using Defined Names in a Formula

Objective 6 Use Lookup Functions

Activity 4.11 Defining a Range of Cells for Lookup Function

Activity 4.12 Inserting the VLOOKUP Function

Objective 7 Validate Data

Activity 4.13 Creating a Validation List

Excel CHAPTER 5: Managing Large Workbooks and Using Advanced Sorting and Filtering

Case: Capital Cities Community College

PROJECT 5A Large Worksheet

Objective 1 Navigate and Manage Large Worksheets

Activity 5.01 Using the Go To Special Command

Activity 5.02 Hiding Columns

Activity 5.03 Using the Go To Command

Activity 5.04 Arranging Multiple Workbooks and Splitting Worksheets

Objective 2 Enhance Worksheets with Themes and Styles

Activity 5.05 Changing and Customizing a Workbook Theme

Activity 5.06 Creating and Applying a Custom Table Style

Objective 3 Format a Worksheet to Share with Others

Activity 5.07 Previewing and Modifying Page Breaks

Activity 5.08 Repeating Column or Row Titles

Activity 5.09 Inserting a Hyperlink in a Worksheet

Activity 5.10 Modifying a Hyperlink

Objective 4 Save Excel Data in Other File Formats

Activity 5.11 Viewing and Saving a Workbook as a Web Page

Activity 5.12 Saving Excel Data in CSV File Format

Activity 5.13 Saving an Excel Data as a PDF or XPS File

PROJECT 5B Sort, Filter, and Outline a Database

Objective 5 Use Advanced Sort Techniques

Activity 5.14 Sorting on Multiple Columns

Activity 5.15 Sorting By Using a Custom List

Objective 6 Use Custom and Advanced Filters

Activity 5.16 Filtering by Format and Values Using AutoFilter

Activity 5.17 Filtering by Custom Criteria Using AutoFilter

Activity 5.18 Inserting the Sheet Name and Page Numbers in a Footer

Activity 5.19 Filtering by Using Advanced Criteria

Activity 5.20 Extracting Filtered Rows

Objective 7 Subtotal, Outline, and Group a List of Data

Activity 5.21 Subtotaling, Outlining, and Grouping a List of Data

Excel CHAPTER 6: Creating Charts, Diagrams, and Templates

Case: New York-New Jersey Job Fair

PROJECT 6A Organization Charts and Diagrams

Objective 1 Create and Format Sparklines and a 3-D Column Chart

Activity 6.01 Creating and Formatting Sparklines

Activity 6.02 Creating a 3-D Column Chart

Activity 6.03 Changing the Display of Chart Data

Activity 6.04 Editing and Formatting the Chart Title

Activity 6.05 Adding, Formatting, and Aligning Titles

Activity 6.06 Editing Source Data

Activity 6.07 Formatting the Chart Floor and Chart Walls

Objective 2 Create and Format a Line Chart

Activity 6.08 Creating a Line Chart

Activity 6.09 Deleting a Legend and Changing a Chart Title

Activity 6.10 Changing the Values on the Value Axis

Activity 6.11 Formatting the Plot Area and the Data Series

Activity 6.12 Inserting a Trendline

Objective 3 Create and Modify a SmartArt Graphic

Activity 6.13 Creating a Process SmartArt Graphic

Activity 6.14 Modifying and Changing the Diagram Style

Objective 4 Create and Modify an Organization Chart

Activity 6.15 Creating and Modifying a SmartArt Organization Chart

Activity 6.16 Adding Effects to a SmartArt Graphic

Activity 6.17 Preparing Worksheets With Charts and Diagrams for Printing

PROJECT 6B Expense Report and Order Form

Objective 5 Create an Excel Template

Activity 6.18 Entering Template Text

Activity 6.19 Formatting a Template

Activity 6.20 Entering Template Formulas

Activity 6.21 Inserting and Modifying an Image

Activity 6.22 Inserting and Modifying a WordArt Image

Activity 6.23 Saving a File as a Template

Objective 6 Protect a Worksheet

Activity 6.24 Protecting a Worksheet

Objective 7 Create a Worksheet Based on a Template

Activity 6.25 Creating a Worksheet Based on a Template

Access Chapter 4: Enhancing Tables

Project 4A Maneuver Data and Enforce Data Integrity

Objective 1 Manage Existing Tables

Activity 4.01 Backing Up a Database

Activity 4.02 Adding File Locations to Trusted Locations

Activity 4.03 Copying a Table and Modifying the Structure

Activity 4.04 Appending Records to a Table

Activity 4.05 Splitting a Table into Two Tables

Activity 4.06 Appending Records from Another Database

Objective 2 Modify Existing Tables

Activity 4.07 Finding and Deleting Records

Activity 4.08 Finding and Modifying Records

Activity 4.09 Adding and Moving Fields in Design View and Datasheet View

Activity 4.10 Checking Spelling

Objective 3 Create and Modify Table Relationships

Activity 4.11 Creating Table Relationships and Testing Referential Integrity

Activity 4.12 Setting and Testing Cascade Options

Project 4B Format Tables and Validate Data Entry

Objective 4 Create a table in design view

Activity 4.13 Creating a Table in Design View

Objective 5 Change Data types

Activity 4.14 Changing Data Types

Objective 6 Create a Lookup Field

Activity 4.15 Creating a Lookup Field Based on a List of Values

Activity 4.16 Creating a Lookup Field Based on Data in Another Table

Objective7 Set Field Properties

Activity 4.17 Creating an Input Mask using the Input Mask Wizard

Activity 4.18 Creating an Input Mask using the Input Mask Properties Box

Activity 4.19 Specifying a Required Field

Activity 4.20 Setting Default Values for Fields

Activity 4.21 Indexing Fields in a Table

Objective 8 Create Data Validation Rules and Validation Text

Activity 4.22 Creating Data Validation Rules and Validation Text

Activity 4.23 Testing Table Design and Field Properties

Objective 9 Attach Files to Records

Activity 4.24 Attaching a Word Document to a Record

Access Chapter 5 Enhancing Queries

Project 5A Create Special-Purpose Queries

Objective 1 Create Calculated Fields in a Query

Activity 5.01 Creating a Calculated Field Based on Two Existing Fields

Activity 5.02 Creating a Calculated Field Based on One Existing Field and a Number

Objective 2 Use Aggregate Functions in a Query

Activity 5.03 Adding a Total Row to a Query

Activity 5.04 Creating a Totals Query

Objective 3 Create a Crosstab Query

Activity 5.05 Creating a Select Query as the Source for a Crosstab Query

Activity 5.06 Creating a Crosstab Query

Objective 4 Find Duplicate and Unmatched Records

Activity 5.07 Finding Duplicate Records

Activity 5.08 Finding Unmatched Records

Objective 5 Create a Parameter Query

Activity 5.09 Creating a Parameter Query Using One Criteria

Activity 5.10 Creating a Parameter Query Using Multiple Criteria

Project 5B Create Action Queries and Modify Join Types

Objective 6 Create a Make Table Query

Activity 5.11 Creating a Select Query

Activity 5.12 Converting a Select Query to a Make Table Query

Objective 7 Create an Append Query

Activity 5.13 Creating an Append Query for a Table in the Current Database

Activity 5.14 Creating an Append Query for a Table in Another Database

Objective 8 Create a Delete Query

Activity 5.15 Creating a Delete Query

Objective 9 Create an Update Query

Activity 5.16 Creating an Update Query

Activity 5.17 Creating an Update Query with an Expression

Objective 10 Modify the Join Type

Activity 5.18 Viewing the Results of a Query Using an Inner Join

Activity 5.19 Changing the Join Type to an Outer Join

Access Chapter 6 Customizing Forms and Reports

Project 6A Customize Forms

Objective 1 Create a Form in Design View

Activity 6.01 Creating a Form in Design View

Activity 6.02 Adding Sections to the Form

Objective 2 Change and Add Controls

Activity 6.03 Changing Controls on a Form

Activity 6.04 Adding Controls to a Form

Objective 3 Format a Form

Activity 6.05 Adding a Background Color

Activity 6.06 Adding a Background Picture to a Form

Activity 6.07 Modifying the Borders of Controls

Objective 4 Make a Form User Friendly

Activity 6.08 Adding a Message to the Status Bar

Activity 6.09 Creating Custom ControlTips

Activity 6.10 Changing the Tab Order

Project 6B Customize Reports

Objective 5 Create a Report Based on a Query Using a Wizard

Activity 6.11 Creating a Report Using a Wizard

Activity 6.12 Modifying a Report Created Using a Wizard

Objective 6 Create a Report in Design View

Activity 6.13 Creating a Report in Design view

Activity 6.14 Modifying the Sections of a Report

Objective 7 Add Controls to a Report

Activity 6.15 Adding Label and Text Box Controls to a Report

Activity 6.16 Adding an Image Control and a Line Control to a Report

Objective 8 Group, Sort, and Total Records in Design View

Activity 6.17 Adding a Grouping and Sort Level to a Report

Activity 6.18 Adding Calculated Controls to a Report

PowerPoint Chapter 4: Create Templates, Save and Protect Presentations

Project 4A: Create and Apply a Custom Template

Objective 1 Create a Custom Template by Modifying Slide Masters

Activity 4.01 Displaying and Editing Slide Masters

Activity 4.02 Saving a Presentation as a Template

Activity 4.03 Formatting a Slide Master with a Gradient Fill

Activity 4.04 Formatting Slide Masters by Adding Pictures and Shapes

Activity 4.05 Customizing Placeholders on a Slide Master

Activity 4.06 Displaying and Editing the Handout Master

Activity 4.07 Displaying and Editing Notes Master

Objective 2 Apply a Custom Template to a Presentation

Activity 4.08 Applying a Template to a Presentation

Activity 4.09 Editing Slide Masters in an Existing Presentation

Project 4B: Review, Publish, and Protect Presentations

Objective 3 Create and Edit Comments

Activity 4.10 Adding Comments

Activity 4.11 Reading Comments

Activity 4.12 Editing Comments

Objective 4 Prepare a Presentation for Distribution

Activity 4.13 Publishing a Presentation in PDF and XPS format

Activity 4.14 Creating Handouts in Microsoft Word

Objective 4 Protect a Presentation

Activity 4.15 Using the Compatibility Checker

Activity 4.16 Marking a Presentation as Final

PowerPoint Chapter 5: Applying Advanced Graphic Techniques and Inserting Media

Project 5A: Enhance a Presentation with Graphics and Media

Objective 1: Use Picture Corrections

Activity 5.01 Using Sharpen and Soften on a Picture

Activity 5.02 Changing the Brightness and Contrast of a Picture

Activity 5.03 Recoloring a Picture

Objective 2: Add a Border to a Picture

Activity 5.04 Adding a Border to a Picture

Objective 3: Change the Shape of a Picture

Activity 5.05 Changing the Shape of a Picture

Objective 4: Add a Picture to a WordArt Object

Activity 5.06 Adding a WordArt Object and Embedding a Picture

Objective 5: Enhance a Presentation with Audio and Video

Activity 5.07 Adding an Embedded Sound to a Presentation

Activity 5.08 Setting a Trigger for an Embedded Audio in a Presentation

Activity 5.09 Adding a Linked Video to a Presentation

Activity 5.10 Changing the Trigger for a Linked Video in a Presentation

Project 5B: Create a Photo Album

Objective 6: Create a Photo Album

Activity 5.11 Creating a Photo Album

Objective 6: Edit a Photo Album and Add a Caption

Activity 5.12 Editing a Photo Album and Adding a Caption

Objective 7: Crop a Picture

Activity 5.13 Cropping a Picture

PowerPoint Chapter 6: Delivering a Presentation

Project 6A Penn Liberty Motors

Objective 1: Apply and Modify Slide Transitions

Activity 6.01 Applying and Modifying Slide Transitions

Activity 6.02 Advancing Slides Automatically

Objective 2: Apply Custom Animation Effects

Activity 6.03 Adding Entrance Effects

Activity 6.04 Adding Emphasis Effects

Activity 6.05 Adding Exit Effects

Activity 6.06 Adding Motion Paths

Objective 3: Modify Animation Effects

Activity 6.07 Modifying Animation Effects

Activity 6.08 Setting Effect Options

Project 6B Penn Liberty Motors Advertisement

Objective 4: Insert Hyperlinks

Activity 6.09 Inserting a Hyperlink to a Web Page

Activity 6.10 Inserting a Hyperlink to a Slide in Another Presentation

Activity 6.11 Inserting a Hyperlink to an E-Mail Address

Activity 6.12 Inserting a Hyperlink to a New File

Activity 6.13 Creating an Action Button

Objective 5: Create Custom Slide Shows

Activity 6.14 Creating a Basic Custom Slide Show

Activity 6.15 Creating a Hyperlinked Custom Slide Show

Objective 6: Present and View a Slide Presentation

Activity 6.16 Hiding a Slide

Activity 6.17 Using the Onscreen Navigation Tools

Activity 6.18 Using the Annotation Tool

Activity 6.19 Creating a Self-Running Presentation

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