Where One Voice Ends Another Begins: 150 Years of Minneosta Poetry

Where One Voice Ends Another Begins: 150 Years of Minneosta Poetry

by Robert Hedin

The first single-volume, comprehensive survey of the best Minnesota poetry, Where One VOice Ends Another Begins showcases the work of seventy-six of the state's premiere poets.

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The first single-volume, comprehensive survey of the best Minnesota poetry, Where One VOice Ends Another Begins showcases the work of seventy-six of the state's premiere poets.

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Minnesota Historical Society Press
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New Edition

Table of Contents

Introduction     xvii
Song-Poems of the Dakota   Frances Densmore   Alfred Longley Riggs     5
Song-Poems of the Ojibwe   Frances Densmore     8   Mary Henderson Eastman
The Seal of Minnesota     10   James H. Baker
A Sea Song     12   Ignatius Donnelly
A Description     13   Richard Burton
Revery     14
The Lark     15   Arthur Upson
From the Valley of the Wheat     16
Among the Pines     17   Henry Adams Bellows
West and East     18
1914-1945   Joseph Warren Beach
from Minneapolis Skylines: 1915     21   Beatrice Washburn Jones
The Road to Asola     23
The Transport     24   F. Scott Fitzgerald
We Leave To-night     25   Kay Boyle
The Only Bird That Sang     17
O This Is Not Spring     29   Sister Alice Gustava (Maris Stella) Smith
Autumn Paray-le-Monial     30
Riddles     31   Martha Ostenso
Brushwood     32   Meridel LeSueur
Spring Out of Jerusalem     33
Surround of Rainbows     34   Richard Eberhart
Orchard     36
The Groundhog     37
La Crosse at Ninety Miles an Hour     38
1945-1965   Carl Rakosi
The Heifer     43
The old Homestead     44   Joseph Langland
In 1912, My Father Buys the Victor Record of 'Sextet from Lucia' from Hoegh's Jewelry Store in a Small Town in Minnesota     45
Reed Whittemore
The Fall of the House of Usher     47
The High School Band in September     48
When Father Left in the Morning     48   Adrien Stoutenburg
Cicada     50
Mote     51
Interior Decoration     52   John Berryman
The Ball Poem     53
from 77 Dream Songs     54
Henry's Understanding     55
Of Suicide     55   Robert Bly
Driving Toward the Lac Qui Parle River     57
After Drinking All Night with a Friend, We Go Out in a Boat at Dawn to See Who Can Write the Best Poem     58
The Resemblance Between Your Life and a Dog     58
Stealing Sugar from the Castle     59   James Wright
Lyingin a Hammock at William Duffy's Farm in Pine Island, Minnesota      60
A Blessing     61
The Minneapolis Poem     61   Thomas McGrath
Praises     64
The Bread of This World; Praises III     66
The End of the World     67
1965-1985   Phebe Hanson
First Car     71
Santa Lucia     72   Alvin Greenberg
Freight train, freight train     74
Cutting birch     75
As we, too, grow older     76   James L. White
from Gatherings     77
An Ordinary Composure     78   Bill Holm
The Icelandic Language     79
At the Icelandic Emigration Center in Hofsos     80
The Icelandic Emigration to Minneota, Minnesota     81   Philip Dacey
from Coal     83
The Elephant     84
The Feet Man     86   C. G. Hanzlicek
The One Song     87
Caretaking at the Bohemian Cemetery Outside Owatonna, Minnesota     88   John Calvin Rezmerski
Willmar at Night     90
Way Back     90
Growing Down     91   Mark Vinz
Flat Country     92
Red River Blues     93
Still Life with Thermometer     93   Tom Hennen
Out of Nothing     94
Crawling Out the Window     95   John Caddy
Mine Town: Knowing Where You're At     96
The War Effort     97
Mine Towns     98   Jill Breckenridge
Beer Barrel Polka     100
Helen Hart's Summer Watercolor Class     102   Barton Sutter
Sweet Jesus     103
Whistle Dance     104
Swedish Lesson     104   Louis Jenkins
Basketball     106
Mailboxes     107
Knife Island     107   Bill Meissner
First Ties: The Father in the Mirror     108
The Dance of the Ripples     110   Etheridge Knight
Hard Rock Returns to Prison from the Hospital for the Criminal Insane     111
The Idea of Ancestry     112   Michael Dennis Browne
Company of Love     114
To Show Peter the World     115
Handicapped Children Swimming     116   Cary Waterman
Crocus     119
Visiting the Mayo Clinic     120   Jim Moore
Near Herons     121
What the Bird Sees      122
I Don't Think We Need to Know     123   Patricia Hampl
Mother-Daughter Dance     124
Woman Before an Aquarium     125
The Moment     127   John Minczeski
Note to Trish from the Flamingo Motel, Long Prairie, Minnesota     128
Thaw     129
Excelsior Amusement Park, 1932     129   Marilyn Nelson
Minor Miracle     131   Deborah Keenan
The Amateur     132
Dialogue     134
None of This     135   John Engman
Creation of the Universe     136
An Elephant     138
Chlorine     139   Mary Karr
The Pallbearer     141
The Worm-Farmer's Lament     141   Margaret Hasse
Bean Fields     143
High School Boyfriend     144   J. P. White
Dove     146
Essay on Leaves     147   David Wojahn
Fort Snelling National Cemetery: St. Paul, Minnesota     150
Tribute and Ash     151   David Mura
Harvest at Minidoka Internment Camp     153
The Angel of Phillips Park     154
Minneapolis Public      155   Louise Erdrich
Dear John Wayne     157
The Buffalo Prayer     159
Rez Litany     159
1985-Present   Sharon Chmielarz
Like a Church     165
They Come Humming     166   Jim Heynen
The Forest     168
Butterflies     168
Sheds     169   Diane Glancy
How     171
Pow Wow     172   Philip Bryant
Stella by Starlight     173
Poincianna     174
Gray Strands of Hair     174   Richard Robbins
He Confuses the Grandchild for the Son     176
After the Miracle     177
Near Roslin Institute, Midlothian, Scotland     178   Joyce Sutphen
Home to the Late Late Movie     179
Death Becomes Me     180
Getting the Machine     181   Dale Jacobson
from A Walk by the River     182   David Mason
The Pond     185
The Lost House     186   James Armstrong
The Wreck     187   Connie Wanek
After Us     190
Hartley Field     191   Heid E. Erdrich
What Pregnant is Like     193
Offering: Words     193
Poem for Our Ojibwe Names     194   Denise Sweet
Constellations     196
Dancing the Rice     196   Ray Gonzalez
Emerge     198
What You Will Rememher     200
Celebrate     201   G. E. Patterson
Remembrance     202
Autobiography of a Black Man     203   Angela Shannon
Sunday     205
Carrying Home     206   Katrina Vandenberg
First Lesson: The Anatomist Explains the Primacy of Imagination     207
Suppose     208   Janet Holmes
Birding     209
The Blue World     210   Leslie Adrienne Miller
The Harriers     212
Mirabilia, 1726     213
Madame du Coudray's Woman Machine, 1756     214   Wang Ping
I Curse Because     216
Mixed Blood     220   Ed-Bok Lee
Sokcho in Butterfly Dust     224
The Invisible Church     225   Mayli Vang
We Women of the Hmong Culture     227   Mai Neng Moua
My Mother Is a Coffee Table      229
Father Died Twenty-five Years Ago     229
D.C.     230   Spencer Reece
The Clerk's Tale     231
Selected Bibliography of Related Titles     235
Permissions     239
Index of Authors, Titles, and First Lines     249
Acknowledgments     261

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