Present Knowledge in Nutrition, 10th Edition / Edition 10

Present Knowledge in Nutrition, 10th Edition / Edition 10

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by John W. Erdman Jr., Ian A. MacDonald, Steven H. Zeisel

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ISBN-10: 0470959177

ISBN-13: 9780470959176

Pub. Date: 09/04/2012

Publisher: Wiley

Present Knowledge in Nutrition, 10th Edition provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of human nutrition, including micronutrients, systems biology, immunity, public health, international nutrition, and diet and disease prevention. This definitive reference captures the current state of this vital and dynamic science from an international


Present Knowledge in Nutrition, 10th Edition provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of human nutrition, including micronutrients, systems biology, immunity, public health, international nutrition, and diet and disease prevention. This definitive reference captures the current state of this vital and dynamic science from an international perspective, featuring nearly 140 expert authors from 14 countries around the world. 

Now condensed to a single volume, this 10th edition contains new chapters on topics such as epigenetics, metabolomics, and sports nutrition.The remaining chapters have been thoroughly updated to reflect recent developments. Suggested reading lists are now provided for readers wishing to delve further into specific subject areas. An accompanying website provides book owners with access to an image bank of tables and figures as well as any updates the authors may post to their chapters between editions. Now available in both print and electronic formats, the 10th edition will serve as a valuable reference for researchers, health professionals, and policy experts as well as educators and advanced nutrition students. 

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Table of Contents

List of Contributors ix

Preface xxi

Acknowledgments xxii

1 Systems Biology Approaches to Nutrition
James C. Fleet 1

2 Nutritional Epigenetics
Robert A. Waterland 14

3 Genetic Variation and Nutrient Metabolism
Leah E. Cahill and Ahmed El-Sohemy 27

4 Metabolomics
Thomas M. O'Connell and Wei Jia 38

5 Energy Metabolism in Fasting, Fed, Exercise, and Re-feeding States
Sai Krupa Das and Susan B. Roberts 58

6 Protein and Amino Acids
Paul B. Pencharz 69

7 Carbohydrates
Lisa M. Sanders and Joanne R. Lupton 83

8 Dietary Fiber
Ian T. Johnson 97

9 Lipids: Absorption and Transport
Alice H. Lichtenstein and Peter J.H. Jones 118

10 Lipids: Cellular Metabolism
Peter J.H. Jones and Andrea A. Papamandjaris 132

11 Vitamin A
Noel W. Solomons 149

12 Carotenoids
Brian L. Lindshield 185

13 Vitamin D
Anthony W. Norman and Helen L. Henry 199

14 Vitamin E
Maret G. Traber 214

15 Vitamin K
Guylaine Ferland 230

16 Vitamin C
Carol S. Johnston 248

17 Thiamin
Lucien Bettendorff 261

18 Riboflavin
Donald B. McCormick 280

19 Niacin
W. Todd Penberthy and James B. Kirkland 293

20 Vitamin B6
Vanessa R. da Silva, Katelyn A. Russell, and Jesse F. Gregory III 307

21 Folate
Lynn B. Bailey and Marie A. Caudill 321

22 Vitamin B12
Sally P. Stabler 343

23 Biotin
Janos Zempleni, Subhashinee S.K. Wijeratne, and Toshinobu Kuroishi 359

24 Pantothenic Acid
Joshua W. Miller and Robert B. Rucker 375

25 L-Carnitine
Charles J. Rebouche 391

26 Choline
Steven H. Zeisel and Karen D. Corbin 405

27 Dietary Flavonoids
Gary Williamson 419

28 Calcium
Connie M. Weaver 434

29 Phosphorus
Robert P. Heaney 447

30 Magnesium
Stella Lucia Volpe 459

31 Sodium, Chloride, and Potassium
Harry G. Preuss and Dallas L. Clouatre 475

32 Human Water and Electrolyte Balance
Robert W. Kenefi ck, Samuel N. Cheuvront, Scott J. Montain, Robert Carter, III, and Michael N. Sawka 493

33 Iron
Peter J. Aggett 506

34 Zinc
Roberta R. Holt, Janet Y. Uriu-Adams, and Carl L. Keen 521

35 Copper
Joseph R. Prohaska 540

36 Iodine and Iodine Deficiency Disorders
Michael B. Zimmermann 554

37 Selenium
Emily N. Terry and Alan M. Diamond 568

38 Manganese, Molybdenum, Boron, Chromium, and Other Trace Elements
Forrest H. Nielsen 586

39 Maternal Nutrient Metabolism and Requirements in Pregnancy and Lactation
Lindsay H. Allen 608

40 Infant Nutrition
William C. Heird 624

41 Adolescence
Asim Maqbool, Kelly A. Dougherty, Elizabeth P. Parks, and Virginia A. Stallings 637

42 Nutrition and Aging
Marion Secher, Patrick Ritz, and Bruno Vellas 654

43 Sports Nutrition
Louise M. Burke 669

44 Nutrient Regulation of the Immune Response
Philip C. Calder and Parveen Yaqoob 688

45 Obesity as a Health Risk
Sue D. Pedersen, Anders Sjödin, and Arne Astrup 709

46 Hypertension
Thomas A.B. Sanders 721

47 Insulin Resistance and the Metabolic Syndrome
Jennie Brand-Miller and Stephen Colagiuri 732

48 Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease
Simone D. Holligan, Claire E. Berryman, Li Wang, Michael R. Flock, Kristina A. Harris, and Penny M. Kris-Etherton 745

49 Diabetes
Lindsay M. Jaacks, Judith Wylie-Rosett, and Elizabeth J. Mayer-Davis 806

50 Osteoporosis
John J.B. Anderson 833

51 Cancer
Holly Nicastro and John A. Milner 843

52 Nutrition and Gastrointestinal Illness
Alan L. Buchman and Stephen A. McClave 857

53 Kidney Disease
Thiane G. Axelsson, Michal Chmielewski, and Bengt Lindholm 874

54 Liver Disease
Craig J. McClain, Daniell B. Hill, and Luis Marsano 889

55 Alcohol: Its Role in Nutrition and Health
Paolo M. Suter 912

56 Eye Disease
Rohini Vishwanathan and Elizabeth J. Johnson 939

57 Specialized Nutrition Support
Vivian M. Zhao and Thomas R. Ziegler 982

58 Body Composition Evaluation
Krista Casazza and Tim R. Nagy 1000

59 Estimation of Dietary Intake
Wija A. van Staveren, Marga C. Ocké, and Jeanne H.M. de Vries 1012

60 Taste and Food Choices
Adam Drewnowski and Pablo Monsivais 1027

61 Energy Intake, Obesity, and Eating Behavior
Alexandra M. Johnstone 1043

62 Strategies for Changing Eating and Exercise Behavior to Promote Weight Loss and Maintenance
Rena R. Wing, Amy Gorin, and Deborah F. Tate 1057

63 Epidemiologic Approaches to Evaluation of Nutrition and Health
Susan E. Steck 1071

64 Nutrition Monitoring in the United States
Ronette R. Briefel and Margaret A. McDowell 1082

65 Dietary Standards and Guidelines: Similarities and Differences Among Countries
Johanna T. Dwyer 1110

66 The Role of United Nations Agencies in Establishing International Dietary Standards
Robert Weisell and Janice Albert 1135

67 Emergence of Diet-Related Chronic Diseases in Developing Countries
Barry M. Popkin 1151

68 Food Insecurity, Hunger, and Undernutrition
David L. Pelletier, Christine M. Olson, and Edward A. Frongillo 1165

69 Public Nutrition in Humanitarian Crises
Helen Young, Kate Sadler, and Annalies Borrel 1182

70 Foodborne Infections and Food Safety
Robert V. Tauxe and Marguerite A. Neill 1206

71 Food Allergies and Intolerances
Steve L. Taylor and Joseph L. Baumert 1222

72 Food Biofortifi cation: Breeding and Biotechnology Approaches to Improve Nutrients in Vegetables and Oil Quality in Soybean
Prasad Bellur, Shantala Lakkanna, Jaya Joshi, Joseph Cornelius, Federico Tripodi, and Sekhar Boddupalli 1236

73 Bioactive Components in Foods and Supplements for Health Promotion
Paul M. Coates, Holly Nicastro, and John A. Milner 1255

Index 1269

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