Feminist Theory: A Reader / Edition 2

Feminist Theory: A Reader / Edition 2

by Wendy Kolmar, Frances Bartkowski

ISBN-10: 007282672X

ISBN-13: 9780072826722

Pub. Date: 04/16/2004

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The

Feminist Theory: A Reader represents the history, intellectual breadth, and diversity of feminist theory. The selections are organized into five historical periods from the 18th century to the early-2000s and include key feminist manifestoes to help readers see the link between feminist theory and application. The collection presents feminist thought, from its…  See more details below


Feminist Theory: A Reader represents the history, intellectual breadth, and diversity of feminist theory. The selections are organized into five historical periods from the 18th century to the early-2000s and include key feminist manifestoes to help readers see the link between feminist theory and application. The collection presents feminist thought, from its inception, as the province of women of different races, classes, nationalities, and sexualities in order to demonstrate the continuity in feminist theory discussions. A lexicon of the debates - clear, concise explanations of twelve key concepts that characterize the development of feminist thought since its inception - provides a vocabulary of important feminist theory terms and puts that vocabulary in context.

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Table of Contents

Reading feminist theory2
3Not by degrees : feminist theory and education12
4Poetry is not a luxury15
5Have we got a theory for you! : feminist theory, cultural imperialism and the demand for 'the woman's voice'17
6What is feminism?27
7Theory as liberatory practice36
Lexicon of the debates42
Essentialism/social construction/difference47
Intersections of race, class, and gender49
Psychoanalysis in/and feminism53
Sexual division of labor55
"Third world"/global feminism58
1792-1920 : introduction62
8The changing woman (Navajo origin myth)64
9Chapters II, VII, and XIII from A vindication of the rights of woman64
10Letter VIII from Letters on the equality of the sexes and the condition of women69
11Declaration of sentiments71
12Enfranchisement of women74
13Ain't I a woman79
14Keep the thing going while things are stirring79
15Chapters 2 & 4 from The subjection of women80
16Letter to my countrywomen, dwelling in the farmsteads and cottages of England86
17Speech after arrest for illegal voting91
18The elixir of life; or, why do we die?95
19Why I became a 'woman's-rights man98
20From The origin of the family, private property and the state100
21The status of woman in America102
22Solitude of self106
23Chapters VII and XIV from Women and economics : a study of the economic relation between men and women as a factor in social evolution110
24From The progress of colored women114
25Lynching and the excuse for it117
26The traffic in women120
27Girl slaves of the milwaukee breweries124
28Working woman and mother126
29Now we can begin130
1920-1963 : introduction136
30Birth control - a parents' problem or woman's?138
31Southern Negro women and race cooperation140
32Studies in feminine inversion142
33Womanliness as a masquerade146
34Chapters 2, 5, and 6 from A room of one's own149
35The dread of woman : observations on a specific difference in the dread felt by men and by women respectively for the opposite sex154
36Sex and temperament157
37The haunting idea : its nature and origin162
38A comparative study : accentuating the similarities of the societal position of women and Negroes169
39Josie takes the stand172
40Introduction and chapter 12 from The second sex175
41A woman's place187
1963-1975 : introduction196
42The problem that has no name198
43The system at war with itself203
44Statement of purpose211
45The BITCH manifesto213
46Theory of sexual politics218
47Redstockings manifesto220
48An argument for black women's liberation as a revolutionary force222
49From The dialectic of sex224
50The myth of the vaginal orgasm227
51The liberation of black women232
52The woman-identified woman239
53Why OWL (older women's liberation)?242
54Is female to male as nature is to culture?243
55Not for lesbians only252
56The laugh of the Medusa256
57From Language and woman's place262
58Conclusion : women's liberation in Muslim countries268
59The traffic in women : notes on the 'political economy' of sex273
1975-1985 : introduction290
60For a materialist feminism292
61Visual pleasure and narrative cinema296
62Chicana feminism302
63What became of God the mother? : conflicting images of God in early Christianity305
64A black feminist statement311
65From This sex which is not one317
66The sexual sociology of adult life322
67The metapatriarchal journey of exorcism and ecstasy328
68Some reflections on separatism and power332
69Age, race, class, and sex : women redefining difference338
70The straight mind343
71Compulsory heterosexuality and lesbian existence347
72The unhappy marriage of Marxism and feminism : towards a more progressive union356
73Asian Pacific American women and feminism365
74Concepts of self and morality368
75Under western eyes : feminist scholarship and colonial discourses372
1985-1995 : introduction382
76A cyborg manifesto : science, technology, and socialist-feminism in the late twentieth century384
77Kochinnenako in academe : three approaches to interpreting a Keres Indian tale394
78From the woman question in science to the science question in feminism404
79Jewish memory from a feminist perspective413
80La Conciencia de la Mestiza : towards a new consciousness420
81Cultural feminism versus post-structuralism : the identity crisis in feminist theory426
82Does a sex have a history?437
83Deconstructing equality-versus-difference; or, the uses of poststructuralist theory for feminism446
84The 'risk' of essence455
85Feminism : a transformational politic464
86The ecology of feminism and the feminism of ecology469
88The theoretical subject(s) of This bridge called my back and Anglo-American feminism488
89From Gender trouble : feminism and the subversion of identity496
90From Black feminist thought504
91Outcast mothers and surrogates : racism and reproductive politics in the nineties509
92Making gender visible in the pursuit of nature's secrets515
93The Beijing declaration and platform for action521
94Mothers of our nations : indigenous women address the world525
1995-2003 : introduction530
95Riot grrrl philosophy : revolutions from within532
96Intersectionality and identity politics : learning from violence against women of color533
97Contesting cultures : 'westernization,' respect for cultures, and third-world feminists542
98Transgender butch : butch/FTM border wars and the masculine continuum550
99Decisions, decisions, decisions561
100Third wave manifesta568
101Global identities : theorizing transnational studies of sexuality569
102Integrating disability, transforming feminist theory575
103Meta(I)morphoses : the becoming machine586

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