Professional Nursing Concepts: Competencies For Quality Leadership

Professional Nursing Concepts: Competencies For Quality Leadership

by Anita Finkelman, Carole Kenner

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ISBN-10: 0763754129

ISBN-13: 9780763754129

Pub. Date: 01/14/2009

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

Professional Nursing Concepts: Competencies For Quality Leadership Takes A Patient-Centered, Traditional Approach To The Topic Of Nursing Education And Professional Development. This Dynamic Text Engages Students In Recognizing The Critical Role That Nurses Play In Healthcare Delivery. Divided Into Four Sections, This Text Has A Unique Framework And Exclusively


Professional Nursing Concepts: Competencies For Quality Leadership Takes A Patient-Centered, Traditional Approach To The Topic Of Nursing Education And Professional Development. This Dynamic Text Engages Students In Recognizing The Critical Role That Nurses Play In Healthcare Delivery. Divided Into Four Sections, This Text Has A Unique Framework And Exclusively Covers The Institute Of Medicine’S (IOM) Five Core Competencies On Quality And Healthcare For All Healthcare Professionals. The First Section Introduces Students To The History Of The Nursing Profession, And Covers Such Topics As Nursing Education, Regulation, And Accreditation. Section Two Explores The Healthcare Context In Which Nursing Is Practiced Including Continuum Of Care, Health Promotion, Disease Prevention, And Illness, Nursing Ethics, And The Nurse’S Role In Health Policy. The Third Section Focuses On Each Of The Five Core Competencies Set Forth By The IOM, And The Final Section Focuses On The Practice Of Nursing Today And In The Future Particularly Exploring The Critical Issue Of The Nursing Shortage And The Transformation Of Nursing Practice.

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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xi

Preface xiii

Section I The Profession of Nursing 1

1 The Development of Professional Nursing: History, the Profession, and the Nursing Education Experience 3

Introduction 4

From Past to Present: Nursing History 4

Professionalism: Critical Professional Concepts 16

Your Pursuit of a Profession: Making the Most of Your Educational Experience to Reach Graduation and Licensure 29

Conclusion 45

Chapter Highlights 46

References 48

2 The Essence of Nursing: Knowledge and Caring 53

Introduction 54

Nursing: How Do We Define It? 54

Knowledge and Caring: A Total Concept 56

Scholarship in Nursing 63

Multiple Nursing Roles and Leadership 74

Conclusion 77

Chapter Highlights 77

References 82

3 The Image of Nursing: What It Is and How It Needs to Change 85

Introduction 86

Visibility: Good or Bad? 86

Assessing linage and Increasing Visibility 92

Initiatives Thai Impact Image 94

Strategies That Impact Image 95

Conclusion 104

Chapter Highlights 105

References 108

4 Nursing Education, Accreditation, and Regulation 111

Introduction 112

Nursing Education 113

Types of Nursing Programs 122

Nursing Education Associations 128

Quality and Excellence in Nursing Education 129

Critical Problems: Faculty Shortage and Access to Clinical Experiences 134

Lifelong Learning for the Professional 135

Certification and Credentialing 137

Transforming Nursing Education 139

Accreditation of Nursing Education Programs 139

Regulation 140

Conclusion 146

Chapter Highlights 146

References 151

Section II The Healthcare Context 155

5 Health Policy and Political Action: Critical Actions for Nurses 157

Introduction 158

Importance of Health Policy and Political Action 158

Examples of Critical Healthcare Policy Issues 161

The Policy-Making Process 165

The Political Process 166

Healthcare Reform 172

Conclusion 173

Chapter Highlights 173

References 175

6 Ethics and Legal Issues 179

Introduction 180

Ethics and Ethical Principles 180

Current Ethical Issues 184

Legal Issues: An Overview 190

Critical Ethical and Legal Patient-Oriented Issues 194

Conclusion 197

Chapter Highlights 197

References 199

7 Health Promotion, Disease Prevention, and Illness: A Community Perspective 201

Introduction 202

National Initiative to Improve the Nation's Health: Healthy People 2020 202

Public/Community Healthcare Delivery System 206

Disease Prevention and Health Promotion 211

Important Concepts 213

Multiple Perspectives of Public/Community Health Services 220

Genetics: Rapid Change with Major Impact on Community Health 223

Global Healthcare Concerns and International Nursing 224

Conclusion 224

Chapter Highlights 224

References 227

8 The Healthcare Delivery System: Focus on Acute Care 231

Introduction 232

Corporatization of Health Care: How Did We Get Here? 233

The Healthcare Organization 234

Healthcare Providers: Who Is on the Team? 239

Healthcare Financial Issues 242

Organizational Culture 249

Changes in Healthcare Delivery 252

The Nursing Organization Within the Hospital 253

Conclusion 256

Chapter Highlights 257

References 261

Section III Core Healthcare Professional Competencies 263

9 Provide Patient-Centered Care 265

Introduction 266

The IOM Competency: Provide Patient-Centered Care 266

Related Nursing Theories 273

Consumerism: How Does It Impact Health Care and Nursing? 274

Culture, Diversity, and Disparities in Health Care 277

Patient Advocacy 282

Care Coordination: A Plan of Care 282

Critical Thinking, Clinical Reasoning, and Clinical Judgment 283

Self-Management of Care 287

Therapeutic Use of Self in the Nurse-Patient Relationship 290

Conclusion 293

Chapter Highlights 293

References 297

10 Work in Interprofessional Teams 301

Introduction 302

The IOM Competency: Work in Interprofessional Teams 302

Teamwork and Types of Teams 304

Communication 312

Collaboration 315

Coordination 317

Delegation 319

Conflict and Conflict Resolution 327

Conclusion 329

Chapter Highlights 331

References 334

11 Employ Evidence-Based Practice 337

Introduction 338

The IOM Competency: Employ Evidence-Based Practice 338

Nursing Research 340

Evidence-Based Practice 347

Evidence-Based Management 350

Importance of EBP to the Nursing Profession 351

Confusion: Difference in Research, EBP, and Quality Improvement 356

Applying EBP as a Student 356

Conclusion 357

Chapter Highlights 357

References 360

12 Apply Quality Improvement 363

Introduction 364

The IOM Competency: Apply Quality Improvement 364

Safety in Health Care 365

Quality Health Care 374

Quality Improvement 380

Tools and Methods to Monitor and to Improve Healthcare Delivery 386

Patient Outcomes and Nursing Care: We Do Make a Difference 389

Conclusion 391

Chapter Highlights 391

References 395

13 IOM Core Competency: Utilize Informatics 399

Introduction 400

The IOM Competency: Utilize Informatics 400

Informatics 402

Documentation 407

A Need: Standardized Terminology 410

Systems and Terminologies: Informatics Complexity 411

Informatics: Types and Methods 412

The Future of Informatics and Medical Technology 417

HIPAA: Ensuring Confidentiality 418

Telehealth: A Grooving Intervention 419

Internet 419

High-Touch Care Versus High-Tech Care 420

Conclusion 421

Chapter Highlights 421

References 425

Section IV The Practice of Nursing Today and in the Future 427

14 Critical Healthcare Issue: Why Don't We Have Enough Nurses? 429

Introduction 430

Workforce Profile: Current and Entering Nurses 430

The Nursing Shortage 434

Staffing: Impact on Care and the Nursing Shortage 435

Staffing: What a New Nurse Needs to Know 436

Recruitment 441

Retention 442

Strategies to Resolve the Shortage 444

Creating a Healthy Work Environment: Retaining Nurses 448

Career Development-First Step: First Nursing Position 451

Conclusion 456

Chapter Highlights 456

References 460

15 The Future: Transformation of Nursing Practice Through Leadership 463

Introduction 464

Leadership in Nursing 464

Scope of Practice: A Profession of Multiple Settings, Positions, and Specialties 468

Advanced Nurse Practitioners: Changing Scope of Practice 471

Professional Practice Models 472

Impact of Legislation/Regulation/Policy on Nursing Leadership and Practice 475

Economic Value and the Nursing Profession 476

The Nursing Work Environment 477

Quality Improvement and Nursing Leadership 479

Moving the Profession Forward: Students Are the Future of Nursing 483

Conclusion 484

Chapter Highlights 485

References 487

Glossary 489

Index 499

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