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Race, Ethnicity, and Gender: Selected Readings / Edition 2
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Race, Ethnicity, and Gender: Selected Readings / Edition 2

by Joseph F. Healey, Eileen O'Brien

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ISBN-10: 1412941075

ISBN-13: 9781412941075

Pub. Date: 05/15/2007

Publisher: SAGE Publications

The Second Edition of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender: Selected Readings offers comprehensive, varied, and highly readable views of the problems of racism and sexism in American society. Editors Joseph F. Healey and Eileen T. O'Brien present a variety of perspectives on some of the most pressing problems facing American society: racism and prejudice, inequality


The Second Edition of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender: Selected Readings offers comprehensive, varied, and highly readable views of the problems of racism and sexism in American society. Editors Joseph F. Healey and Eileen T. O'Brien present a variety of perspectives on some of the most pressing problems facing American society: racism and prejudice, inequality and discrimination, and assimilation and pluralism. This new edition includes historical perspectives, case studies of minority groups, a strong emphasis on gender, clashing perspectives on contemporary problems, and a chapter on solutions.

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SAGE Publications
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Second Edition
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7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

1. Diversity in the United States: Questions and Concepts
Narrative Portrait: The Social Construction of Racial Identity
Developing a Racial Identity - Lawrence Hill
Narrative Portrait: The Cultural Sources of Prejudice
Kaffir Boy - Mark Mathabane
Prejudice, Discrimination, and Racism - Norman Yetman
Using Racial and Ethnic Concepts: The Critical Case of Very Young Children - Debra van Ausdale and Joe R. Feagin
Constructing Categories of Difference - Karen Rosenblum and Toni-Michelle Travis
Current Debates: Race and Sports
The Dominance of Black Athletes is Genetic - Jon Entine
The Argument for Genetic Differences is Deeply Flawed - Kenan Malik
Debate Questions to Consider
2. Assimilation and Pluralism
Narrative Portrait: Assimilation, Then and Now
Choosing a Dream: Italians in Hell's Kitchen - Mario Puzo
Always Running: La Vida Loca - Luiz Rodrigues
Divided Fates - M. Patricia Fernandez-Kelly and Richard Schauffler
Fifteen Years on the Bottom Rung - Anthony De Palma
Opening Faces: The Politics of Cosmetic Surgery and Asian American Women - Eugenia Kaw
Current Debates: English Only?
English Only Will Speed the Assimilation of Immigrants - Mauro Mujica
Bilingualism Should Be Encouraged - Aida Hurtado and Luis A. Vega
Debate Questions to Consider
3. The Development of Dominant-Minority Relations in Pre-Industrial America: The Origins of Slavery
Narrative Portrait: A Slave's Life
Life as a Slave Girl - Harriet Jacobs
Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Henry Bibb - Henry Bibb
Slavery Unwilling to Die - Joe R. Feagin
Jezebel and Mammy: The Mythology of Female Slavery - Deborah Gray White
Current Debates: How Did Slavery Affect the Origins of African American Culture?
Slavery Created African American Culture - Stanley Elkins
African American Culture Was Created by an Interplay of Elements From Africa and America - William D. Piersen
Debate Questions to Consider
4. Industrialization and Dominant-Minority Relations: From Slavery to Segregation and the Coming of Post-Industrial Society
Narrative Portrait: The Kitchenette
Death on the City Pavement - Richard Wright
The Meaning of Emancipation According to Black Women - Angela Davis
What is Affirmative Action? - Fred L. Pincus
Adolescent Masculinity, Homophobia, and Violence: Random School Shootings, 1982-2001 - Michael Kimmel and Matthew Mahler
Current Debates: Affirmative Action
Affirmative Action Casts Suspicions on Legitimate Black Achievement and Depicts African Americans as Incapable - Thomas Sowell
Why We Still Need Affirmative Action - Orlando Patterson
Debate Questions to Consider
5. African Americans
Narrative Portrait: The Persistence of Racism
Just Walk on By: A Black Man Ponders His Ability To Alter Public Space - Brent Staples
The Mulatto Millennium - Danzy Senna
I Am Not a Racist But... - Eduardo Bonilla-Silva and Tyrone A. Forman
Race and Criminalization: Black Americans and the Punishment Industry - Angela Davis
The Elephant in the Living Room: The Issue of Race in Close Black/White Friendships - Kathleen Odell Korgen
Current Debates: Reparations
Reparations for African Americans in Historical Context - Joe R. Feagin and Eileen O'Brien
Reparations Are an Idea Whose Time Has Come - Manning Marable
Blood Money: Why I Don't Want Reparations for Slavery - John Mc Whorter
Debate Questions to Consider
6. Native Americans
Narrative Portrait: Native Americans' Experiences and Perspectives
Lakota Woman - Mary Crow Dog
Talking to the Owls and Butterflies - John Lame Deer
Growing Up Indian - Leonard Peltier
From the Ground Up - Charon Astoyer
Current Debates: Are Indian Sports Team Mascots Offensive?
Indian Symbols and Mascots Are Not Offensive - S.L. Price and Andrea Woo
Mascots Are Offensive - C. Richard King, Ellen J. Staurowsky, Lawrence Baca, R. Davis, and Cornel Pewewardy
Debate Questions to Consider
7. Hispanic Americans
Narrative Portrait: The Meaning of Macho
Americanization is Tough on Macho - Rose Del Castillo Guilbault
Narrative Portrait: Gender Images of Latinas
The Island Travels With You - Judith Ortiz Cofer
Mock Spanish: A Site for the Indexical Reproduction of Racism in American English - Jane H. Hill
Seeing More Than Black and White: Latinos, Racsim, and the Cultural Divide - Elizabeth Martinez
Not White or Black, but In Between: Latinos and Asian Americans Expanding the Language of Colorblind Racism - Eileen O'Brien
Current Debates: Is Americanization Threatened by" Hispanization "?
How to Make an American - John Fonte
Why We Shouldn't Worry About the "Hispanization" of the United States - Francis Fukuyama
Debate Questions to Consider
8. Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
Narrative Portrait: The Relocation
We Were Just Japs - Joseph Kurihara
The Interrelationship Between Anti-Asian Violence and Asian America - Victor M. Hwang
South Korean Sex Slaves in the United States and Canada - Salim Jiwa
Current Debates: Asian American "Success ": What Are the Dimensions, Causes, and Implications for Other Minority Groups?
The Success of Japanese Americans Is Cultural - Harry Kitano
The "Success" of Chinese Americans Is Structural - Alejandro Portes and Min Zhou
The Success of Asian Americans Has Been Exaggerated in Part to Criticize Other Minority Groups - Ronald Takaki
Debate Questions to Consider
9. New Americans: Immigration and Assimilation
Narrative Portrait: Two Stories of Immigration
Life in the Enclave - Ho Yang
Life as a Refugee - Vo Thi Tam
Immigrants in American Society - Philip Martin and Elizabeth Midgely
Discrimination and the American Dream: The Case of Middle Eastern Americans - Amir Marvasti and Karyn D. Mc Kinney
Globalization and Its Mal(e)contents: The Gendered Moral and Political Economy of Terrorism - Michael S. Kimmel
Current Debates: Is Immigration Harmful or Helpful to the United States?
Immigration Is Harmful - Peter Brimelow
Immigration Is Not Harmful - Reynolds Farley
We Need to Reframe the Immigration Debate - George Borjas
Debate Questions to Consider
10. White Ethnic Groups
Narrative Portrait: Ethnicity, Prejudice, and the Irish Political Machine
Shadow of the Past - David Gray
How Jews Became White - Karen Brodkin
White Privilege and Male Privilege - Peggy Mc Intosh
Euphemized Racism: Moral qua Racial Boundaries - Michele Lamont
Current Debates: The Racial Identities of Whites and Blacks
The Need to Understand Whiteness - Richard Dyer
Symbolic and Involuntary Ethnicity - Mary Waters
Debate Questions to Consider
11. Antiracist and Feminist Solutions
The Emperor's New Clothes - Patricia Williams
The Racial Preference Licensing Act - Derrick Bell
The Redefinition and Subversion of Comparable Worth in New York State: "We Did It Our Way" - Ronnie Steinberg and Jennifer Hickman
Building Connections with Antiracism and Feminism - Eileen O'Brien and Michael P. Armato
Abolish the White Race by Any Means Necessary - Noel Ignatiev and John Garvey
Being an Ally - Paul Kivel
Commitment to Combat Racism - Judith Katz
Tools for White Guys Who Are Working for Social Change - Chris Crass
Discussion Questions

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