Love That Does Justice

Love That Does Justice

by Thomas Louis Schubeck

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ISBN-10: 1570757461

ISBN-13: 9781570757464

Pub. Date: 09/28/2007

Publisher: Orbis Books

About the Author:
Thomas L. Schubeck, S.J., is a professor of religious studies at John Carroll University in Cleveland


About the Author:
Thomas L. Schubeck, S.J., is a professor of religious studies at John Carroll University in Cleveland

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Orbis Books
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6.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction     1
Objectives and Audience     2
Acknowledgments     3
Notes     4
Love and Justice in Narrative     5
Negative Contrast Experiences     6
With Dignity and Honor     8
The Responsible Self     11
Respecting Persons     16
Persons for Others     19
Reflection on Love and Justice     22
Resources     24
Notes     25
Love and Justice in Covenant$dBiblical Sources     27
A Parable     28
Love and Justice in Deuteronomy     30
Love and Justice in Romans     40
Love and Justice in Parable     43
Love That Does Justice     48
Resources     49
Notes     50
Love and Justice among Enemies$dJesus of Nazareth     53
Nonviolence, Pacifism, and Peace     54
The World of Jesus     55
Jesus' Practice of Nonviolent Love     56
The Teacher of Nonviolence     60
Tertullian and the Early Christian Witness     67
King and Nonviolent Resistance     72
Nonviolence: A Universal Ethic?     77
Resources     79
Notes     82
Love and Justice in War   St. Augustine     86
Just War Motivated by Right Love     87
Augustine's Ethics of Virtue     88
Augustine's World     93
War by Divine Command     95
War by Love's Command     100
Reflection on Augustine's Ethics     106
Resources     110
Notes     111
Love and Justice in Friendship   St. Thomas Aquinas     114
Dualism of Love and Justice     114
Foundation of Love and Justice     116
Meaning of Love     118
Meaning of Justice     126
Charity and Justice in Partnership     130
Overcoming the Dualism     137
Resources     138
Notes     140
Love and Justice in Politics   Reinhold Niebuhr     144
The Life and Times of Reinhold Niebuhr     145
Love, Justice, and Power     148
Critique of Marxism     157
Critique of Racism     160
Assessment     164
Resources     166
Notes     167
Love and Justice in the Market    Pope John Paul II     171
The World of John Paul II     172
Toward a Global Ethics     176
Solidarity, Love, and Justice     180
Solidarity in the Global Market     187
Assessment     192
Resources     194
Notes     196
Conclusion     200
Meaning of Love and Justice     200
Love Doing Justice, Justice Serving Love     201
Notes     206
Index     207

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