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Martin and Malcolm and America: A Dream or a Nightmare

Martin and Malcolm and America: A Dream or a Nightmare

5.0 2
by James H. Cone

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ISBN-10: 0883448246

ISBN-13: 9780883448243

Pub. Date: 09/28/1992

Publisher: Orbis Books

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Orbis Books
Publication date:
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5.90(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.10(d)
1340L (what's this?)

Table of Contents

Introduction. America: A Dream or a Nightmare?1
The Meeting of Malcolm and Martin2
Integrationism and Nationalism in African-American
Intellectual History3
1. The Making of a Dreamer (1929-55)19
2. The Making of a "Bad Nigger" (1925-52)
3. "I Have a Dream" (1955-64)58
The Context of Martin's Vision58
King and the American Dream60
Pursuing the Dream: The Role of the Negro People70
The American Dream and the Dream for the World79
Birmingham and the March on Washington80
After Washington85
4. "I See a Nightmare" (1952-63)89
The Context of Malcolm's Vision89
Malcolm and Muhammad91
Oppression and Justice93
Unity, Self-knowledge, Self-love, Self-defense, and
America as a Nightmare111
5. "We Must Love Our White Brothers"120
The Impact of King's Faith and Theology upon His Dream121
King's Impact upon the American Churches135
6. "White Man's Heaven Is a Black Man's Hell"151
The Impact of Malcolm's Faith and Theology upon His
Malcolm's Exposition of Religions and Race166
7. "Chickens Coming Home To Roost" (1964-65)181
Break with Elijah Muhammad183
Movement toward Martin192
8. "Shattered Dreams" (1965-68)213
The Struggle for the Ballot: End of the First Phase215
The Second Phase: A Dream Shattered221
Disenchantment with Whites232
The Vietnam Crucible: Justice, Love, and Hope235
9. Two Roads to Freedom244
Complementing Each Other246
Correcting Each Other259
10. Nothing But Men272
11. Making Their Mark: Legacies288
Critique of American Christianity295
Qualities as Leaders297
Self-criticism and Humility300
Nonviolence and Self-defense303
Militancy and Humor304
Solidarity with the Masses309
Link with Other Liberation Movements311
12. Conclusion315

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Martin and Malcolm and America: A Dream or a Nightmare 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
You can not go wrong with purchasing this book. It is a wonderfully written comparative about the lives and ideologies of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. From beginning to end your interest will not fade because the structure of this book is wonderfully written.
mc76NYC More than 1 year ago
James Cone gives the reader a good insight into the philosophy and life of Malcolm X and Martin L. King, Jr. as individuals and weaves together what they meant for the larger Civil Rights Movement. I found this book to be very helpful for my own understanding of these two great figures.