Bop in Britain, Vol. 1: The Learning Curve

Bop in Britain, Vol. 1: The Learning Curve


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  1. Rebop Rebels  -  Bosworth Moderns Jazz Group
  2. Quintessence  -  Bosworth Moderns Jazz Group
  3. Boppin' the Boogie  -  Bosworth Moderns Jazz Group
  4. Baltemore Bop  -  Bosworth Moderns Jazz Group
  5. Vertigo  -  Steve Race Bop Group
  6. Marzipan  -  Steve Race Bop Group
  7. Bugle Call Bop  -  Steve Race Bop Group
  8. Microcosmo  -  Steve Race Bop Group
  9. Gone With the Windmill  -  Alan Dean's Bepoppers
  10. Gone With the Windmill  -  Alan Dean's Bepoppers
  11. Barbados  -  Alan Dean's Bepoppers
  12. Elevenses  -  Alan Dean's Bepoppers
  13. Ool-Ya-Koo  -  Alan Dean's Bepoppers
  14. Lightly Politely  - John Dankworth Seven
  15. Strike Up the Band  - John Dankworth Seven
  16. Marmaduke  - John Dankworth Seven
  17. Little Benny  - John Dankworth Seven
  18. Burmans Bauble  -  Ralph Sharon Sextet
  19. Boptical Illusion  -  Ralph Sharon Sextet
  20. All the Things You Are  -  Tommy Whittle Quartet
  21. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps  -  Tommy Whittle Quartet
  22. Wit's End  -  Tommy Whittle Septet
  23. Portland Place  -  Tommy Whittle Septet
  24. Sam's Say  -  Tommy Whittle Septet
  25. Night and Day  -  Tommy Whittle Septet

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Victor Feldman   Vibes
Ronnie Ball   Piano
Jimmy Deuchar   Trumpet
Tony Kinsey   Drums
Don Rendell   Tenor Saxophone
Ralph Sharon   Piano
Freddy Gardner   Tenor Saxophone
Leon Calvert   Trumpet
Johnny Dankworth   Alto Saxophone
Jack Fallon   Bass
Johnny Hawksworth   Bass
Frank Horrox   Piano
Bill Le Sage   Piano
Joe Mudele   Bass
Bobby Pratt   Trumpet
Ronnie Verrell   Drums
Tommy Whittle   Tenor Saxophone
Roy Wilcox   Alto Saxophone
Alan Dean   Vocals
Johnny Douglas   Accordion
Howard Lucraft   Guitar
Jimmy Skidmore   Tenor Saxophone
Martin Aston   Drums
Ronnie Scott's Quintet   Tenor Saxophone
Pete Chilver   Guitar
Reg Arnold   Trumpet
Norman Burns   Drums
Frank Donnison   Bass
Bernie Fenton   Piano
Roy Cooper   Drums
George Hunter   Baritone Saxophone
Laurie Morgan   Drums
Steve Race   Piano
Micky Rome   Bass
Eddie Harvey   Trombone

Technical Credits

George Gershwin   Composer
Dizzy Gillespie   Composer
Ralph Sharon   Composer
Jerome Kern   Composer
John Dankworth   Composer
Joe Davis   Composer
Osvaldo Farrés   Composer
Walter Fuller   Composer
Ira Gershwin   Composer
Oscar Hammerstein   Composer
Benny Harris   Composer
Charlie Parker   Composer
Cole Porter   Composer
Tommy Whittle   Composer
Howard Lucraft   Composer
Annie Roache   Composer
Brian Davis   Liner Notes
Tall Order   Remastering
Mick   Graphic Design
Steve Race   Composer

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