Bordering on Obsession

Bordering on Obsession

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by Susan Kearney

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Just one night. That's all it will take to satisfy Maggie Miller's hunger for her boss, movie genius Quinn Scott. But how can she get him into her bed, when Quinn sees her only as his ever-efficient secretary? Then a masquerade party on his calendar gives her a wicked idea....

A blue dress, a feathered mask, a French accent. When Maggie puts them on, she

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Just one night. That's all it will take to satisfy Maggie Miller's hunger for her boss, movie genius Quinn Scott. But how can she get him into her bed, when Quinn sees her only as his ever-efficient secretary? Then a masquerade party on his calendar gives her a wicked idea....

A blue dress, a feathered mask, a French accent. When Maggie puts them on, she becomes a different woman. Someone shockingly bold, wickedly sexy. Someone Quinn cannot, will not resist...

After spending the most incredible night of her life in Quinn's arms, Maggie realizes she's miscalculated. One night isn't nearly enough. And given Quinn's frenzied attempts to uncover the identity of his mystery lady, he's got it just as badly.

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Harlequin Blaze Series , #96
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Bordering On Obsession

By Susan Kearney

Harlequin Enterprises Ltd.

Copyright © 2003 Harlequin Enterprises Ltd. All right reserved. ISBN: 0-373-79100-3

Chapter One

"'You're obsessed with me,'" he said, looking up from the script in his hand.

Yes, I am. More than you know.

But Maggie Miller suppressed the thought, and instead dutifully recited her line. "'And you can
read my mind.'" She kept her eyes lowered to the bound pages on her desk so that her boss,
legendary movie writer-director-producer Quinn Scott, wouldn't read more in her expression
than she wanted him to see.

Like the fact that she found Quinn's mouth more tempting than a hot fudge sundae with whipped
cream and a lush cherry on top. Like the fact that her heart battered her ribs like a
sledgehammer. Or that if she hadn't been sitting behind her desk, her legs might not have
supported her.

It was all Quinn's fault for providing a show she couldn't ignore. In his excitement over the
script, he may have forgotten he'd been on the way to his shower, but she hadn't. His
sweatpants hung low on his hips and, bare from the waist up, his shoulders and chest glistened
with moisture. His angular frame made her mouth water as he strode into the office after his
daily workout. A script in his hand, a white towel around his neck and yards of bronzed skin
beckoning, he could have been half Greek statue and half movie star.

Totallyyummy. And off-limits. Maggie Miller wasn't some newbie secretary enamored by just
any man. Oh, no. She'd been working herself up into a lusty lather over her oh-so-handsome,
oh-so-sexy boss for a good four years now. Playing the good administrative assistant, she'd
tried to keep her tongue from hanging out of her mouth, but, damn it, when Quinn asked her to
read hot lines from his latest script, the fantasy seemed too real.

It was bad enough that Maggie dreamed of him all night and woke up with thoughts of him
every morning, but reading love lines back to him bordered on insanity. Especially when Quinn
didn't have the slightest idea of Maggie's feelings.

Unfortunately for her, Quinn regularly dated voluptuous blondes, international beauty queens
and Hollywood's leading ladies - not the efficient secretary he'd inherited from the man he'd

Maggie drummed her fingers on her desk. Quinn would never suspect her feelings because he
never even really looked at her. How could he when she hid the real Maggie behind her
businesslike clothes? To keep her position as Quinn's oh-so-capable assistant, Maggie had
buried her real self. Well, she was done watching Quinn go from one lucky woman to another.

Quinn's cell phone rang before he could read his next line. He checked caller ID, and tossed his
script onto Maggie's desk. "We'll finish reading the scene later. I need to take this call." Then he
disappeared into his office.

Maggie stacked the scripts on top of a towering pile and sighed. Doing something, anything, to
get over her uncontrollable preoccupation with the man had become not only necessary, but
absolutely imperative. However, since her goal of becoming a casting agent might very well
depend on Quinn's goodwill, she didn't want to risk their working relationship by making a
move in his direction.

And after this morning's phone call, Maggie had the chance to lure her boss into bed. Maggie
had answered the phone to hear Laine Lamonde's harried agent explain, "Laine's jet had engine
trouble. She's landed safely in London, but I'm afraid she won't cross the Atlantic in time for her
date with Mr. Scott."

Of course the French film star wouldn't be caught dead traveling on a commercial airline. And
since Laine was stuck in London, Maggie had the opportunity to take the actress's place - if
she dared to seize the moment.

Maggie wanted much more than to arrange Quinn's day - now she intended to rearrange his
night. She wanted her turn. Just one luscious night. A wild fling.

This time, instead of some vapid starlet, Quinn was going to escort the woman he depended on
to keep his extraordinary life in perfect working order. If Maggie's plan succeeded, and her
plans usually did, Quinn would never know his secretary had taken Laine's place for the
evening's masquerade party. She would get her night of passion - and without risking the loss
of her job, her future as a casting agent, or the friendly rapport she shared with her brilliant boss.
With Laine's cancellation, Maggie had a doozy of an opportunity. And she intended to make the
most of it.

"Knock. Knock."

Maggie looked up from her desk to see Kimberly Hayward, Quinn's protégé and Maggie's
friend walking into her office, carrying spools of film under her right arm and the dress that she
had picked up from Laine's hotel room in her left. Acting like a thief afraid of being caught,
instead of Quinn's favorite production assistant, Kimberly glanced right, left, and back over her
shoulder. She even checked Quinn's closed office door, before holding up the dress and
whispering, "What do you think?"

Maggie had no trouble imagining herself dressed in the cerulean satin strapless gown with bead-encrusted
bodice, and despite the butterflies swarming in her stomach, she grinned. "It's

Kimberly reached into her pocket and handed her an envelope with a receipt attached. "The
concierge signed for these babies then sent them up to Laine's hotel room."

With her hand only trembling slightly, Maggie opened the envelope. A sapphire-and-diamond
necklace with matching dangling earrings poured into her hand. "Nice."

"If you're still going through with your plan -"

"Of course I am." The image of wearing that dress for Quinn excited her almost as much as the
idea of taking it off for him. She'd never been an exhibitionist, but now ... her lust for Quinn was
causing her nipples to harden and stand out enough that she wrapped a sweater around her
shoulders and let the sleeves dangle down to conceal her arousal.

"You'll need this, too." From her leather bag that hung from a thin shoulder strap, Kimberly
pulled out a mask that matched the gown and that would cover the wearer's face from eyebrow
to upper lip.

A thrill of anticipation chased away most of Maggie's lingering doubts. Never mind that Quinn
had never noticed her body. Never mind that in the last four years he'd never once so much as
flirted with her. With the mask and the dress to hide Maggie's identity, she could be her real self.
Slightly breathless at the boldness of her plan, Maggie stroked the blue feathers along the edges.
"Thanks. I couldn't pull off my little deception without your help."


Excerpted from Bordering On Obsession by Susan Kearney
Copyright © 2003 by Harlequin Enterprises Ltd.
Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.

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Meet the Author

Susan Kearney used to light herself on fire four times a day. Now she does something really hotÿ— she writes romantic suspense for Harlequin Intrigue.

While she hasn't performed her signature "fire" dive from a 10-meter platform in years, she started diving at age 10. By age 12, she'd won the New Jersey State Championship, and by college, she was a three-time All-American Diver.

While attending the University of Michigan, she earned a business degree that led to her diverse careers as, variously, a partner in a barter business, a real estate appraiser, a mover and renovator of houses, and a once-owner of three hair salons. Finally, in 1995, she sold her first book and became a full-time writer. She's currently plotting her way through her 14th novel.

Of all her careers, her favorite is wife and mother. She married her teenage sweetheart and lives with her husband, two children, and Boston terrier in sunny Florida. She now beats the heat not by diving into cold water, but with her new hobbyÿ— figure skating. Susan also enjoys writing science fiction, screenwriting, boating, and traveling to foreign countries.

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Bordering on Obsession 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Padded in, looking around.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
harstan More than 1 year ago
Maggie Miller has the hots for her boss renowned movie writer, director, and producer Quinn Scott. However, he only sees her as his efficient administrative assistant. Maggie decides a one-night stand would help her move on, but has no way of broaching her boss on the subjct. When an unexpected opportunity arises she dives headfirst encouraged by her pal Kimberly.

Movie actress Laine lamone is stuck in London and will miss attending a Hollywood masquerade party with Quinn. Since they will wear masks, Maggie impersonates Laine and goes to the Hotel Vendaz bash with Quinn. The night is ecstasy especially in bed, but Maggie wants more evenings like this one. For that matter so does Quinn, but he knows his companion was not Laine. He does not know whom nor does Maggie know how to tell him.

This is a fun tale starring two protagonists who heat up the sheets (of the book silly). The story line never takes itself seriously but is pleasurable, as fans will enjoy the antics of the Hollywood set in particular the lead couple. Readers will also have plenty to look forward with Kimberly swinging in London on her boudoir verification trip coming out next year.

Harriet Klausner