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Boreal Forests

Boreal Forests

by Patricia Miller-Schroeder

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Children's Literature
One in a series of books about the Earth's biomes, this book describes boreal forests in a clear and delightful manner. The author succinctly describes the location and types of boreal forests that can occur and the climate that is found in each. The seasons of the forest, as well as the necessity of fire for regeneration, are clearly detailed. The plant and animal life that occur within this biome are well described, as well as the challenges and dangers that face them. Job descriptions, a quiz, an activity, sources for further study, a glossary, and an index are also included. A lot of factual information is packed into clear concise text. The layout is appealing and integrates colored photos and a map that should engage students of all ages. Any student that needs to quickly learn the basics of this biome would be sure to love this book. This book is part of the "Biomes" series. 2006, Weigl Publishers Inc, Ages 10 up.
—Dave Dannenberg
VOYA - Heather Pittman
These two titles, from the publisherAEs oBiomeso series, discussing oceans of the world and the northern, coniferous forests or taigas, present concise information about the ecosystems in each environment. The books contain basic details about the location, climate, plants, and animals found in each biome. The volumes contain succinct text and are full of pictures, maps, graphs, and sidebars of interesting facts. Each book includes a discussion of the technology in use in each biome, as well as a description of the species and lands that are currently endangered. Possible careers in each biome are presented, with a description of what each profession does and the interests and education necessary to achieve employment. The end of each book contains a quiz reviewing the material covered, instructions for a relevant experiment that the reader can perform, books and Web sites for additional research, and a glossary. Although the volumes are slim, each one contains a great deal of information presented in a clear, compelling fashion. The photographs, particularly those in Oceans, are beautiful. The career discussion is an exceptional feature that exposes readers to a variety of possible professions. The quizzes are an excellent way to judge reading comprehension. The experiments provide a good tool for a hands-on experience that will further enhance the reader's understanding of the subject. This series, which also includes Wetlands, Grasslands, Tundras, and Deserts, is an excellent source of basic information on a commonly studied subject.

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Weigl Publishers, Incorporated
Publication date:
Weigl Ecosystems Series
Product dimensions:
7.30(w) x 9.80(h) x 0.20(d)
Age Range:
9 - 12 Years

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