Bored Bill

Bored Bill

by Liz Pichon

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Children's Literature
This delightful book has everything picture book readers hope for: saucy wit, fun illustrations, and a great story. This is the story of Bill the dog, who puts the "B" in "BORED." In fact, Bill is so bored that he does not care about anything, especially the activities of his very busy owner, Mrs. Pickle. That is, until the day she drags him (literally) out for a walk in cold and very windy weather—and he is propelled into deep space. Dumped on a strange purple planet, Bill's eyes open wide at the sight of aliens, and he finally feels a jolt of excitement. "Let's explore and have fun!" he shouts. But these are bored aliens; all they want to do is lie around. Bill has never been so BORED, which finally gets him thinking: "Mrs. Pickle was right. Doing nothing all day is REALLY BORING! We need to get BUSY." He is soon galvanizing the aliens into loads of fun, though they soon agree to take him home. Mrs. Pickle loves the new, busy Bill. He reads, he cooks, he even practices kung fu. But he also takes plenty of time to host his alien friends every time they pop down for a visit in their space ship. This book should be placed, IMMEDIATELY, in the hands of every kid who wails, "I'M BORED!" Reading between the lines, they will realize that life is what you make it—and that there is always the chance of making interesting, new friends. 2006, Tiger Tales, Ages 9 to 12.
—Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt

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9.60(w) x 10.40(h) x 0.40(d)
AD410L (what's this?)
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3 - 7 Years

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