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Boston Blues Blast, Vol. 1

Boston Blues Blast, Vol. 1


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  1. It's Your Last Time  - George Mayweather
  2. Your Red Wagon  -  Sugar Ray & the Bluetones
  3. Graveyard Dogs  - Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson
  4. UFO Alert @@Elventh Hour Band
  5. Louise  - Paul Rishell
  6. Levtronic Blues  - Ron Levy
  7. Yonders Wall
  8. Amnesia Blues @@Harrison, Lynne & The Hardliners
  9. Can't Go Wrong  - Weepin' Willie
  10. Basic Black @@Rick Russell Band
  11. Blues in a Dream  - Jerry Portnoy
  12. Tell Me Sister  - George Gritzbach
  13. I'm a Business Man @@T. Blade & The Esquires
  14. Sugar Bee  -  Boogalooswamis
  15. Boppin' & Rockin' the Blues @@Shirley Lewis Experee-ance
  16. Double-Edged Blade  - Chris McDermott
  17. Guitar Slinger  -  Young Neal & The Vipers
  18. Honky Tonk Fever  - David Maxwell

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Duke Robillard   Guitar
Buddy Johnson   Bass
Dave Howard   Vocals
Shirley Lewis   Vocals
Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
George Gritzbach   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Paul Rishell   Vocals,Track Performer,national steel guitar
Mickey Bones   Drums,Vocals,Frottoir
George Mayweather   Harmonica,Vocals,Track Performer
Jerry Portnoy   Harmonica,Track Performer
Jean Boyer   Bass
Kid Bangham   Guitar
Steve Barbuto   Drums
Tino Barker   Baritone Saxophone
Charles Baum   Guitar
Kathy Burkly   Drums
Joe Cravinho   Trumpet
Tom DeQuattro   Drums
Anthony Geraci   Organ,Piano
Sax Gordon   Baritone Saxophone
Neil Gouvin   Drums
Per Hanson   Drums
Tuffy Kimble   Drums
Joe Krown   Piano
Paul Lenart   Guitar
Ron Levy   Organ,Piano,Track Performer
Larry Luddecke   Piano
Billy Mather   Bass
David Maxwell   Piano,Track Performer
Dave Morse   Bass
Sugar Ray Norcia   Vocals
Chuck Purro   Drums
Joseph Raia   Tenor Saxophone
Sugar Ray & the Bluetones   Track Performer
Richard Rosenblatt   Harmonica
Rick Russell   Guitar,Vocals
David Sholl   Baritone Saxophone
Buster Wylie   Bass
Alan Hall   Percussion,Background Vocals
Young Neal & The Vipers   Track Performer
James Montgomery   Harmonica,Vocals,Track Performer
Steve Bigelow   Bass
T. Blade   Guitar,Vocals
Lynwood Cooke   Tenor Saxophone
Chicago Vin Earnshaw   Bass
Phil "Dutch" Hoke   Organ,Piano
David Roy Kulik   Drums
Bobby St. Pierre   Saxophone
Paul Tomasello   Bass
Neal Vitullo   Guitar
Chris McDermott   Guitar,Vocals
Weepin' Willie   Vocals,Track Performer
Paul Murphy   Guitar
Michael Ward   Bass
Jerry Miller   Guitar
Kenneth "Spider Webb" Rice   Drums

Technical Credits

Boogalooswamis   Producer
Kim Wilson   Producer
Fred Danner   Engineer
Jim Fitting   Engineer
Bob Kempf   Engineer
Ron Levy   Producer
Richard Rosenblatt   Producer,Engineer
Rick Russell   Producer
Ray Tilkens   Engineer
Ted Drozdowski   Liner Notes
Steve Rizzo   Engineer
Boo Topeka   Art Direction
Neal Vitullo   Producer
George Wyckoff   Producer

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