Boston's Cardinal / Edition 376

Boston's Cardinal / Edition 376

by Mary Ann Glendon, Bernard F. Law

ISBN-10: 0739103415

ISBN-13: 9780739103418

Pub. Date: 06/15/2002

Publisher: Lexington Books

Boston's Cardinal, a portrait of one of the most respected and influential leaders of the Catholic Church, provides a unique view of the Church in the modern world. Ever since the 1960s, when he spoke out courageously for racial justice as a young priest in Mississippi, Bernard Law has witnessed and participated in many of the struggles and events that have shaped…  See more details below


Boston's Cardinal, a portrait of one of the most respected and influential leaders of the Catholic Church, provides a unique view of the Church in the modern world. Ever since the 1960s, when he spoke out courageously for racial justice as a young priest in Mississippi, Bernard Law has witnessed and participated in many of the struggles and events that have shaped American and Church history. An unusual childhood spent mainly in Latin America and the Caribbean prepared him for a vocation that has been marked from the beginning by outreach across racial, religious, and national boundaries.

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Lexington Books
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Religion, Politics, and Society in the New Millennium Series
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New Edition
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5.92(w) x 8.86(h) x 0.74(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1 Gatherer of People Part 2 Advocate of the Common Good Chapter 3 Religion in Our Civil Life: At Governor Ashcroft's Prayer Breakfast Chapter 4 On Compassion: Homily at Harvard's Memorial Church Chapter 5 Statement on Political Responsibility: (With the Bishops of Massachusetts) Chapter 6 Violence Begets Violence: On the Murder of Dr. Gunn in Pensacola, Florida Chapter 7 Racial Discrimination is a Sin: Remembering Mississippi's Hazel Brannon Smith Chapter 8 The Way is Development: On the UN's Cairo Conference on Population and Development Chapter 9 Overcome Evil with Good: Two Weeks in January 1995 Chapter 10 A Brilliant Synthesis: On John Paul II's The Gospel of Life Chapter 11 Very Much a Family Event: On Independence Day Chapter 12 He Transformed a Racetrack into a Cathedral: On Pope John Paul II's 1995 Visit to the United States Chapter 13 Marriage not Just Another Life-style On a Domestic Partnership Bill Chapter 14 A Step Closer to Barbarism: A Letter to President Clinton after his Veto of the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act Chapter 15 On Women, Celibacy, and Marriage: Viewpoint The Boston Sunday Globe Chapter 16 The Risk of Solidarity: The 29th Pope John XXIII Lecture at Catholic University of America Law School Chapter 17 Remembering Mother Teresa of Calcutta Chapter 18 Mission over Business: On the Sale of Jesuit St. Louis University Hospital Chapter 19 A Sad Time for Massachusetts: On the Passage of Legislation to Restore Capital Punishment Chapter 20 Evangelizing the Dominant Culture: Floyd L. Begin Law Lecture at John Carroll University, Cleveland, Ohio Chapter 21 In a Room so Full of Love: On the 25th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade and of Pregnancy Help Chapter 22 Irish Boston Changed the Face of City and Nation: On Wreath Laying at the Irish Famine Memorial Chapter 23 We Thought it the Name of an African Cardinal: On the Occasion of Pope John Paul II's 20th Anniversary Chapter 24 Advancing the Culture of Life in the United States: Address to the Pontifical Council of the Family Chapter 25 God is Sovereign, The Catholic Vision of Life and Death Chapter 26 We Speak as Concerned Citizens: Statement at a Hearing on the Death Penalty Chapter 27 In a Valley of Darkness: On the Littleton, Colorado High School Shootings Chapter 28 Statement on the Deaths of John F. Kennedy, Jr., Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, and Lauren Bessette Chapter 29 Forgiving Debts to the Poor: Op-Ed, Within the Beltway, The Washington Post Part 30 A Moral Voice in the Modern World Chapter 31 One Can Witness through a Way of Life: To Carmelite Nuns in Poland Chapter 32 Racism is a Sin: On the Rodney King Case Chapter 33 An Appeal on Behalf of Haitan Refugees: Letter to President George Bush Chapter 34 Winter Rescue: An Interfaith Appeal on behalf of Balkan Refugees Chapter 35 Election of a New President in 1992: Words to William Jefferson Clinton Chapter 36 Compassion Fatigue as a Form of Violence: Conference on Urban Violence, Southwest Missouri State University, Springfield, Missouri Chapter 38 A Delicate Plant: On the IRA's Declaration of Intent to Renounce Violence Chapter 38 Peace cannot be Achieved without Justice On Violence in Burundi, Bosnia, and Northern Ireland Chapter 39 Reclaiming our Children's Future To the Ten-Point Coalition of Christians, Jews, and Muslims Chapter 40 Cowardly Terrorism: On Reports of Church Burnings in the South Chapter 41 Compassion Fatigue as a Form of Violence Conference on Urban Violence at Southwest Missouri State University Chapter 42 Make the Talks Truly Inclusive A Plea for Northern Ireland Chapter 43 Faith Illumines what Human Reason Knows Celebrating 25 Years of the Pope John XXIII Center Chapter 45 No Moral Justification for the Embargo on Cuba Delivered at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University Chapter 46 God, Giver of all Good Gifts Thanksgiving Day Reflections Chapter 46 We Can Forget that Tragedy has a Human Face On the Peace Agreement for Northern Ireland Chapter 47 Los Ojos de la Fe Reflexion Teologica previa al Congresso Eucaristico Chapter 47 Where the Story is Told, People Respond Plea for Victims of Caribbean Hurricanes Chapter 48 According to History and Law Statement about the Crisis in Kosovo Chapter 50 Chilling Parallels with Nazi Germany On Human Life and Biotechnology Chapter 51 At Our Best, We Affirm Self-Evident Truths To the Missouri Catholic Conference at the State Capitol Chapter 51 The Simplicity of the Case is Overwhelming On What to do with Elian Gonzalez? Chapter 52 Thousands have been Forced into Slavery Statement on Conditions in the Sudan Chapter 53 On the Lay Vocation: An Address to Catholic Lawyers Chapter 54 The Church Must Always Be Unambiguously Pro-Life Funeral Homily for a Friend, John Cardinal O'Connor Part 56 A Pastor Speaking to the Faithful Chapter 57 Church Suffers from Faith Illiteracy On Faith as a Kind of Knowing Chapter 57 Intermediate Agencies can Never Replace the Government On a Visit to the White House Chapter 60 The Legacy of History not Overcome Homily on St. Patrick's Day Chapter 60 The Constant Need for Evangelization Words Addressed to the Holy Father at the Promulgation of the Catechism of the Catholic Church Chapter 61 A Woman of Quiet Strength and Deep Faith Funeral Homily for Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy in the Church where She had been Baptized Chapter 61 You are Ordained for Sacrifice At the Ordination of Three Dominican Priests Chapter 63 What a Wonderful Thing is the Human Body Reflections from a Hospital Bed Chapter 64 The Church Already has 'Common Ground' On the Catholic Common Ground Project Chapter 64 The True Witness of a Political Figure: The Catholic Vision of John F. Collins, Former Mayor of Boston Chapter 67 The Pain of Separation is Particularly Acute at the Altar of God In Rome with Orthodox and Catholic Pilgrims Chapter 68 Sacrifice is Alien to Rampant Consumerism To an international Eucharistic Conference in Europe Chapter 69 The Church Creates Her Own Culture Intervention at the Vatican Synod for America Chapter 70 We Must Help Others Hear the Call Vocation Awareness in a Period of Crisis Chapter 70 Priesthood is not Something, but a Someone Ordination of a Priest under the exceptional terms of Pastoral Provision Chapter 71 Belief in Christ Releases from all Fear Words of Encouragement at a Home for the Elderly Chapter 73 Boston is Proud of First African-American Bishop in US: A Salute in an Ecclesial Context to Black History Month Chapter 74 Sin Impeded the Spirit's Working in the Hearts of Many Reconciliation during the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000 Chapter 75 I Hope to March with Thousands of Young People On the Jubilee Youth Rally at Fenway Park Chapter 76 It Simply is Not an Option that One No Longer Be a Priest Words of Encouragement to the Priests of Boston Chapter 76 For Me, To Live is Christ Easter Greetings to the Archdiocese Chapter 77 To Be a Priest is to Minister in the Person of Christ At the Cathedral of the Holy Cross on Holy Thursday Chapter 78 Every Sin is Profoundly Personal National Address on Reconciliation Chapter 80 Religious Reflect the Universal Call to Holiness Instruction to a New Religious Community, the Brotherhood of Hope Chapter 81 If you Root your Marriage in God's Love, Love will Never Fail in your Wedded Life Words to a Young Couple on their Wedding Day Chapter 81 How Well I Remember the Day of His Death On Blessed Pope John XXIII Chapter 82 It's a Beautiful Document, Dominus Jesus Clearing Up Certain Ambiguities in Press Accounts Chapter 84 Our Buddhist Friends, You are Very Welcome Christmas Eve with Vietnamese Catholics Chapter 85 But the souls of the just are in the hands of God Chapter 85 Let My Mouth be Filled with Your Praise Testimony to Dr. Theodore N. Marier, Choir School Master Chapter 86 There are No Strangers in the World of a Holy Person Pastoral Guidance to the Archdiocese

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