Bound for His Pleasure

Bound for His Pleasure

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by Powerone

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Unforgettable Novel of Romantic Bondage! Sexual sparks fly when Lyn first meets Michael, though he is much older. But business gets in the way of pleasure and the pair parts, never expecting to meet again. Although Lyn does not understand the intense attraction she feels for Michael, she can't get him out of her mind. Then a chance encounter leads to a second date


Unforgettable Novel of Romantic Bondage! Sexual sparks fly when Lyn first meets Michael, though he is much older. But business gets in the way of pleasure and the pair parts, never expecting to meet again. Although Lyn does not understand the intense attraction she feels for Michael, she can't get him out of her mind. Then a chance encounter leads to a second date where Lyn discovers Michael has a lust for dominating and subjugating the women he loves. Repulsed at first, Lyn finds herself responding almost against her will. Soon she discovers closeness and romance growing in the naked intimacy of master and slave. Is she betraying her mind and heart for a man like none she has ever met? Can a woman really experience happiness as a man's sexual slave? Seeking the answers, Lyn sinks deeper and deeper into Michael's web of bondage, pain, and servitude. Adults Only: Contains explicit language and graphic situations.

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Lyn lay on the bed naked except for her panties, the blinds closed, her roommate gone for the weekend, the door locked and secure. She could hear the noise in the hall of the dorm, but she was alone. The vibrator lay next to her, new batteries in it, ready to satisfy the lust that she had felt between her legs this week. It was almost graduation, the end of four tough years of college; the finals' schedule hectic leaving Lyn with no time for anything but studying. She hadn't had a date in over a month or a steady boyfriend in over a year. With school being the overriding factor in her life, her sex life was non-existent. Even the vibrator had lain dormant for weeks.

She looked down at her body: her breasts were firm with nipples pink and hard. Her areolas were a dark brown, almost black, making her pink nipples look like bulls-eyes in the center of them. She exercised religiously, determined to keep her body firm and taut no matter what. She was accustomed to the stares of men; their eyes always following her when she walked past them wearing a pair of low-hung jeans and a gold chain around her waist attracting their eyes, a diamond in her belly button catching and holding them. But the best was when she passed them, feeling their eyes burning on her backside as she sensuously rolled her hips, giving them a display of her firm ass swaying back and forth. She loved it when she wore a skirt, especially a short silk skirt, the swishing of the fabric over her naked ass cheeks making her pussy wet, knowing they were imaging the thong that was lodged tightly between her cheeks. God, she could make herself so wet at thethought.

Her fingers touched her nipples, feeling the buds harden from the touch. She loved the way she could make them so hard that they almost hurt. Her long fingernails would scrape along the tips back and forth, irritating the tender skin, a mix of pleasure and pain racing through her breasts, sending shivers through her body, tiny bumps appearing on her areolas. She pinched one of the nipples, letting her fingers tighten on the rubbery flesh, arching her back as if she were offering them up to her lover. She looked down at the papers in front of her, a story that she had printed off the Internet when her roommate was gone. Carly, her roommate, was somewhat of a prude. Lyn was sure that she was a virgin, even wondering at times whether she had ever even masturbated and had an orgasm. They had only shared the room this year, and Lyn was glad it was almost over, hoping to find a girlfriend with whom she could share an apartment once she graduated and went out into the world. Carly would die if she knew that Lyn read erotic stories or masturbated with a vibrator. Lyn would often bury her face in her pillow as she rubbed her clit, screaming into the pillow when she had an orgasm; sure that Carly could hear her.

The story was called Teaching the Au Pair to Submit, and was written by a deliciously kinky author called Powerone. It was about a college student named Jessica that got a summer job as an Au Pair for a rich and powerful man. It detailed the account of her summer in Haiti and the men that had introduced her into the life of submission and bondage, her body used for the pleasure of the men as they took her to satisfy their own lusts and perversions. By the end of the story, Jessica relished her new role and actively sought partners to help her fulfill the desires they had unleashed in her body. Lyn loved the story, masturbating slowly as she read it, imaging it was she that was being taken for his pleasure.

Lyn's fingers plucked at her nipples, pinching them harder, pulling them out and stretching them until they ached, as if she had no control over the fingers that did it to her. The fingers pinched too hard, fingernails pressing hard into the tender flesh, almost making them feel as though they were bleeding. One hand slid down over the flat plane of her stomach, her legs automatically spreading wide as if under order to do so, prepared to offer her sex to the hand that now ran over her bush, her silky panties the only thing protecting her. Fingers pulled on the hair of her bush, yanking on the fine hairs, a tiny yelp escaping her as a few hairs were plucked out. She still shaved her bush, leaving a tiny triangle that seemed to point below almost as a beacon, though no one had seen it in months. Fingers grabbed her labia, pinching the puffy flesh, squeezing tight, the fingers far too rough, her legs trembling trying to close, fighting the unseen hands that kept her spread open.

Her hand moved inside her panties, sliding through her bush, finding her lips already wet with desire, a finger pushing apart the folds of her sex to slide inside, aided by her abundant juices. "God, that's so good." Her ass rose up, pushing her sex deeper into the finger that began to masturbate her. Her mind raced back to the story and she became Jessica, her ass rising up from the bed, her legs spread wide, offering up her sex to Michael for a pussy spanking. How could she do that? The thought of being slapped in such a delicate place was unfathomable, the thought of actually aiding in the spanking even worse.

She slipped her panties off, feeling the cool air in the room on her wet sex. Her legs spread again automatically, reaching out to the sides of the bed, aching from the wide expanse. Two fingers now returned between her lips, pushing them apart ruthlessly, sliding up and down the slick slit. She wouldn't last much longer, she thought, and picked up the vibrator, the sound of the motor starting almost making her cum.

"Fuck me," she yelled out, forgetting the thin walls between the rooms. Her ass rose up higher as she placed the hard plastic vibrator against her vagina, feeling the thick head battering at her tiny opening. One finger went to her clit, pulling back the hood to expose the swollen bud. She pinched it lightly, as Michael had done to Jessica. But Michael had then used a clamp on it, pinching it painfully between the sharp teeth, a scream torn from Jessica's lips when he did. Lyn shoved the vibrator inside her vagina, stretching her tiny hole painfully, the hard plastic unyielding to her tender skin, pushing aside all resistance, as a hard cock would do. "Not so hard," she cried out to her imaginary assailant, feeling the vibrator push ruthlessly inside her as her hips swung from side to side to try to escape the relentless vibrator. But the vibrating cock always seemed to know which way she would move, always matching her movements motion to motion. She began to fuck the vibrator inside her, moving it in and out, each time going deeper inside her unused pussy, pushing aside all resistance to keep it out. She could feel her pussy clenching on it, trying to force it out as she moaned in pain.

She let her other hand slip under her ass, moving down until it grasped her naked ass cheeks, remembering how Jessica was taken by Michael and Henri, two hard cocks inside her body. She let her finger slip between her cheeks, her body naturally clenching tightly on her own finger when it touched her anus. Lyn recalled bending over a mirror one time, spreading her cheeks apart, peering at the tiny wrinkled opening that was her anus. It was just a tiny dark brown spot. How Jessica could have taken such a large cock up her backside and enjoyed it was unthinkable, especially when she already had a hard cock reaming out her pussy at the same time! She must have felt so full of thick, hot flesh, the thought of the hard, pulsating flesh inside her making her shudder.

She pressed her dry finger against her anus, the first time she had done this. She felt the tiny hole fight the intrusion and pressed harder as her finger slowly sank into her hole, causing it to burn as the tip of her finger moved inside her rectum. "NO, NOT THERE!" She screamed out in her mind, the strange feeling overcoming her as the finger moved inside, her muscles fighting to push it out, her anus clenching and unclenching from the rude fondling. "AAAGGG," she moaned as the orgasm came, her body gripping the twin probes inside her, the hard plastic unyielding. She pumped it in and out, fucking herself faster, her finger digging deeper into her backside, burning as it pressed deep inside her. "GGGOOD," she screamed soundlessly as she came again, the vibrator pulling out, soaked in her juices. She finally slumped down on the bed, her finger pulling out from her asshole, the burning continuing, and the vibrator buzzing uselessly between her legs. She reached down and shut the vibrator off, bringing it up to her mouth. "Clean it, you must always clean my cock when I am finished with you." Lyn remembered Michael's words to Jessica after he had fucked her, forcing her to clean the juice from his cock after he had cum.

"That too!" Lyn grimaced but obeyed the unheard command, slipping her finger inside her mouth, tasting the soiled finger that had been up her asshole only seconds before, still feeling the heat from the tight hole. She gagged, but finished running her tongue over the finger until it was clean, slipping it from her lips.

Lyn put the story under her mattress, right next to the vibrator, and put on a robe, a shower necessary. She looked at her body before she buttoned it up, her nipples red and swollen, her pussy still wet, and her lips puffy. She bent over, lifting her robe up, spreading her legs, pulling her cheeks apart. She backed her ass over to the bathroom mirror to see the results of her masturbation. Her tiny hole was still slightly open, now a little red and inflamed from the fingering of the intimate opening. What would it feel like to have to take a hard cock up her backside? She buttoned up the robe, grabbed a towel and left the room to take a shower, thankful the shower was empty, sure that anyone would be able to see that she had just cum.

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Not Good as his other works.
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