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Bound to Be Free: The SM Experience

Bound to Be Free: The SM Experience

by J. J. Madeson, Charles Moser
The first book to explore the phenomenon of sado-masochism from both a clinical and practicing point of view.


The first book to explore the phenomenon of sado-masochism from both a clinical and practicing point of view.

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Of the vast array of human sexual behaviors and practices, sadomasochism (SM) is probably the least understood and, thus, the most feared among the general public. Moser and Madeson here provide perhaps the first intelligent, fully informed, fact-based discussion of what SM is, what it means to its practitioners, how it is practiced, and the structure of its subculture in contemporary American society. Moser, a practicing psychotherapist and counselor, provides the clinical approach taken in the first few chapters. Madeson, a 15-year participant in the SM subculture, provides the practical viewpoint taken in the remaining three quarters of the book. Together, they provide a perspective that is uniquely accurate, sensitive, and fair in its depiction and interpretation of erotic sadomasochism. Highly recommended for academic and special human sexuality collections; small and medium-size public libraries should consider if they have strong popular sex collections.-David R. Johnson, Fayetteville P.L., Ark.
An account of sadomasochism from inside the S & M community presenting both a personal and clinical perspective on this sexual subculture. Madeson, an S & M practitioner, and Moser, a physician and social worker, combine forces to examine the physical and psychological impact of the practice. The volume also liberally quotes folks involved in S & M, their experiences and shared dedications to creating a safe environment for their sexuality. The discussions are not titillating but rather provide an unusual glimpse into a hidden world. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.

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