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Hunting with a bow and arrow involves skill and knowledge. Learn how to get a bow into a treestand and how to attract a deer once you get there.  See more details below


Hunting with a bow and arrow involves skill and knowledge. Learn how to get a bow into a treestand and how to attract a deer once you get there.

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Children's Literature - Paul Walter
"On November 8, 2000, Mike Beatty waited quietly eighteen feet off the ground in a hunting stand. . . That afternoon, he saw the outline of a massive buck. Its enormous antlers curved every which way. When the buck was about twelve yards away, Beatty . . . aimed his compound bow and shot the deer in the neck . . . About thirty yards from where Beatty stopped tracking . . . the animal lay dead. Beatty was honored when the thirty-nine-point buck was named the world record non-typical white-tailed deer." From one glance at the front cover, with the focused female bowhunter taking aim at the reader, James Bond opening-montage style, one can tell this is a book aimed straight at the heart of a hunting audience rather than casual readers. Stalking through the pages, the reader/beginner enthusiast finds everything from bowhunting skills to tips on conservation and even a tasty recipe for venison stew. Starting it all off, though, is a mini bowhunting history lesson, covering the Egyptians ancient, initial foray into bowhunting and China and England's eventual transformation of bowhunting to the sport of archery (known as the "sport of kings" in England). This section also highlights the bow skills of the American Indians and gives legitimacy to the conservation argument by citing conservationist Aldo Leopold as an early U.S. bowhunter. Side-by-side with the simple sentences that dominate the text are muted, rugged pictures of bowhunters in full gear and full action. Aiding the beginning reader are highlighted and then footnoted key terms, asides for "Edge Facts," and diagrams of bows and arrows complete with legends. A biography of individual animals bowhunted in North America brings theactual text to a close, followed by a glossary, suggestions for further reading, and a guide to exploring related websites through The three sites offered through the FactHound code, including the American Canoe Association site, are geared more toward an adult audience but do offer appropriate (if not directly related) information and resources to explore. Overall, this title in "The Great Outdoors Edge Books" series hits its mark, but just like a seasoned hunter, it does so subtly. Reviewer: Paul Walter

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