Boy Fun

Boy Fun

by Alex Jordaine, Eva Hore, Elizabeth Coldwell, Landon Dixon

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Top erotica authors are collected here to explore a whole range of M/M scenarios and situations in which guys get up to no good with each other.

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Top erotica authors are collected here to explore a whole range of M/M scenarios and situations in which guys get up to no good with each other.

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Xcite Best-Selling Gay Collections , #2
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Tentatively, his hand found mine and after a moment’s cautious hesitation he started to guide it down over his taut flat stomach, down over his groin, and finally down between his legs, there to cup his wonderful balls.
Joyously breaking away from his mouth I recklessly planted a line of quick kisses down his chest and stomach – pausing to nuzzle into that glorious nest of white blond pubic hair – before taking his cock deep within my mouth. He let out a barely audible sigh, and as I continued to suck I could feel him start to writhe with pleasure! Moments later I felt his hand at my trousers, unbuttoning my fly and reaching in to rub at my own hard and erect cock, still trapped in my own long johns.
With his cock sliding in and out of my mouth I moved my hips around to give him better access, and his hand slid downwards to tickle and fondle my balls. Dyeat-vyen? He may well be inexperienced, but he certainly knew how to play with another man’s cock! But the positions we were in were uncomfortable, and moments later I was standing, silhouetted against the fire, and while he got down off the table I proceeded to remove my own clothes, until we were standing there, totally naked, my six-foot-two, broad-shouldered frame towering above him, and with body hair as dark as his was white.
Crossing to the far side of the cabin, he stood at the foot of the large, fur-covered bed – moving aside some of the heavy blankets until only the large black bearskin was left covering the mattress. Moving onto the end of the bed he knelt down on all fours, giving me a wonderful view of his buttocks and the promises they hid from view.
With him in that position it meant I did not have to bend down far in order for me to part his warm cheeks and start to rub and run my tongue around, over and eventually into his anus. His groans of pleasure spurred me on, and in moments my saliva was heavy between his cheeks. Standing up, I took my cock in one hand and slipped it up in between his buttocks, pulling my protective foreskin back and moving myself around, in order to wet the head and shaft so as to make my entry easier for the both of us.
A little more positioning and the head was just at his entrance. I put my hands on his hips and gently began to pull him backwards. I remembered my first time – Alexiaef had been brutal in his entry and I had bled like a woman for days after. I learned that it need not have been like that, and, ever since, I have been as careful and considerate as I could be with my lovers.
After a minute or so of gentle rocking and easing, I heard him gasp as my bulbous head slipped inside him. Still being careful, I gently inched the rest of my shaft into him, listening to his every sound, anxious not to hurt him too much, until my stomach was pressed firmly up against him. Taking my hands off his hips, I gently stroked the back of his neck and rubbed his shoulders and back reassuringly, whispering to him to relax, telling him how good he made me feel. As I carefully withdrew I could hear him making a curious growling sound in the back of his throat. More gentle pressure forwards and the saliva now lubricated my shaft, letting me slip more freely into him. Again, the growling at the back of his throat.

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