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by P. S. Wright

3,312 juvenile prisoners and 508 adult guards were sent to the Brajilliana Experimental Maximum Security Juvenile Detention and Rehabilitation Facility. 313 prisoners returned.

“Heard of the blind mice? Some scientists wanted to study blindness in mice, this was in the seventies and eighties. They wanted to breed genetically identical mice for the


3,312 juvenile prisoners and 508 adult guards were sent to the Brajilliana Experimental Maximum Security Juvenile Detention and Rehabilitation Facility. 313 prisoners returned.

“Heard of the blind mice? Some scientists wanted to study blindness in mice, this was in the seventies and eighties. They wanted to breed genetically identical mice for the purpose, perfect laboratory controls. But breeding implies a random mixing of genes. Am I boring you? Well to make a long story short, they cloned them.”
“You’re saying Rober is Frenchi’s clone? So how does that differ from identicals in nature?”
“It wouldn’t. Oh, it wouldn’t Andrew. Have some cookies. But the Vontours are not identical, are they? Do you know what happens when a child is born with an extra chromosome?”
“It dies.”
“Or is retarded or deformed, yes. And what happens if instead of giving it an extra one, you simply alter the pattern, suppress one that would be dominant, switch them with chromosomes from a different clone?”
“Neapolitan girls?”
“Can you see the possibilities? Whole populations of identical subjects, tailored to the needs of the researcher. Someone wants to study alcoholism. You find one with the trait, clone him, seven, eight even a hundred identical alcoholics. You can put them in different socioeconomic situations, different home environments, move them a continent apart if necessary. You can tailor them for other purposes as well. Everyone wants the most beautiful, most talented, smartest, most well behaved kids. You can select for those things. Pick and choose.”

When a consortium of private investors builds the first ever maximum security prison specifically for the offspring of participants in the Brajilliana project, governments worldwide are happy to send their young recidivist criminals off to be rehabilitated. But the Brajilliana Commission has entrusted their facility to the wrong man. Corruption, fraud, incompetence, greed and brutality turn the prison into an armed death camp. F. James Vontour and Andrew Duke do not believe promises of "three years and out." While Duke conspires with the charismatic Rober Vontour to take over the camp by sedition and armed rebellion, F. James Vontour secretly collects evidence for the Head Technician. Kraut is repeatedly reminded of how aptly the guards have named them "rat kids" as his little family of pickpockets and con artists slowly disintegrates. And Punk Olivia may have the best evidence of all...if she can keep him alive. Will an investigation save them before the Director and Sub-Director can complete their plans to sacrifice the subjects of this experiment?

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P. S. Wright
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Meet the Author

Hi folks. So you want to know more about the author? I have long felt like an old curmudgeon trapped in a young person's life. Now that my chronological age has caught up with my mental age, life has become a lot more fun. I have a passion for fixing up my home; currently I am remodeling our nice little 1950s ranch house which is sorely in need of a little love and attention. My son and I love to visit amusement parks and plan to sample every one eventually. But as this is an expensive and time consuming hobby, I am forced to find other ways to entertain myself between trips. I enjoy touring by car and visiting the landmarks and historical sites wherever I go and am not above posing beside the world's largest frying pan or with my head in the holes of ye olde stockes. I have traveled to or through or even lived in twenty-eight states and four countries other than my native USA. I have yet to visit Europe and consider that a terrible failing on my part. I am a true American, mongrel through and through, one quarter German or maybe Dutch, one quarter Scotch Irish (we think), half Native American (but even that half is from two different People). I come from hill folk, hillbillies to you city slickers. But I escaped that fate and have been trying to recapture my heritage ever since. When my son and I are not out traveling, attending college, or working, we like to hang out with our neurotic but lovable dog, Jake and his sidekick Kat, the cat. I have always been an obsessive reader. Somebody once compared readers who turn to writing to drug addicts who turn to dealing. Well, you have to support your habits somehow. As my mother would tell you, I often was late to school because I was reading the back of the cereal box. It is all Doctor Suess' fault. I once attempted to steal The Happy Birthday Bird from the St. Louis Library. My mother let me read it "one more time" before making me return it. So she is partly to blame not only for that little indulgence but the many hours of great story telling we begged off her as kids. Of late I have found writing to be an interesting way to kill time while in forced isolation in places like Camp Spyker, Iraq, Sharana, Afghanistan or Clovis, New Mexico. I mostly find time to write while away from home, but that may change now that I am staring down the barrel of retirement. Hope you enjoy reading my drivel; I am going to be prolific.

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Braji 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
TonTon More than 1 year ago
I couldn't read it all in one sitting. I know you're supposed to say you couldn't put it down and all that, but really, I needed time between the chapters to breathe and think about what just happened. There's so much going on. There's the obvious story, which is just a bunch of very bad juvenile delinquents in an exceptionally badly run prison with no oversight. Then there's the "what's REALLY gong on" where you can't help wondering where these kids' parents are and what their home countries were thinking sending them there and such. And then the "what's really REALLY going on" where you realize it's all so stupid, it isn't even even in the intentional sort of way but rather, just bad management and incompetence and FAIL on a massive scale. It's easy to get caught up in each character's story and think they're telling the REAL truth. Then you read teh next one's and think, "but wait, didn't the other one say..."? Then you get that you can only get the truth if you read all of them and sort of mentally compare notes. It could be confusing, but it really wasn't, not after I got into it. It sort of seemed like a puzzle you had to figure out. Who's telling the truth and who just wants you to think they are? I had a big argument with my friend over whether Frenchi is really a bad guy, or only pretending to be tough to protect himself and all. In the end, I think it's a bit of both. You have to be pretty bad to pretend to be that bad, but he also exaggerates it a bit for affect. I couldn't help liking him, even though he was supposed to be a terrible person. Ultimately though, my favorite character was Rober just cause he shows an emotional side most of the others don't seem to really get. They're kids and they come across as really immature in that way. But Rober doesn't. My friend couldn't stand him though cause he's such a poser. Only two things I did NOT like abou this book. #1 is, they make up their own religion and that is just not right. You don't just make up a relgion and everybody believes it and yeah for you. I think it was not really believable and also it is wrong in God's eyes. #2, they make it seem like it's ok that Rober is having a sexual relationship with a grown man who is a guard and that just isn't OK. NOT AT ALL. That's sexual abuse. rober is supposed to be like a kid around 15 or something so a grown man, esp. a gurd shuld NOT be having sex with him. PERIOD. You also see this to an extent with the other characters. But mostl Rober. I liked the relationship between Duke and Jez and I think there should have been more like that. I am not usually Christian preachy, just I don't like kids being used that way or taking sex so light.I can't give this book 5 stars because of those 2 things mostly. If you read Flat FAX, don't make my mistake. These books are NOTHING alike. If you like that one, you probably wont like this one. Way different.This one is violent and has alot of sex and some cursing so not approp. fo rthe littler ones.