Brandjam: Humanizing Brands Through Emotional Design
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Brandjam: Humanizing Brands Through Emotional Design

by Marc Gobe

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ISBN-10: 1581154682

ISBN-13: 9781581154689

Pub. Date: 12/01/2006

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing

Brandjam, the follow-up to the groundbreaking best-seller Emotional Branding, presents a powerful new concept from renowned designer and business guru Mark Gobe. The Brandjam concept is about innovation, intuition, and risk. Gobe explains how design is the “instrument” companies can use for jazzing up a brand—how design puts the face on the brand


Brandjam, the follow-up to the groundbreaking best-seller Emotional Branding, presents a powerful new concept from renowned designer and business guru Mark Gobe. The Brandjam concept is about innovation, intuition, and risk. Gobe explains how design is the “instrument” companies can use for jazzing up a brand—how design puts the face on the brand and creates an irresistible message that connects buyers to the product in a visceral way. Using jazz as his metaphor, he shows how the instinctive nature of the creative process leads to unusual solutions that make people gravitate toward a brand and make brands resonate with people by bringing more joy into their lives. It explores how design represents the personality of a company and provides its window to the world. Brandjam is an inspiration for brands and people as it reveals the transforming impact brands have on their audience. • Follow-up to Emotional Branding—50,000 copies sold in nine languages • Insider's look at creating powerful, compelling brands and identities • Exciting new ideas for using design to drive consumers to embrace brands

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Table of Contents

Foreword: Design Is More   Yves Behar     vii
Preface     ix
Transformative Jazz
The New Sound of Design
Ideas That Are Fundamental to Brandjam
Why Another Book?
Shifting Your Vision to Resonate with People
Introduction: Coca-Cola's New Wave     xvii
Emotional Design
What's in a Color?
The Dynamic Ribbon Returns
Putting the Project into Perspective
How Can We Not Change?
How That Little Bit of Yellow Jazzed Up the Brand
Brandjamming with Coca-Cola
It's More Than Design Aesthetics
Five consumer insights: design inspiration
Remembering Jazz: A Young Frenchman's Perspective
Jazz, Design, and the Brand
Designing the Future
The Days of Reckoning
Jazzing Up: For the Brand, but Not Limited to It
What Can Design Do for You?
Postmodern Dreams     9
The Postmodern Revelation
Postmodern Deconstruction
Reframing the World through Brand Impressionism
Innovation Comes from the Margins     17
Skateboarding as Design Inspiration
"I See Everything through the Pop Culture Lens."   Tommy Hilfiger
Design Inspires Communities: New York City and the Margins of an Impossible Dream
Emotional Design Is Feminized Design     27
The Woman Consumer is Leading the Design Trend
What Women Want
Hotels as Homes Away from Home
Closing the Generation Gap
Expressing Who We Are
Nike's Reality Anatomy
From Kitchens to Babies' Rooms
The Workplace Welcomes Women...Gasp!
Technology Takes on the Feminine Touch
Cars by and forWomen
World Feminization
Welcome to the Twenty-first Sensory     43
Restaurant Jean-Louis
International Flavor & Fragrances: The Love of the Flower
It Starts with a Flower
Brandjamming Sensorial Experiences
Listen to the Brand
Design a Soap That Feels Like an Ice Cream
The Flavor of a Wine Fragrance
Design Democracy     57
In Turka Cola Country...Aspiration!
Design to Survive
Today's Design for Tomorrow's Pleasure
P&G's Freedom Brands
In Mexico...Brand Democracy!
Activism is Standing Up for the Brand
Seven brand shifts: design exploration
Think Emotional Identity     71
Defining the Soul and Gut of a Company
An Emotional Identity Must Affirm or Reclaim Its "Emotional Focus"
The Five Primary "Emotional Drivers"
The Truth Builds People's Loyalty
So, what's in a Logo?
Daring to Stand Out: AOL in Focus What's in a Star?
Emotional Identities Are the "CEO" Essence
What One Duck Can Mean
Watch That Attitude
Think Brand Iconography     99
Creating and Building a Visually Compelling Message
Target Again!
Let's Have a Vodka
The Bahamas, Islands of Many Surprises
"Dirt Is Good": Repurposing the Visual Language of Dirt
Coca-Cola's Emotional Iconography
The War of the Icons
Air France's Visual Touch
Urban Art as an Emotional Message
Cirque du Soleil
Typography, or the Language of Iconicity
Think Advertising as "Experiences"     133
Freedom of Choice
Advertising Is No Longer in Step with Consumers
TV Does Not Know Who You Are-the Internet Does
Against the Tide
One Hot Ticket
Don't Just Shoot the Messenger: Fix the Product
Has the Communication Business Lost Its Soul?
Where Have All the Creatives Gone?
The Brand Message Is Up for Grabs
Branding Is More Than a Commercial
Advertising Today Does Not Have All the Answers and Will Never Have Them
The End of Advertising as We Know It
How to Be an Experience
When the Promise Is Delivered
Think Retail as "Advertising"     165
Pop Up Your Message
Connecting Emotionally through Retail
"Welcome to Galleria Illy: A Gallery, a Library, a Theatre, a University, and the Most Authentic Espresso in New York"
The Natural Billboard
Fusion Advertising at Last! A Jazzed-Up Idea
Branded Architecture Is Advertising
The "Sensurround" Experience
The Apple Store: How Innovation Connects to Every Aspect of Our Lives
The Brand Retailing of Cars
Luxury Brand Retailing
Brand Retailing for Retailers: An Oxymoron?
Creating a Humanistic Brand Haven
Think Design Research     199
Visual Research Leads to Imaginative Solutions
Emotion, Imagination, Observation
Emotion: Design and the Subconscious
Imagination: Design through Visualization
Observation: Research through the Designer's Eye
Brandjam: Finding Insight through Collaborative Discovery
Research Designers Crave
Think Commodity to Design (Not!)     233
China Invents
The IDSA: A New World of Design
The Marketing Shift: Branding Needs Courageous Design   Sylvia Lagnado   Veronique Gabai-Pinsky   Anne Asensio, Jean Wiart    Deborah Adler   Chris Bangle   Antonio Luiz Da Cunha Seabra
Do You Speak Design? Parlez-vouz Design? Sprechen Sie Design?
People Are Ahead of Design...
A Competitive Edge Herman Miller
Think Emotional Customization     283
Better Living through Design: Personalizing a Brand by Giving It a Function
Assuming One's Own Identity: We Do Not Live in a "One-Size-Fits-All" World
Conclusion: The Brandjam Center     303
It's Time to Start Jamming
Acknowledgments     308
Notes     311
Index     315

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