The Brazil Reader: History, Culture, Politics

The Brazil Reader: History, Culture, Politics

by Robert M. Levine

Capturing the scope of this country's rich diversity--with over 100 entries from a wealth of perspectives--"The Brazil Reader" offers a fascinating guide to Brazilian life, culture, and history. 52 photos. Map & illustrations. See more details below


Capturing the scope of this country's rich diversity--with over 100 entries from a wealth of perspectives--"The Brazil Reader" offers a fascinating guide to Brazilian life, culture, and history. 52 photos. Map & illustrations.

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The Latin America Readers Series
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Table of Contents

A Note on Style
IOrigins, Conquest, and Colonial Rule
The Origin of Fire16
Noble Savages20
A Description of the Tupinamba25
The First Wave33
Letter to Governor Tome de Sousa37
From the River of Jenero41
The Sins of Maranhao43
Minas Uprising of 172045
Smuggling in the Diamond District52
Decree Elevating Brazil to a Kingdom56
IIImperial and Republican Brazil
Declaration of Brazilian Independence, 182263
The Baron of Parnaiba65
Uprising in Maranhao, 1839-184069
A Paraiba Plantation, 1850-186076
The Paraguayan War Victory Parade87
A Vanishing Way of Life91
A Mirror of Progress93
Drought and the Image of the Northeast100
Dom Pedro the Magnanimous104
Solemn Inaugural Session of December 24, 1900107
Intellectuals at Play109
City of Mist110
The Civilist Campaign113
Gaucho Leaders, 1923: Photograph115
Factory Rules, 1924116
IIISlavery and Its Aftermath
The War against Palmares125
Slave Life at Morro Velho Mine131
Scenes from the Slave Trade: Logbook Entries135
Cruelty to Slaves138
Slavery and Society143
Abolition Decree, 1888145
Laws Regulating Beggars in Minas Gerais, 1900146
IVThe Vargas Era
The Social Question156
Manifesto, May 1930158
Heroes of the Revolution: Composite Postcard Photograph160
The "Gold for Sao Paulo" Building, 1932162
Where They Talk about Rosa Luxemburg166
Two Versions of Factory Life172
Seized Correspondence from Communists, 1935-1945176
The Paulista Synagogue182
Why the Estado Novo?184
New Year's Address, 1938186
Rural Life190
A New Survey of Brazilian Life195
General George C. Marshall's Mission to Brazil197
Comments on the Estado Novo200
Educational Reform after Twenty Years204
Ordinary People: Five Lives Affected by Vargas-Era Reforms206
Vargas's Suicide Letter, 1954222
VSeeking Democracy and Equity
Rehearsal for the Coup231
The Military Regime235
Excerpts from the 1967 Brazilian Constitution238
Tropicalism and Brazilian Popular Music under Military Rule241
Literature under the Dictatorship248
Pele Speaks254
The Maximum Norm of the Exercise of Liberty258
Families of Fishermen Confront the Sharks260
The Reality of the Brazilian Countryside264
The "Greatest Administrative Scandal"268
Life on an Occupied Ship274
A Letter from Brazil277
Inaugural Address280
Fernando Henrique Cardoso: Theory and Practice289
Is Brazil Hopelessly Corrupt?295
VIWomen's Lives
Aunt Zeze's Tears302
Tarsila and the 1920s308
The Integral Woman317
The Children Always Had Milk319
Women of the Forest323
My Life327
A Healer's Story331
Sonia, a Middle-Class Woman334
Family Life in Recife337
Xuxa and the Televisual Imaginary343
Dreams of Uneducated Women348
VIIRace and Ethnic Relations
A Letter from Brazil, 1918354
Growing Up Black in Minas Gerais359
Exotic Peoples365
Brazil: Study in Black, Brown, and Beige367
Immigrant Ethnicity in Brazil374
The Myth of Racial Democracy379
The National Day against Racism382
The Church Tries to Combat Prejudice384
What Color Are You?386
Mixed Blood391
The Animal Game398
How Brazil Works402
Iansa Is Not Saint Barbara408
Upward Mobility Is Possible411
Crab and Yoghurt415
Voices from the Pavement420
Pixote's Fate423
A Letter to President Cardoso430
The History of the Huni Kui People432
Urban Indians436
Mayor Orders Billboard Shacks Destroyed441
Cultural Imperialism at Its Most Fashionable447
The Gay and Lesbian Movement in Brazil454
Liberation Theology's Rise and Fall462
Bananas Is My Business471
The Invention of Tradition on Brazilian Radio474
Bahia Music Story483
O Axe de Zumbi487
At Carnival490
Two Poets Sing the New World491
Two Essays on Sports497
Suggestions for Further Reading505
Acknowledgment of Copyrights511

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