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Bread Maker with Yeastpro

by Panasonic Appliances
Bread Maker with Yeastpro


Features: -Bread maker. -YeastPro yeast dispenser. -Automatically releases the yeast at proper time to ensure perfect bread. -Several baking modes. -Rapid bake mode reduces time of basic and whole wheat breads. -Pizza mode to create pizza dough. -Can choose medium, large or extra large loaf size. -Can choose light, medium or dark crust color. -Bake only mode for fruitcakes, ginger bread and teacakes. -Raisin bake mode signals when to add raisins, dried fruits or nuts. -Sandwich bake mode produces bread with soft crust. -French bread mode creates breads with crispy crust and open texture. -Overall dimensions: 14" H x 9" W x 13.5" D.

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Panasonic Appliances

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