Breads and Biscuits

Breads and Biscuits

by De Villiers

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School Library Journal - School Library Journal
ea. vol: illus. by Marita Johnson. 31p. index. (First Cookbook Library Series). CIP. Gareth Stevens. Oct. 1985. PLB $11.95. Gr 3-7 Three books that offer recipes for treats which will appeal to children. The steps of each recipe are clearly worded and are illustrated with small color pictures. Dishes and utensils needed are listed as well as ingredients; steps which need adult help are identified by an arrow. The books do have some drawbacks, however. Why include recipes for gelatin and instant pudding when anyone can find out how to make them by reading the box? Also, some recipes have steps which should be labeled as needing adult help, but aren't (grating an orange rind with a hand grater). The illustrations are colorful, but they don't truly clarify the instructions, and, while the illustrator does a good job with inanimate objects, her depiction of people and hands is stiff and amateurish-looking. Adequate supplementary material for extensive cookbook collections, but the flaws preclude these books from being first purchases. Lauralyn Levesque, Pawtucket Public Library, R.I.

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Gareth Stevens Publishing LLLP
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First Cookbook Library / S.j.a. DE Villiers and E. Van Der Berg
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U.S. ed

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