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Break My Heart 1,000 Times

Break My Heart 1,000 Times

4.5 4
by Daniel Waters

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A spine-chilling, heart-stopping supernatural thriller from the critically-acclaimed author of GENERATION DEAD, Daniel Waters.


A spine-chilling, heart-stopping supernatural thriller from the critically-acclaimed author of GENERATION DEAD, Daniel Waters.

Editorial Reviews

School Library Journal
Gr 7 Up—The ghosts that inhabit Jewel City are an everyday fact of life. Veronica isn't afraid of them, but she wonders why they are there. She catches a glimpse of her deceased father every morning reading the paper and, on her way to school, a flash of Mary Greer, a murdered high school student, ascending the steps and knocking on the front door of her creepy history teacher's house. When a hot teenage ghost from another era appears in Veronica's bathroom one morning and makes eye contact, she begins a field study on ghosts with her new boyfriend, Kirk. Their research leads them to Mary Greer's killer and hints that Veronica might become a serial killer's next victim. The creep factor is high in this novel. Told from the points of view of the ghosts, a teen, and the serial killer, who is haunted by images of his dead wife and daughter, the narrative takes time to delve into questions of memory, mortality, and the afterlife. This is a fast-paced, highly entertaining read, recommended for fans of horror and mystery.Shawna Sherman, Hayward Public Library, CA
Publishers Weekly
Ever since the mysterious “Event,” which instantly killed millions of people worldwide, ghosts have been appearing like clockwork—brief, repeating images of the dead doing everything from visiting libraries to eating breakfast. Veronica’s father is one such ghost, and the high school sophomore takes comfort in seeing him every morning, even if he is just as uncommunicative as the other ghosts. Veronica’s history teacher, Mr. Bittner, also has ghosts on his mind—his late daughter isn’t returning as one—and his unhinged wife has been goading him into killing teenage girls for their daughter to “possess.” After multiple failed attempts to bring their daughter back, they set their sights on Veronica. Veronica’s friend/romantic interest, Kirk, and her ghost-obsessed English teacher also get drawn into the plot, and it soon becomes clear that some ghosts might be able to interact with humans after all. Even knowing early on who the sinister players are in Waters’s (the Generation Dead series) story doesn’t dissipate its tension (Waters gets some good twists in there, too). There’s ample creepiness in this supernatural thriller to keep readers invested. Ages 12–18. (Oct.)
VOYA - Rebecca Denham
Since The Event, the world has become a place for more than just the living. Ghosts haunt cities, many caught in some kind of mindless loop where they continually reenact a scene from their life before fading. For those who survived The Event, these spirits have become a part of everyday life; a reminder of loved ones or strangers who have passed on. When Veronica and her almost-boyfriend, Kirk, begin to investigate the appearance of new ghosts in their town, they uncover a deadly secret. Readers will have no trouble slipping into the world Waters has created for this novel. The town that Veronica and Kirk inhabit could be any small town in the United States, except that ghosts are a visible part of the community. Tension and suspense builds with each chapter, latching hooks of curiosity and concern into readers. Teens should relate well to both Veronica and Kirk, and emotionally engage with both of them. The villain of the novel is both sympathetic and unnerving which is an interesting twist. Told in alternating points of view, Break My Heart 1,000 Times combines ghosts, serial murder, and the emotional highs and lows of high school into a gripping, thrill-laden read sure to keep teens up all night. Reviewer: Rebecca Denham
Kirkus Reviews
"Everybody's haunted by something." Generation Dead author Waters (2008) turns from zombies to ghosts in this supernatural thriller. Six years after the Event, a seemingly 9/11-type occurrence that killed an estimated 2 million people, ghosts (even those not associated with the Event) continue to inundate Jewell City. Teen Veronica Calder, born on leap day, sees many of these ghosts, including her father and fellow teen Brian, who committed suicide in her bathtub years earlier. Hoping to capture Veronica's attention, classmate Kirk begins an independent study on the city's ghosts. Also vying for her attention is serial killer and history teacher August Bittner, whose daughter died on leap day many years ago. As another leap day approaches, he secretly plans to kill Veronica in an effort to bring back his daughter's spirit. Although occasionally slow, the fresh story reveals flashes of the author's dark humor amid the terror as Kirk and Veronica's initial romantic interest turns to trying to prove Bittner's guilt in local unsolved murders, as well as trying to keep Veronica alive. Most of the novel is written in the third person, except for Brian's perspective. His side story and own dilemmas, told in the first person, offer both interesting diversions from and connections to Veronica's survival. Waters not only causes hearts to race, but brains to ponder the possibilities of ghosts. (Supernatural thriller. 12 & up)

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Meet the Author

Daniel Waters (www.danielwaters.com) is the author of the Generation Dead series. He lives with his family in Connecticut. Visit him online at www.mysocalledundeath.com.

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Break My Heart 1,000 Times 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
DanceBree17 More than 1 year ago
This is so not the kind of book to read when you are home alone, but that suspense keeps you into the novel from start to finish. This is a dark novel that is set in a time after something called "The Event" that seems to have killed millions of people in a matter of seconds. Nothing is really said of exactly what happened, but thats the beauty of it, you can make up whatever you want to fill that blank and yet the story keeps going on. The ghosts are snippets of people in their old lives, like seeing a short film every day at the same time. Veronica has two ghosts at her house, one is her late father, and the other is a very handsome young boy Brian, who shows up in Veronica's bathroom every morning after she takes her shower. Talk about creepy!! But not as creepy as teacher August Bittner, a teacher at Veronica's school and secretly trying to bring back the daughter he lost years ago. He believes that if he kills a young girl on leap day, her soul will come back and re-animate in the dead girls body. Turns out he has been killing off girls for a while, trying to make the scheme work. This book is a nail biter and more than once I was gasping in shock at the things that were happening. Break My Heart has ghosts, suspense, and wildly enough, romance all thrown into one book. Basically its something for everyone, just don't let the ghosts read ahead of you..that spoils everything.
chapterxchapter More than 1 year ago
How would I classify Break My Heart 1,000 Times by Daniel Waters? A morbidly dark Dystopian type read. After what is called as the “Event”, ghosts are popping up everywhere. Ghosts of loved one, ghosts of people from the past…even ghosts of those who have been murdered. The event annihilated millions of people, leaving in its wake, those who now have to live day to day with daily ghostly encounters. The way in which Break My Heart 1,000 Times opens up, you think that you are watching the everyday morning routine of a regular family, primarily Veronica’s family. But to my surprise, the everyday routine of your father sitting at the kitchen table reading the paper and drinking from his cup of coffee, is one that is being repeated daily by the ghost of said father. I admit that after reading that, I was left with some chills. Not only do we witness her watch her father relive the same moment over and over again, we are also introduced to a ghost that has newly appeared in Veronica’s home. A ghost named Brian, who plays a major role in the events in Break My Heart 1,000 Times. Where most everyone who has been affected by the “Event” is, more or less, going through their daily motions…surviving another day amongst these ghosts, Veronica is more alive than the rest. But despite her lust for life, there are those who seek to snuff her candle out because of their own hidden agenda. Enter super creepy teacher, Mr. August Bittner. Having lost his daughter, post “Event”, Mr. Bittner is lead to believe that the only way for him to be able to have his daughter, Eva, back he must take a life…on February 29… every leap year, believing that the veil between our world and the world beyond is most thinnest on February 29. Sadly, poor Veronica’s birthday is February 29 (a leap year baby), and so Mr. Bittner is convinced that Veronica is the key to getting his daughter back, and he will stop at nothing to make it happen…even murder… And perhaps with the help of Veronica’s friend Kirk and her ghostly friend, Brian, Veronica may live to see another day… The chapters are extremely short, and jump from the point of views of Veronica, Kirk, and Brian the ghost. You would think that it would get confusing, but not at all. In fact, it made the book even that more interesting and addictive. I was always curious to see how long I had to be in this individuals head before I was thrust into a different mind. I will tell you right now, this book creeped me the funk out at times! Mr. Bittner is one hard core villain that I would never, EVER, want to cross paths with. You know in movies, you are usually safe if you are with someone else (pairs and groups are safe people!)? Yah, it didn’t seem to matter that Veronica was with Kirk, and how safe they felt with each other’s company, that darn Mr. Bittner seems to find his way to try and get to Veronica! Seriously, he is one messed up teacher. He reminded me of that creepy murdere Mr. What’s His Face in the Lovely Bones? Author, Daniel Waters, weaves a creepy, addictive tale where ghosts are an everyday reality and that even the tiniest spark of hope where a lost loved one could have a chance to come back causes one to go to the dark side…or cause one to re-visit the dark side every four years. A perfect late at night read, Break My Heart 1,000 Times absolutely had me jumping at little sounds in the middle of the night, and looking over my shoulder for … who knows what!
DianaCookies23 More than 1 year ago
I loved this book, very original, creative, and interesting! I love ghost and murder stories.It will keep you interested from the first page to the end.
Equizotic More than 1 year ago
DISCLAIMER: I received Break My Heart 1,000 Times as a publisher ARC through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. Break My Heart 1,000 Times was one of the best books I've read all year. Keep in mind that I am on book 80 of 2012. The main character, Veronica isn't your typical Sci-fi protagonist teenager. She's pretty (and knows it), flirty (and proud of it), and extremely moody. In short: she's not perfect. Her love interest, Kirk is nerdy and cute, but nothing compared to his tall, muscular friend, James. Romance Lets start with the love triangle in this novel. Because, of course, a YA novel needs to have a love triangle. This love triangle is perfect and creepy. You think it's going to be between Veronica, Kirk, and James, but in reality, you'll soon find that James is not even a runner. Brian is Veronica's other love interest. And Brian is a ghost. Maybe I should have started by mentioning that this book has ghosts. Oh well. Brian is one of the super rare ghosts who is coherent. He cannot speak to Veronica, but he can look at her. He can think, and he tries his best to protect her. Veronica has never spoken to him or seen him do more than brush his hair in the mirror, but she has this pull towards him that she doesn't understand. Throughout the novel, I was rooting for Kirk because logically, he is the only one actually alive. Brian couldn't interact with Veronica, and we find out from delving into his mind that he is madly in love with the deceased, Mary. Ghosts Veronica's father is a ghost. He sits every morning at the kitchen table reading the paper and drinking coffee. Then he looks up, smiles, and disappears. I love the ghosts in this novel. They are everywhere, images of their past selves and hauntingly beautiful. The ghosts in Veronica's world have no purpose. They are what they are and no one knows why they're there. My favorite part of the novel, I think, was the detective work that Kirk and his professor did. They classify certain ghosts by why their images show up at a certain place or time. It's interesting to hear about the different types of this mystery. This book is a puzzle that never fully gets solved. Why was one ghost able to grab someone's hand? Why was one ghost able to point at her murderer? Why was one ghost able to make a phone call? It's all a mystery, because we don't know any more than the characters in the novel. Mystery A large focus in the novel is on Mr. Bittner, Veronica's History teacher. He is a murderer (no, this is not a spoiler).  One of the reasons this book interested me so was because we knew the entire time who the murderer was. Because of this, we were able to understand his complete thinking. We were able to see his reasoning. This novel, at times, had me yelling out "No! Don't do it! The voices aren't real!". Everyone at the office gave me weird looks. The Writing Daniel Waters' writing in this novel is poetic and beautiful. The way he can jump from one character to another without losing their personalities was breathtaking. It is not easy to write a multi-view novel without all of the characters sort of merging into one giant protagonist, trust me, I've tried. The book was mysterious. We aren't just told things, we are shown them. We don't find out Veronica's father is a ghost until he just happens to disappear. We naturally assumed he was just her dad, sitting at the table before going to work. Then poof, he's gone. The Event Oh, the Event. A term used by many a novel as we are thrust into their post-apocalyptic world. We are told a few things about the Event, but not what actually happened. It's a mystery in itself that is never fully explained. Conclusion All in all, I rate this book 5 stars. Everything was impeccable. It has earned a place on my 'Favorites' shelf. I am completely impressed, and upset that it is not the first in a series. Alas, it is what it is.