Breakaway Run

Breakaway Run

by David Klass

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Gr 7-9 How well can an American high-school student fare in Japanese society? Klass has fashioned a second novel around this theme, and it's even better than his first, a baseball novel called The Atami Dragons (Scribners, 1984). Again the setting is the small coastal town of Atami, near Tokyo, and this time the sport is soccer. Tony has the chance to spend several months living with a Japanese family. He wants this trip badly for the wrong reason: his parents are on the edge of a divorce and Tony wants out. The separation becomes final when he is in Japan. Consequently, there are a number of facets to the story: family tumult; adjustment to a society that does not readily accept foreigners; soccer (with several good descriptions of game action); and a slight romance with Yukiko, the daughter of his Japanese hosts. While Klass doesn't handle them all with a perfect score (for example, Tony doesn't seem to get lonely, which is unlikely), he does remarkably well. His writing is crisp, and he often comes up with a clever turn of phrase. His characterization of Tony's parents as both somewhat selfish people is well done and believable. In addition to the involving story, readers will find the candid descriptions of Japanese life both interesting and informative. Robert E. Unsworth, Scarsdale Jr . High School, N.Y.

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