Breakdown: Very Best of Euphoric Dance, Vol. 1

Breakdown: Very Best of Euphoric Dance, Vol. 1


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Euphoria Breakdown


Disc 1

  1. Can't Get Over @@September
  2. Show Me Love @@Angello, Steve & Laidback Luke
  3. Day 'N' Nite
  4. Don't Stop the Rock @@Freestyle
  5. Omen @@Prodigy
  6. Everybody @@Rudenko
  7. Beggin'
  8. Do You Mind @@Paleface
  9. In the Heat of the Night
  10. Raindrops (Encore une Fois) @@Sash!
  11. I Can Walk on Water
  12. Love Shy (Thinking About You) @@Platinum
  13. Pjanoo
  14. Infinity 2008
  15. Dream On
  16. Love Is the Answer @@Funk Fanatics
  17. If
  18. Sex Shooter @@Firefox
  19. I Kissed a Girl @@Nicki Bliss
  20. Love Lock Down

Disc 2

  1. We Come 1
  2. Sunlight @@DJ Sammy
  3. Do You Know (I Go Crazy!)
  4. Will I Ever
  5. Be Cool @@Paffendorft
  6. Do You See the Light @@Plaything
  7. Look at Me Now @@Jessy
  8. Will I
  9. Beachball
  10. Turn It Around @@Alena
  11. Dreaming
  12. Fiji
  13. Drifting Away @@Lange
  14. Arms of Loren @@Evoke
  15. Time to Burn @@Storm
  16. Hudson Street
  17. I Can Hear Voices @@Hi-Gate
  18. Made of Love
  19. L' Esperanza
  20. Destination Sunshine

Disc 3

  1. I Need Your Loving (Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime) @@Baby D
  2. Move Any Mountain @@Shamen
  3. Just Get Up and Dance
  4. Higher State of Consciousness @@Wink
  5. Theme from S'Express
  6. Passion @@Gat Décor
  7. Out of Space @@Prodigy
  8. Feel Reel Good @@Manix
  9. Sweet Harmony @@Liquid
  10. What Would We Do @@DSK
  11. Let Me Love You for Tonight @@Kariya
  12. Rich in Paradise
  13. Everybody Be Somebody
  14. Sunday Shoutin
  15. Be Free
  16. Do Your Thing
  17. Bad Habit
  18. Kinetic
  19. Happiness @@Sound De-Zign
  20. Swing 2 Harmony

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Robin S.   Vocals
Hazel Fernandez   Vocals
Jonas Von Der Burg   Keyboards
Lisa Millett   Vocals
Jon Cohen   Keyboards
Richard Adlam   Sampling
Marie José Van Der Kolk   Vocals
Anoo Bhagavan   Background Vocals
Hal Ritson   Vocals,Sampling
Yolanda Quartey   Vocals
Dee James   Vocals

Technical Credits

Beatmasters   Producer,Remixing
Guru Josh   Producer
Benito Benites   Composer
Christian Falk   Composer,Producer
Bob Gaudio   Composer
Paul Hartnoll   Producer
Derek Jenkins   Producer
Barry Leng   Composer,Producer
Fred McFarlane   Composer
Ray Ransom   Composer
Errol Reid   Producer
Dwayne Richardson   Producer
Ramon Zenker   Producer
Liam Howlett   Composer,Producer
Pascal Gabriel   Producer
Johan Gielen   Composer,Producer
Paul Walden   Composer
Michelle Gayle   Composer
Sister Bliss   Composer,Producer
Billy Mann   Composer
Josh Wink   Composer,Producer
Judge Jules   Composer
James Wiltshire   Producer
Maxi Jazz   Composer
Ralf Kappmeier   Composer
Stephen B. Wilson   Producer
Esthero   Composer
Roberto Concina   Composer
Sascha Lappessen   Composer
Simon Slater   Composer,Producer
Shep Solomon   Composer
Thomas Alisson   Composer
Robert Uhlmann   Producer
Jonas Von Der Burg   Programming,Producer
A. Smith   Programming,Producer,Remixing
Ferry Corsten   Producer,Remixing
Andry Nalin   Composer,Producer
Chris Brown   Producer
Martin Eyerer   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Live Element   Producer
Tim Hutton   Composer
Harry Cane   Composer,Producer
Christophe Chantzis   Composer,Producer
Greg Bahary   Producer
Chris Malinchak   Producer
Andrea Kanta   Composer
Shondell Mims   Composer
Kalmani   Composer
Mike Hazell   Producer
Russell Small   Producer
D. Harrison   Programming,Producer,Remixing
Regi Penxten   Composer,Producer
Dipesh Parmar   Programming,Executive Producer
Marco Fratty   Producer
Filip Vandueren   Composer,Producer
Duncan Hannant   Composer,Producer
Oliver Laib   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Johan Becker   Composer
Jessy DeSmet   Composer,Producer
Carlo Resoort   Composer,Producer
Arjan Rietvink   Producer
Steve Angello   Producer
Brad Carter   Producer
Sabine "ENCORE" Ohmes   Composer
Mark Clair   Composer
Eric Prydz   Composer,Producer
Tom Knott   Engineer
Yannis Pappakonstantinou   Producer
Hal Ritson   Producer,Engineer
Bob Moss   Producer
Max Sanna   Producer,Remixing
Wez "The Wizard" Clarke   Producer,Engineer
Leonid Rudenko   Composer,Producer
Roberto Intrallazzi   Producer
Ragsy   Composer
Klaas Gerling   Producer,Remixing
Mina Poli   Composer
Aaron Evers   Composer
Victoria Ekeberg   Management
Steve Pitron   Producer,Remixing
Michelle McKenna   Composer
Funk Fanatics   Producer
Peggy Farina   Composer
Joakim Udd   Composer,Producer
Jonas Altberg   Composer
Nikolaos Galatsopoulos   Producer

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