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Breaking Faith (A Brodie Farrell Mystery)

Breaking Faith (A Brodie Farrell Mystery)

by Jo Bannister

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When she called her business “Looking for Something?” Brodie Farrell hoped to receive challenging commissions from interesting clients. Even by her standards, though, demon rock musician Jared Fry is hard to please. Fortunately his manager, the charismatic Eric Chandos, is easier to like, and it’s with him that Brodie works to find a new home


When she called her business “Looking for Something?” Brodie Farrell hoped to receive challenging commissions from interesting clients. Even by her standards, though, demon rock musician Jared Fry is hard to please. Fortunately his manager, the charismatic Eric Chandos, is easier to like, and it’s with him that Brodie works to find a new home for the rock star.

An old coaching inn on the Downs seems the perfect choice. Though the locals are appalled—-and their teenagers thrilled—-at the arrival of the self-styled Satanist, Fry’s primary concern is his new swimming pool. And that’s when he realizes that the protestors outside are the least of his problems.

Brodie’s troubles are only just beginning, too. She has a long-term relationship with gruff, hardworking Detective Superintendent Jack Deacon and an important platonic friendship with Daniel Hood, a quiet young teacher with hidden depths. So why does she find herself so drawn to Chandos? And how much is she going to risk before the real trouble starts?

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Praise for Jo Bannister

“Bannister is one of the genre’s best.” —-Booklist

The Depths of Solitude

“Suspenseful.” —-Publishers Weekly


“What makes this mystery so compulsively readable is its sinister, disturbing tone and the perceptive psychological insights Bannister brings to her characters.” —-Deadly Pleasures

“Bannister is one of the undersung treasures of the mystery genre, and it’s high time she got the attention she deserves.” —-Chicago Tribune

True Witness

“Poignant and chilling psychological thriller.” —-Publishers Weekly

“In a novel full of well-developed, interesting characters, Bannister builds a complex case with plenty of surprises that will keep readers guessing about what really happened until the very end.” —-Booklist

Echoes of Lies

“Bannister scores high on character with her persuasive insights into the psychological responses to pain.” —-The New York Times Book Review

Kirkus Reviews
An eight-year-old corpse that won't stay buried sparks shattering revelations for professional finder Brodie Farrell and her best friend, agoraphobic math tutor Daniel Hood (Reflections, 2003, etc.). When you're willing to spend £2.5 million for a new place to hang your hat, you're entitled to be particular, and demon rock star Jared Fry, lead singer for the Souls for Satan, sends his manager, Eric Chandos, to Dimmock with a long list of requirements for Brodie to fulfill. One place-The Diligence, a former inn broken up into flats-seems so ideal that Brodie goes after it even though Jared's never seen it and it isn't for sale. Arriving to take possession, the rock prince sniffs that his new home doesn't even have a swimming pool. But when local builder Norman Wilmslow begins to dig, he finds something extra: the body of an unidentifiable young woman. Is it Sasha Wade, who ran away from home in 1997, or Michelle Rollins, who's supposed to have left her husband for a lorry driver? The ensuing complications will improbably but compellingly engulf not only Jared and Eric, but Daniel, Brodie and her lover, Det. Supt. Jack Deacon-especially after Brodie and Eric heat things up by falling into bed. A brilliant example of how to bring a genre cliche to life, as Bannister uses the case of the long-dead woman to tighten the screws mercilessly on the detectives along with the suspects.

Product Details

St. Martin's Press
Publication date:
Brodie Farrell Mysteries Series , #5
Edition description:
First Edition
Product dimensions:
5.82(w) x 8.52(h) x 0.91(d)

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Breaking Faith

Chapter One

LAND IS LIKE PEOPLE: it has a skeleton under its cloak of flesh. Also like people, some landscapes carry more flesh than others. As gardeners from Lyme Regis to Eastbourne know to their cost, much of the south coast of England is a poverty case, the chalk bones never far below the skin, ready to break through whenever an injury occurs. All you can do is make the most of what topsoil you have and plant as deep as you can before you hit the layer of impenetrable clunch.

Midway through a dry summer the surface was like dust over iron, but that would be true wherever he went. At least here there was scant chance of being disturbed, however long the job took. The man found a spot beside the trees where centuries of leafmould had worked a little softness into the earth and, avoiding the thick roots that mirrored below the ground the spread of branches above, he began to dig.

At this time of year the day's heat persisted long into the night and soon he was sweating under his clothes. But he didn't break the steady rhythm of his labour. It was important to get the job done: he could rest later. As the Book of Ecclesiastes observed, there's a right time for everything. A time to be born and a time to die; a time to plant and a time to pluck that which is planted. A time for every purpose under heaven.

Which may not have been the perfect analogy, he recognised as he toiled. Some purposes have precious little to do with heaven; and some things are planted with the intention that they remain buried.

A little after two, like a tiny miracle sandwiched between the scorching days, a light rain began to fall, throwing a halo around the moon. The cool was a blessing but the man had no time to admire the optical effects. Before the moon paled he had to be away from here. Before the sun rose he wanted to be in another county.

When he hit hard chalk he considered briefly whether he had depth enough and decided he had. He extended his trench lengthways between the tree-roots. Wrapped in bin-bags, tied with string, he laid his offering in the hole and covered it. Then he spread the leafmould over the top till all there was to see was a gentle hump like another root growing under the surface.

He bent once more, still panting from his exertions, and patted the top of the hump. 'I'm sorry about this,' he murmured softly. 'Iknow it isn't what you hoped for. It isn't what I wanted either, it's just the best I can do.' Then he turned his back on her and left.

BREAKING FAITH. Copyright © 2005 by Jo Bannister. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews. For information, address St. Martin's Press, 175 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y 10010.

Meet the Author

The author of over twenty acclaimed novels, Jo Bannister started her career as a journalist after leaving school at sixteen to work on a local weekly newspaper. Shortlisted for several prestigious awards, she left a career as an editor to pursue her writing full time. She lives in Northern Ireland and is currently working on her next novel. Breaking Faith is the fifth in her series featuring Brodie Farrell, Daniel Hood, and Jack Deacon.

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