Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem

Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem

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by Marilyn Sorensen

Finally, a book that fully reveals the devastating inner experience of low self-esteem and explains how LSE negatively controls the thinking, feelings, and behavior of those who suffer from it. Readers say they are astonished at how closely this book mirrors their lives, and that years of therapy did not explain what they read in this book. (A companion workbook… See more details below


Finally, a book that fully reveals the devastating inner experience of low self-esteem and explains how LSE negatively controls the thinking, feelings, and behavior of those who suffer from it. Readers say they are astonished at how closely this book mirrors their lives, and that years of therapy did not explain what they read in this book. (A companion workbook available 08/2002)

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Alabama Counseling Association
Marilyn J. Sorensen, Ph.D. is the author of Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem, a helpful guide that is receiving much acclaim. This book presented in 10 clear and practical chapters, fully illuminates the actual experience of low self-esteem. . .This fascinating, upbeat book contains new insights and direction for those desiring to recover from negative patterns. . .Sorensen is profound and succinct when she states in her book, 'A child's view of herself begins to form as soon as the child is born. Based on the things she is told, the specific situations she experiences , and how she is treated, a picture of her self evolves. If she is praised and encouraged, she likely begins to develop healthy self-esteem; if, however, she is constantly criticized, ridiculed, or told she can't do things right, she begins to question her competency and adequacy.
�Although the book is written for lay people who suffer from LSE, it could also be a helpful guide for therapists who want to learn about the subject and how it effects their clients. Using uncomplicated language, Sorensen describes the symptoms associated with low self-esteem, such as negative self-talk, fear of inadequacy, unhealthy relationships, and negative reactions to situations that can trigger it. Each chapter describes a different component of the problem and methods for treating it.
Whether the reader is seeking help or simply gathering information, Breaking the Chain Low Self-Esteem is a revealing and helpful book.
Michaels Blend Magazine
. .This is a book who's essence should be taught in every grammar school. We need to empower ourselves and each other. Our internal beliefs can be altered and we need to become aware of that. Then we can begin to build a foundation of self-worth. This is the best handbook to aid in the architecture of self-esteem
Midwest Book Review
Highly Recommended!
News Herald
THIS IS A GREAT BOOK. This is an excellent book for anger management and low self-esteem. After reading this book, people will know it is possible to recover from low self-esteem
Sage Woman Magazine
First time author, Dr. Marilyn J. Sorensen has come up with a winner in Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem. Not your usual self-help book, this fascinating and powerful edition clarifies how people who suffer from low self-esteem (LSE) think and feel, and why they behave as they do. Sorensen explains how people with LSE carry in their heads a 'videotape,' produced in childhood-based on the way they were treated and the feedback they received. She explains that people replay this 'videotape,' when trying to make decisions in their lives, experience repeated episodes of fear and anxiety from this review, and often end up making poor choices.
Elegantly written and full of moving examples . . . This is definitely the best book ever written on self-esteem geared for the general public. Sorensen's deep understanding and reassuring tone impart hope and encouragement."
Statesman Journal
Sorensen leads the reader through a complex subject with admirable ease and restraint. She promises no miracle cures. . . Her open, clear approach and plain language cut to the heart of things.. . This is a wise and valuable volume.
Todays Librarian
An excellent addition to an adult self-help collection, the book aids in overcoming anxiety, guilt and pain. Beginning with a self-esteem questionnaire, the book offers mechanisms and behavior modification for those seeking to rebuild their lives. . . .Sorensen offers no quick fixes, but provides tips and motivation to get the reader on the way to healthier living.
Unlike many of the self-help authors of the nineties, Marilyn J. Sorensen is very clear about her objectives. She states clearly what she believes must be done to establish a healthier relationship with ourselves, and offers clear examples as to why and how our relationship with ourselves can sometimes become distorted.
White Mountain Independent
. . .If you are among those people who have read self-help books, examined dysfunctional family or codependency and still feel that 'no one has fully addressed your problems' or 'discovered the core of your conflicts,' then this is a must-read book for you. Sr. Sorensen is confident that LSE can be successfully treated, but cautions that there is no quick fix.
This upbeat book, filled with clinical results, is truly written for the general public to understand. It consists of a variety of true-to-life scenes which enable the reader to identify with how LSE is formed and perpetuated. There are questionnaires, exercises to do, comparisons between healthy self-esteem and low self-esteem, and recovery directives. If you read it thoughtfully and do alL the work in the exercises, you will have a greater chance to find the freedom and clarity you need to live a happier life.
Womens Journal
It is cear that Sorensen has carefully considerred the problems associated with low self-esteem and has helped many people struggling with them. Her experience, wisdom and encouraging tone make Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem a valuable tool.
Youth Today
Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem by Marilyn J. Sorensen, Ph.D. challenges the formation of a person's negative view of oneself and then builds skills to empower the individual. Isolation, validation, and the inner voice are issues that are taken apart logically and fearlessly with the author's simple guidance. . .The author admits that what is required is a desire to change and a longing and willingness to put focused energy into recovering.

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Mary Manin
Developing a healthy self-esteem is the most valuable gift you will ever give yourself. Dr.Sorensen leads the reader clearly from confusion to clarity in how to find freedom and a new way to live
—(Mary Manin Morrissey, Founder & Sr. Minister, Living Enrichment Center Author of Building Your Field of Dreamsby Bantam
Zan Freeburn
As a former Superintendent of Schools, I am aware that self-esteem is a critical element in the emotional and intellectual development of young people. Consequently, it is imperative that all parents, teachers, counselors, and administrators become better informed on how and why low self-esteem develops. Most importantly, it is crucial that they understand what young people with low self-esteem experience-what they think and feel on a daily basis. Only when we understand how low self-esteem affects a person will we be able to recognize the signs that a child is struggling with this problem, enabling us to attempt some intervention. A step toward that end is reading the new book, Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem, by Portland clinical psychologist, Marilyn J. Sorensen, Ph.D. Probably the best book ever written on this issue for the general public, Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem thoroughly explores this complex subject in clear, succinct, and easily understandable language. It provides steps to under-standing and working on the problem and is written in a format that is not only informative, but fascinating to read. This is a book everyone should read, including teenagers."
E. Johnson
Dr Sorensen's words on self-esteem are as wise as they are practical She is warm, media savvy, riveting and a talk show host's dream guest . . .This book should be read by anyone who wants to have a happier life.
*#151;(E. Johnson, Host and Producer, The Golden Hours, Oregon Public Broadcasting)

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